The dull blade slices through the flesh of the orc in front of me.

The sword blade, filled with aura, easily cuts through the orc’s hard skin and muscles. The red blood splatters in front of my eyes, and the screams of the orcs reach my ears.

They had been staring at us with murderous intent until a moment ago, but now that they were on the receiving end of our wounds, they didn’t even try to hide their saddened faces.

It’s not fair. The side being attacked always looks pitiful. I want to take it easy on them.

But I don’t take it easy on them. I slit the neck of an Orc who turned away to escape, and I killed an Orc who stepped forward to protect its friends.

There is no intention for humans and monsters to coexist. One of them is always destined to be killed.

Even humans fight each other. There is no way that humans and monsters of different races can get along.

Some people often say loudly that some criminals can be rehabilitated, but I don’t think they are right.

They may indeed be rehabilitated. There may be those who killed people for unavoidable reasons.

But it’s not true.

In my mind, everyone who commits a crime is equal. It’s not a question of rehabilitation. It is faster and surer to kill them all equally than to find them and rehabilitate them.

Ninety percent of people cannot be rehabilitated. It’s the same thing.

I have spoken at length from the inside, but the bottom line is that it is safer and faster to eliminate the monsters themselves than to find the kind-hearted ones.

If it were you, which would you rather hear, [Maybe that monster was kind] or [Many people died because you overlooked the monster]?

Would you rather save an unknown monster and feel satisfied with yourself, or would you rather save a total stranger’s kind and feel relieved?

That’s how things are in the end.

So basically, I have no mercy for criminals and monsters. If they are hostile, I will kill them for sure.

I don’t care if they have friends, lovers, or family in the background. I will kill them. If I don’t, my life or the lives of people I know will be threatened.

“Thank you for your service, Luca.”

With a crunching sound, Sister Norn said while crushing the orc’s head with one hand.

The number of enemies was quite large, and a few of them attacked her. The result was as you can see. She killed all of them without even holding up her weapon.

“Thank you for your hard work, Sister Norn.  I’m sorry you had to kill some of them.”

“No. When I saw Luca’s heroic figure with my own eyes, I couldn’t help but get excited. Heh. You’ve become so much stronger and your….movements are so refined.

“I’m not as strong as Sister Norn, though. I’m still a little rough.”

“I think it’s the other way around.”

Suddenly, my sister threw away the oak with its crushed head, took out a handkerchief from her pocket, and began wiping it.

“My style is to crush the opponent with force. In comparison, Luca’s swordsmanship is straightforward, but flexible. I know that dealing with a type like Luca is the most difficult. “

“Is that right?”

“Yes, it is. However, it is no fun to deal with only small fry no matter how many there are…. by the looks of things, I guess there is little hope for special individual orcs.”

“That’s a shame. I would have liked to see Sister Norn fighting once in a while.”

The last time I saw it was in a mock battle with Cornelia and the others. That’s just child’s play.

I was looking forward to seeing what kind of tactics Sister Norn would use against monsters and what kind of power she would use to overwhelm them.

But when I opened the lid, all I found were small fry. If things continue as they were, I would end up bored out of my mind.

“! Apparently…..Luca’s wish may come true.”

“Great timing, huh?”

She glanced at the bushes in front of us. I looked in that direction, too.

Both me and Sister Norn catch a big reaction coming our way. There was a strong presence in the air, clearly different from the orcs before.

“Luca, do you mind if I deal with it? I don’t mind if it’s you.”

“No, I just recently slayed a dragon, so I’ll leave it to my sister for once. I’d like to have another one.”

“Understood. Now, let’s show Luca something cool for the first time in a while.”

Saying this, Sister Norn took a few steps forward. I took a few steps back.

Then, a lone orc came out of the bushes. As Sister Norn and I expected, the orc that appeared was no ordinary orc.

It was taller than a normal orc, with bulging muscles. It looked more like an ogre than an orc.

It held a sword in its hand, and its reddish-black discolored body dropped slightly. I could see the strength in its legs.

In contrast, Sister Norn is standing on a stick with a faint smile on her face. She is looking at her opponent.

Immediately after, the orc kicked the ground.

A roar similar to an explosion echoes, and the ground shatters violently. By the time I realized that it was not a normal orc, but a special one, the orc was right in front of my sister.

Pulling its arm with all its might, it unleashed a sharp thrust, ripping through the air.

The blow hit Sister Norn in the abdomen, which was in a defenseless state.

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