Here Comes the Strongest Villain~I Was Reincarnated Into a Family That Supremely Values Ability, and I Used the Knowledge From My Previous Life to Become the World’s Most Powerful Swordsman~



Luca Salvatore wakes up and finds himself reborn in the world of his favorite game.

The Dukes of Salvatore were the most powerful family of geniuses in the MMORPG [The Monochrome Sword].

At the same time, however, the Dukes of Salvatore were also a family of villains who intervened in the main scenario.

“Villains destined to be defeated……good. I’ll reap the bad ending and the original protagonist !”

Despite a certain hopelessness, Luca, as a baby, decides to become the strongest.

At the root of it all was the gamer spirit that he had played through in his previous life.

And the scenario that stands in his way.

The protagonist of the original story who would be the antagonist.

The vicious brother and sister who are trying to kill him.

With the knowledge of his previous life and his insatiable spirit of exploration—he destroys them all !

Chapter 1

Episode 1 – The Worst and Best Villain Reincarnation

Episode 2 – Lilith of the Raging Deity

Episode 3 – Annoying Brother

Episode 4 – Take That

Episode 5 – Brother And Sister’s Reaction

Episode 6 – Northern Mountain Survival

Episode 7 – Holy Relics

Episode 8 – Evil VS Evil

Episode 9 – Luca’s Madness

Episode 10 – Evaluation From Head of the Family

Episode 11 – Forbidden Magic Sword

Episode 12 – Party Hosted by Imperial Family

Episode 13 – Three Big Dukes

Episode 14 – Duel Challenge

Episode 15 – Knowing Their Place

Episode 16 – My only–

Interlude – Sister Norn Wants to Celebrate My Birthday

Chapter 2

Episode 17 – Academy Entrance

Episode 18 – VS Main Character

Episode 19 – Lack of Effort

Episode 20 – Original Heroine

Episode 21 – Impossible….

Episode 22 – Is It Jealousy or Arrogance?

Episode 23 – I Won’t Stop

Episode 24 – Strengthening Magic

Episode 25 – Insane

Episode 26 – Demon Summoning

Episode 27 – What’s yours is mine

Episode 28 – Contract of Slavery

Episode 29 – Get Along Well

Episode 30 – The Beginning of an Event

Episode 31 – Worthless and Meaningless Trash

Episode 32 – The Main Character Appears

Episode 33 – Small Justice

Episode 34 – Curse or Be Cursed

Episode 35 – Luca is the main character of this work

Interlude – Lucia Morgan, After that

Interlude – Cornelia Schievald is Jealous

Episode 36 – Letter From Brother

Episode 37 – Unfavorite Brother