The carriage we were riding in arrived near the mine.

There is a town nearby, but I won’t bother stopping. The carriage belongs to the Duke of Salvatore. I can return to the house without changing horses.

I asked the man who opened the door,

“I’m going to slay the dragon in the mine. You stay here and take care of the horses.”

Shayla, who was riding with me, followed.

Once on the ground, the air felt a little chilly beyond the summer season.
Shayla lined up behind me.

“Ugh,……somehow, it feels a little chilly near the mine.”

She expressed her thoughts.
I chuckle and start to walk away.

“There is a dragon in this mine. Besides, it’s about to get cold. We need to get back to King’s Landing and get ready for the Colosseum.”

“Now that I think about it, there was an event like that.”
“I don’t care about the event itself, but I have to take the prize.”
“The expression [take[ is already disturbing, Master Luca.”
“Oops. I’m starting to say something bad. Well, I’m the one who wins anyway.”

After collecting information on the challengers and winners who participated in the Colosseum for several years, I found that most of them were not very strong.

Frankly speaking, even Camlen and Illario would be able to ascend to a so-so ranking. I don’t feel like losing to someone of that caliber.

“I will learn from that confidence of yours, Master Luca. I will be the one to win.”
“I guess. I think the only one who will stand in front of me is Shayla or Cornelia.”

These two are special. They’ve been training with me for a while now, and they’re pretty strong.
After all, I’m the one who wins.

“Speaking of Her Highness Cornelia, I haven’t seen her lately. Maybe she’s busy?”
“She’s a princess, you know. She may have her head screwed on straight, but she’s a person who can get the job done.”
“I can’t tell whether you’re complimenting or demeaning her.”
“If anything, I’m complimenting her.”

I love talented people. It’s irresistible to be around someone with talent because you can steal their talent…the experience and skills they’ve cultivated.

Naturally, I offer my skills and experience. I offer them, and then I want to mix them with my own techniques and rules of thumb to create my own original power.

That kind of cooperation is much more efficient and stronger than training alone.
This dragon slaying was just an event for me, though.

“I don’t understand Master Luca–“

Shayla stopped in mid-sentence.
The sound faded and the air tingled.

I had stopped, as had she. I was the first to notice.

There was someone on the mountain path leading to the cave at the far end of the front. Or rather, a very familiar woman was standing there.

She notices this too. I noticed and opened my eyes.

“I never thought I’d be able to meet you in a place like this.”

There was a trace of a certain girl on her face.
The girl I had met a few years ago would grow up to be this way if a few years were to pass.

I called out to a woman who was beautiful, but had a dark side to her. I call her name.

“It’s been a long time, Lucia.”

When I called her name, she lifted the edge of her mouth and smiled.

“I knew it……you’re Luca Salvatore.”
“That’s right. I have not seen you since the party hosted by the imperial family. You’ve changed a lot.”
“Thanks to you. The person I am now is something wandering in search of power.”
“Oh, I see.”

What is it? Did you become delusional after I beat you?
This is the kind of world we live in, and I don’t think it’s bad.
I asked her what was bothering me more than that.

“What are you doing here?”
“From the looks of it, it seems like we have the same purpose.”

Lucia giggles again.
Nothing strange about that.

Since the principal of the academy, Feodora Morgan, knew about the dragon’s habitat, I wouldn’t be surprised if her younger sister, Lucia, also knew about it.

Rather, did that woman give me the information in order to get me and Lucia together?
If so, I’ll strangle her someday.
I don’t dislike Lucia, but it’s a pain in the ass when our objectives overlap.

No matter what happens, there’s only a future of conflict from anyone’s point of view.

Which one of us will be quicker to slay the dragon? Or….should I eliminate the nuisance here?
Personally, I choose the latter.

“Then I can blow you away right here and the dragon is mine.”

I pull out my muramasa from the scabbard at my waist.

I can’t afford to interfere with her while fighting the dragon. I’m going to get rid of her right here and then fight the dragon in silence.

She must have come to the same conclusion. She held up her staff with a somewhat happy look on her face.

I agree with you. I can’t retreat from the fight either. I honestly don’t think it’s time yet,……but it’s a great opportunity for me. I’m going to give it everything I’ve got.”

Lucia lashed out with serious murderous intent.
As if to answer her, I wrap my entire body in an aura.

The high energy I feel from her body is incomparable to what I felt a few years ago.
But…..for some reason, I thought I saw something dark behind it.

“Let’s go, Lucia. Lick the ground like you did a few years ago.”
“Now it’s my turn to put dirt on you !”

Lucia worked up her magic and I kicked the ground at the same time.

Shayla backs away and the fight begins.

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