Episode 65 – On the day of the tournament



More than a week has passed since I hunted orcs withSister Norn.

At last, today was the day the tournament games were to begin. Around the magnificent stone coliseum, strong warriors had gathered.

“Hmmm…..there are quite a few people here.”

Did you look around and say that because you changed your mind after being beaten up by me? It’s Lucia.

Maybe she’s not familiar with this kind of place, her eyes darting here and there like a country bumpkin.

“At least there are quite a few in the underage division. I’ll be the one who wins in the end, but you guys should do your best too.”

“I’m pissed off~. I’m going to put a spell on your cocky face for sure.”

“If only you could stand in front of me.”

“I’m Luca’s opponent.”

Cornelia suddenly grabbed my arm. Her ample breasts were pressed against my arm.

“I will not be defeated. I will challenge Master Luca.”

Finally, Shayla also clenched her fists and declared so.

Not bad. Everyone’s morale is high. I’m sure there’s no need to worry about losing to anyone but me.

“Well, it’s a tournament game. There’s a chance you’ll face me in the first round.”

“Geh ! I don’t like that….if we lose, it’ll be the end.”

“You’re going to win, aren’t you, Lucia?”

“Of course I’m going to win. But you have to think about what happens if you lose.”

“That’s naive.”


Lucia’s words were bitter.

“I don’t think about losing. I’m going to win everything from the beginning.”

“Gnnnn ! It’s frustrating, but cool……”

Lucia’s face was red and her hands were shaking.

If you’re feeling frustrated, you should try to win against me too, okay? Right now, the only person with the highest chance of beating me is Cornelia.

After a while of chatting and discussing, it was our turn to take part in the tournament—I was tangled up with two very bulky old men.

“Hey, kids ! This is where the tournament is held ! If you want to flirt, go play somewhere else !”

“You’ll get hurt if you’re just a tourist,, and you’re going to get hunted here by guys like us !”


The template has been expanded to an impressive degree. The two of them seem to be stronger than the thugs, but that’s about it after all. You won’t even be able to beat Shayla, let alone me.

“Ahaha, that’s fine, Luca. I’ll make these small fry sashimi.”

“Wait, calm down.”

I took a step forward and grabbed Cornelia’s shoulder.

She was about to pull out her sword from the scabbard at her waist. It’s her personal sword, so it’s serious.

“If you wield it, you’ll be in trouble in the tournament. You need to deal with it calmly.”

“Boo ! Does [calmly] mean I should beat them to a pulp? I’m more of a slash-and-burn kind of person.”

“Don’t complain. It’s for your own good.”

“…It’s true that if we kill even small fry, there will be no more tournaments. It can’t be helped.”

“Ah !? Did you just say you’re going to beat us to a pulp?

“I didn’t say that.”

That’s just how you guys interpreted it. Although the meaning is the same.

“Good for you, old men. Luca is very generous. And the tournament is open. Otherwise, I would have killed you myself.”

“Kuh ! You little shit !”

Cornelia was good at getting on the men’s nerves, wasn’t she?

The men clenched their fists and raised them. Straight into Cornelia’s face.

Cornelia, smiling, tried to dodge their fists, but I kicked them in the face before they could.

“Don’t try to punch Cornelia in the face.”

It’s a waste of her beautiful face.

I’m a big believer in gender equality, by the way. I’ve punched Cornelia in the face more times than I can count on both fingers.

But I won’t allow anyone other than me to touch my friends. I kicked him as quickly as I could, but Cornelia wouldn’t have been damaged even if I hadn’t done that.

“Mwah ! Luca protected me ! I’m so happy !”

On the one hand, Cornelia was in a good mood. I ended the fight immediately with a punch to the other man who remained behind.

I hit him in the face. It was a good and efficient attack.

I tossed them out of line, and our turn moved up a little.

“We’re lucky. We’re almost to the reception desk.”

“It’s all thanks to me !? Praise me, praise me !”

“Okay, okay, you can just blow up all the guys in front of you.”

“Really !? All right……”

“Of course not, PYour Highness.”

Lucia tries to stop Cornelia, who is about to go wild, even by putting her wings in a chokehold from behind.

While watching the scene, I thought about something.

“…Master Luca and Lady Cornelia are no different.”

The only one who was looking at me and Cornelia with a dumbfounded expression was Shayla.

I’m sorry. I have a higher tolerance compared to Cornelia. I don’t get my hands out right away.

Anyway, I’m going to win the tournament and take the first place prize. I’m looking forward to it.

I vaguely glanced behind me and my shoulders trembled.


Was it my imagination just now? I seemed to see a man with hair color similar to the original protagonist……

Maybe it was just my imagination.

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