Interlude – Lucia Morgan, After that (2)


“……Luca Salvatore.”

In a dimly lit room, bathed in the moonlight streaming in from the window, a girl looked up at the sky.

Her name is Lucia Morgan.

She is a genius girl who sits at the end of the Duke of Morgan family, one of the heroes.

A few years ago, she was humiliated at a party hosted by the imperial family.

Her opponent was Luca, also one of the heroes, a Duke of Salvatores, a master of martial arts.

Luca was a genius. Until that moment, she had never doubted that she was the greatest genius of all, but she was easily defeated by Luca.

Since then, Lucia has been trying her best to beat Luca, but she realizes that it was all for nothing.

It was just the other day.

I can still remember it vividly if I close my eyes.

Luca, whom I hadn’t seen in a long time, was a cocky little brat.

He had the same confident expression as when he had defeated me. This annoyed Lucia.

She found herself challenging Luca to a match, ignoring her original goal of defeating the dragon and shooting magic at him.

As a result, Lucia lost.

The match with Lucia itself was nullified when the dragon intervened, but it was clear which of the two was stronger.

The seal designated magic that she had learned was no longer effective, and her heart was about to break.

Finally, she had an evil thought in her mind that she would at least defeat the dragon and put Luca to shame, but that too would end in failure.

The dragon was stronger than Lucia had ever imagined.

Her boastful magic didn’t work, and just thinking about what would have happened if Luca hadn’t rescued her just before her boastful magic didn’t work sends shivers down her spine.

“It was warm.”

I look down at my own palm.

I remember when Luca picked me up.

She was indeed stunned at that moment, even though she was in a tight spot.

She never thought that the warmth she hadn’t felt in a long time would be so vividly etched in her memory.

Above all, afterwards.

Lucia fell into the hole opened by the dragon, but Luca saved her

Without Luca, Lucia, who could not use her aura, would surely have been seriously injured or even dead.

Lucia, however, was cocky towards Luca, who saved her life.

He was an enemy who had humiliated her. And he was not someone she could get along with.

She was not willing to accept because of this thought.

……But surprisingly, it was Luca who walked up to her.

Luca reached out his hand to Lucia and said something surprising.

[Lucia, I will protect you. I will kill the dragon for you. I will teach you how to be strong. Come with me. I need you.]


…Strictly speaking, Lucia thought that it felt not right, but she didn’t think much of it, thinking it was probably a minor annoyance.

And every time she remembered Luca’s line, her face turned red.

“I-I have no choice. Yeah. I have no choice. If Luca wants me that much, I have no choice but to respond ! I still want to become stronger, and the best way to do that is to have Luca teach me !”

Luca had learned a magic that Lucia did not know.

The name of the magic is compound magic.

From the sound of it, it must be a magic that combines multiple magics.

The powerful blast he showed her right in front of her, and the air so cold that it froze the ground.

If Luca taught her these things, she could still be strong.

For that reason, Morgan and Salvatore, who are quarreling with each other, should be able to join hands.

Lucia interpreted it as such and smiled.

“Fufufu. Luca…..if you protect me, I will protect you too. Yes. I’ll kill anyone who’s cocky. I’ll eliminate troublesome enemies. I’ll lock you up in a sweet, sweet cage and keep you to myself—ha !? W-what am I…….”

Lucia, who was mumbling to herself, was surprised to find that she had made a statement that was unusual for her.

Shaking her head from side to side, she corrected her earlier words.

“Not good. I need Luca to protect me too ! Besides,…..I’d rather be bound by Luca,…….”


Her cheeks turned red and she looked up at the night sky again.

The sky is a very similar color to the color of luca’s hair.

From today onwards, Lucia seems to be starting to like the night.

“Young Lady? May I be excused?”

There was a sudden knock at the door.

The voice that came from the door was that of the maid.

“What is it?”

“Excuse me.”

The maid opened the door with a clattering reply.

She looked at Lucia, who was smiling happily, and smiled as well.

“Lady Lucia, you have been in a good mood since yesterday. I heard you went out to the mine, did something good happen?”

“Yes, it was a good opportunity for me to look at myself.”

“At the mine?”

“At the mine.”

Lucia did not speak further.

For the time being, if I heard that someone other than myself was going to join forces with the Duke Salvatore  family, I knew that there would definitely be a backlash.

Therefore, Lucia’s feelings are only for Luca.

This makes Lucia’s heart fill with happiness.

“What do you want?”

“Oh, that’s right. The Lord wants to see you. Please come to the dining room.”

“I understand. Tell him I’ll be right there.”


The maid closes the door.

When the light coming from the hallway goes out, Lucia looks at the night sky three times.

She is no longer dissatisfied or anxious.

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