Episode 35 – Luca is the main character of this work



The bandana man falls down.

A look of intense agony appeared on the man’s face.

The curse given by Muramasa must have been so powerful. He doesn’t even move.

He was certainly dead.

“What a waste. I thought we could play a little more.”

I take my gaze away from the bandana man and sheath the demon sword Muramasa.

Then Cornelia, who was attacking the other guys at a distance, comes back to me with momentum like a dog.

The others were completely wiped out.

“Good work—! As expected of Luca, you were strong ! So cool !”

It looked like a dog’s tail was growing out of her butt. An imagination, of course.

I patted her head as usual.

“Good work, Cornelia. Thank you for mopping up the other guys on my behalf.”

“No, it’s okay. They tried to get in the way of luca, didn’t they? I can not forgive them.”

The reason the other guys didn’t join in the fight with the bandana man was because Cornelia was interfering each time.

Cornelia can be used as a guard dog.

When I look at her happily loosening her expression, I do not think that she is the person who annihilated the enemy.

As long as she’s smiling, I guess she’s sane.

“No way……you can’t defeat them that easily. Even I can’t win at all…”

Behind Cornelia, Aiden, the protagonist of the original story, was slumped while kneeling on the ground.

I can’t see his  expression, but I can see that he’s depressed from the voice that comes in slightly.

You don’t particularly feel the need to speak out.

For me, the hero is a good existence as long as he lives.

There is no need to crack your heart, and there is no reason to encourage him.

I immediately turned my attention back to the bandana man behind me.

From now on, it’s the long-awaited bonus time. Naturally, I have the right to obtain the dropped item after defeating that man.

After patting Cornelia in moderation, I asked her to collect the belongings.

I saw off her as she ran happily, and she caught the body of a bandana man.

“Hmmhm. Cursed dagger is out of the question, but you surprisingly have some items.”

She rummaged through the bandana man’s pockets. Items with special effects were found one after another.

There are even things that strengthen abilities other than the aura.

It is probably an item recovered in the warehouse of the academy. The bandana man has already left the warehouse and is in possession of it, so that means it’s mine after defeating the bandana man, right?

I will use my superlative theory and steal the item.

The dagger that fell to the ground was ignored. Such a poor product is nothing but backwards compatible with Muramasa in every respect.

If I had made a contract with the demon and Muramasa recognized my mental power, it wouldn’t be contaminated, but even if I had it, it would still be a pain, so I don’t need it.

When she finished robbing the item, I called out to Cornelia.

“Hey, Cornelia. I don’t care about that anymore. The teachers at the academy will take care of the rest.”

“Is that so? isn’t it a waste?」

“I was able to recover it as it was from the bandana man. It’s enough.”

“I see. Then let’s go. It’s not fun to stay here forever.”

“You’re right. What we have to do is done. If there are any remnants inside the school building, let’s hunt them down and have some fun.”

“Agreed !”

With Cornelia hugging my arm, I left Aiden who had not yet raised his face and left the hidden room.

As far away from the hidden room as possible, I work with Cornelia to check items.

Monochrome Sword, the first event ends.

Thanks to the teachers’ efforts, they succeeded in eliminating most of the thieves who had invaded the school.

According to the teachers, several people were able to escape, but Cornelia and I destroyed the enemy’s main force, and the casualties were minimal.

I shared the items I took from the intruders with Cornelia, and we parted ways before the teacher found out.

Now, I’m lying on my bed in a corner of my dorm.

Next to me, there was a figure of Astarot lying down on purpose.

“It is a wise decision that you did not bring back that dirty dagger, Luca sama”

“Hm? Ah…..even if I have it, it’s disturbing.”

“Even if you don’t have that thing, I will curse and kill Luca sama’s enemies. Please leave it to me.”

“No, it’s fine.”

“Ahhn !”

When I treat her roughly as usual, she makes an excited sound.

Please don’t suddenly raise your voice in my ear. It’s noisy.

“That’s mean, Luca sama”

“My enemies are mine. You are just one of the options. Don’t do unnecessary things.”

“Fufu.  I knew from the beginning that Luka-sama would say that.”

“Then why did you ask?”

“I want to be scolded…..!”


“Aahhn !”

Astarot can’t hide her excitement even more.

I did it according to her appropriately, but I guess it’s easy for her to be happy with something like this.

It’s easy for me to control, which is helpful.

While thinking about such things, I look at the items I have in my hand.

These are also the same as Astarot. It’s just a tool to increase my power.

Once the item is in the back hand, it’s over. I won’t rely too much on items.

[Good for you, Luca. A lot of toys have increased.]

Lilith, who had been quiet until a while ago, giggled while floating above me.

I glanced up.

“Well. I only wanted one thing, but I was lucky that there were more that I could use.”

[Do you want to train again for a while?]

“Of course. In addition to that, I plan to appear at the Martial Arts tournament to be held next month.”

[Martial Arts tournament?]

Lilith tilted her head and raised a question mark.

I answered with a grin.

“It’s the best event to be held at the coliseum in the west ward of the Imperial Capital.”

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