I burst into Aiden’t battle, the main character of the original work.

Aiden said with surprise as Cornelia  and I walked up to him.

“W-why are you here……”

“I have something to do. Besides—I’ll be your partner.”

I pulled out the magic sword Muramasa from the sheath and pointed its tip at the front bandana man.

The bandana man, as soon as he saw my face, tilted his head…..and suddenly began to laugh.

“Oh ! Are you Luca of the Duke of Salvatore?

“So what?”

I also became quite famous. Come to think of it, I think this guy’s subordinate also asked me my name.

I had a bad feeling.

As if to affirm that premonition, the bandana man replies with a throating voice.

“As expected ! What a perfect timing. You saved me some time.”

“What, were you looking for me?”

“Yeah. Your brother asked me a favor. it was related to this request, so i took it by the way. I’m going to kill you.”

“Haa……that kind of harassment again?”

I guess it’s the same guy who sent a thug before.

Even though it has been peaceful for a few years, has he started to panic again?

Foolish. It’s like dedicating prey to me.

“Harassment? Not really. from now on you will die. If you’re going to hold a grudge, do it against your brother, he asked me to kill you.”

Saying so, the bandana man kicked the ground.

Quickly turn to my side and swing down the curved sword.

I defended that blow without looking.

Clang !

The unpleasant sound of metal colliding with each other reaches the ear.

The bandana man’s strength and my strength were rivaling each other. The sword, which had been defended with a twitch, did not move.

“What !?”

“Don’t be surprised at this. Salvatore is a family of Aura. You think i’m weaker than you?”

I play with the opponent’s cutlass.

It may have been due to the effects of taking the drug, but my aura level was higher than that of the bandana man.

The bandana man stepped back slightly and clicked his tongue while looking at me suspiciously.

“Tch. Are you a monster like the rumor says? I can’t slack off.”

The bandana man further releases the aura.

not a bad amount. He may be the best of the enemies I have ever met.

But still, he can’t win.

Adjust the amount according to the opponent’s aura and hit the sword again.

There was a high-pitched sound, and we wielded our weapons over and over again.

“This guy……are you doing it on purpose?”

“Have you noticed? Good, you have a sense.”

I deflected the bandana man’s sword diagonally downward and kicked it into the empty pocket.

Clean hit.

The bandana man spreads his drool and rolls behind.

“Damn it ! don’t get ahead of yourself, brat !”

The bandana man, who stood up and adjusted his posture, took out a new weapon from his bosom as soon as he roared.

A dagger with an eerie decoration.

What was pulled out of the sheath was clearly a curse weapon.


“Kekeke. it’s a curse weapon I once took. It seems that the merchant was on his way to the temple, but it’s a waste, isn’t it? To purify such a good thing.”

“So you took it away from the merchant and killed him.”

“Yeah. In the end, I killed the merchant with this dagger.I can’t forget his painful face at that time.”

“Do you regret it?”

“No way. It’s so much fun that I couldn’t forget it ! !”

Gyahahaha, the vulgar laughter was deafening.

His mind has been eroded by the cursed weapon.

Cursed weapons have the drawback of corroding the owner’s spirit. Unless you’re very knowledgeable about curses, you’ll end up going crazy like the bandana man.

What a waste. He must have had some talent, but in the end he was a mental polluter who relied on junk.

I thought I could enjoy it a little more, but it’s over.

By the way, let’s check out another benefit I received from making a contract with Astarot.

As soon as I lowered Muramasa, I stared at the bandana man in a defenseless state.

The bandana man kicks the ground with a dagger.

“Haha ! If you underestimate me—-!?”

The bandana man released the tip of the dagger.

A sharp blow. I caught it with my bare hands.

The blade pierces the palm with a dull sound.

The blood that sprouted slightly dyed my clothes red

The look on the bandana man’s face confirms his victory.

“Idiot.  Anyone who gets hurt by this dagger will receive a powerful curse ! Aren’t you crazy for guarding with your bare hands !?”

A jarring laughter echoed

A black aura flows from the dagger. It would be a curse that the dagger itself has.

The curse clung to my body……I could play right after.


Seeing the scene, the bandana man suddenly solidifies his expression and is stunned.

His gaze flickered back and forth between the dagger and my face.

I open my mouth calmly.

“Verification is complete. It was as good as I expected.”

“Wha…..why did you not receive the curse?」

“Unfortunately, it’s a strong body against curses. It’s the influence of the demon.”

“D-demon? Bastard…..are you making a contract with a demon !?”

“I just happened to have the chance. Thanks to you, I was able to reaffirm the power of the demon.”

With a clunking sound, I pulled my left hand out of the man’s dagger.

Although blood was flowing, it was immediately healed by prayer.

“It was an interesting experience. Is it like that when you receive a curse temporarily?”

“Y-you’re insane…..intentionally receive a cursed weapon in a real battle…..”

“Isn’t it better to just go crazy? You’ll soon be feeling the same way.”

I lift my right hand quickly.

What is held there is the cursed sword Muramasa.

When I pointed the suspicious shining blade at the bandana man, I hit it into this defenseless body.

Fresh blood dyes my vision beautifully.

Now, taste the pain even a little.

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