A dragon appears before me, Lucia and Shayla.

Although it was a child dragon, it was indeed the most powerful and renowned dragon species.

Its size far exceeded that of a human.

Even in its early stages, it exudes a tremendous aura.

“Is that the dragon the principal was talking about that lived in the mines?”

“S-so big……is that really not a full-grown dragon?”

Behind me, Shayla let out a trembling voice.

She was completely scared.

It’s no wonder. Even I’m under pressure from my opponent’s high pressure.

I was so excited that I felt like my heart was about to burst.

“I didn’t expect you to come from that direction. You saved me the trouble of looking for you.”

Lucia turned her back to me and set her sights on the dragon.

When she refines her magical power, she creates powerful magic.

“Sorry, but I’ll take the first move !”

A huge mass of flame is hurled at the dragon.

It was a sphere that covered my field of vision. I had expected the dragon to take some damage,

“Grrrrrr…..rrooooaaaarr !”

The dragon intercepts Lucia’s magic by spitting flames from its mouth.

The dragon’s power was completely superior.

The dragon drowned out Lucia’s magic, and a wave of flames approached her.

” What !?”

She quickly constructs a water-attribute magic to defend against it.

“Are you saying it’s more powerful than my magic?”

“Wow, that’s interesting.”

Lucia’s magic is not just magic. It was so powerful that even I recognized it.

That means that the breath released by the dragon is difficult to defend even with my aura.

A direct hit would be troublesome.

But it would be more exciting if there was that much of a difference in power.

I lifted the edge of my mouth and with a sly grin, I constructed my magic.

–Combined magic.

It mixes water and wind to generate cold air.

The ice sharpened into icicles, which floated countless times around it.

If this is hit, it can freeze a dragon’s body.

If it hit its wings, it would take away its ability to fly. To begin with, I don’t think the wings have enough power to make that huge body fly.

Still, I did what I had to do.

I ejected a series of icicles.

Attacks made with magic can change trajectories by manipulating magic power.

It is extremely difficult to avoid my magic.

“I-ice !? That kind of magic shouldn’t exist…….!”

I found that Lucia, who saw my combined magic, was astonished and ignored the dragon.

If I told you that the fire-attribute magic that you just ate is also a compound magic that combines the wind attribute……would that make for a good conversation?

Well, that can come later. For now, kill the enemy in front of you.

In the end, it looked like I would end up fighting alongside Lucia.

I had to reap Lucia’s consciousness at the right place.

“Roooooaaaaaar !”

While I was thinking about this, the dragon evaded my magic with agile movements.

The ice is melted using a small amount of breath.

What a dexterous thing. And intelligent, too.

It moves with the understanding that my attacks are vulnerable to heat.

“Ah ! Flying lizards !”

Lucia became impatient when she saw the dragon that did not take damage easily.

She built up multiple wind-attribute magic and went to break the opponent’s maneuverability.

However, the dragon aimed at Lucia.

It must have decided that she was easier to defeat than me. It approached Lucia with tremendous speed.

Even though it was hit head-on by Lucia’s magic, it took almost no damage. She rushed forward, aiming for a short term settlement.

“Tsk !”

I moved before I could think.

I kicked the ground and rushed to get under Lucia.

If Lucia dies now, the sealed designated magic will be lost.

At the very least, I had to get her to tell me about the magic.

Lucia, with her low physical ability, probably did not expect her opponent to rush in with the intention of damaging her.

She was completely late in reacting.

Just before the attack hit, I picked her up and jumped.

It was a hair’s breadth away.

I just barely avoided the attack.

The dragon plunged to the ground, creating a tremendous impact.

Its feet were shattered. The dragon, being tough, quickly looks up, but at the same time its feet are shattered even more.


What is it? I wondered.

A hole appeared in the ground.

Apparently, there was an open space under its feet. The dragon smashed through it and the ground disappeared.

I’m now floating in the air. Strictly speaking, I’m falling down according to gravity.

On the other hand, the dragon has wings. Before falling, the dragon flap its wings into the sky.

“Master Luca !”

Shayla, who had been watching the battle from a distance, reached out a hand that I couldn’t reach.

I shook my head. Telling her not to worry.

Even with my magic, I can’t fly, but with my aura and prayer, I should be fine.

With that thought, I fall into the jet-black hole.

Finally, I shouted to Shayla.

“Get out of here, Shayla–!”

And my vision turned dark.

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