Lucia Morgan.

One of the three heroes who contributed to the founding of the empire is the daughter of the magical genius Duke of Morgan family.

When she was twelve years old, she met someone who would twist her destiny.

Her opponent’s name is Luca Salvatore.

Like the Duke of Morgan, one of the three heroes who contributed to the founding of the country was the youngest son of the Duke of Salvatore, the genius of Aura.

Lucia knew the name of Luca. His name was so famous that even the Duke of Morgan’s family roared.

However, Lucia tried to twist Luca Salvatore, who was eight years old at the time, with overwhelming force.

She wanted to prove that she was better.

It stems solely from the nature of the Duke of Morgan family.

They have a high magical aptitude from the time they were born. Magic is a suitable ability to attack a wide area at once.

Its annihilation power is unrivaled.

That’s why elves always think of themselves as complete human beings.

Lucia also possesses that arrogance, and is secretly angry that a mere human being is chanted as a child prodigy.

Salvatore and Morgan, who were originally talent-oriented, were not compatible, and have occasionally fizzled out like quarrels.

At the time, it was Luca and Lucia.

It was a battle between the two that began in the form of provocation by Cornelia, who happened to pass by, but in the end, Luca, who was four years younger than her, was victorious. An overwhelming victory.

After being beaten and returned home, Lucia is completely locked in her own shell due to her mother’s reprimand.

“Why……why am I losing to the youngest Salvatore…..”

In a dim corner of the room, she turns her empty eyes to the window.

It has been several days since the duel commotion. But the wounds she suffered had not healed yet.

The more often she dreams, the more afraid she is of Luca.

“What am I missing? What’s wrong with me? What makes me inferior? I don’t know…..I don’t know……he was different.”

Many times she tried to find out what caused her to lose to Luca. Every time she does, she suffers without knowing the answer.

She was confident that she could win a landslide victory if she had her own magic. Even so, Luca has fought back.

To be honest, she dreams of that scene. That was the true nature of the nightmare.

“Can I win if I continue training like this? To Luca? Even though I was four years older,a nd I lost even though there was a four-year difference?”

There was no vision to beat Luca at all. No matter how many times she repeats it, She feels like she’s going to lose.

This is the first time she ever had such a feeling. Even though winning always has been the norm until now.

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no.”

I don’t want to lose. I want to win. It was just that feeling that filled her heart, and Lucia seemed to be going crazy.

Then, the door is suddenly knocked.

Lucia, despite the small sound, braced herself as if her mother had come.

But what she heard was the gentle voice of the maid.

“Young Lady? Is your physical condition okay? You’ve been locked up since this morning….”

“I-I’m fine. Don’t worry. I’m strong. I can win. Something….there should be some way.”

It was good that the maid visited the room. The relief brings back Lucia’s spirit. In a strange way.

The maid looked through the door and heard her reply, and immediately realized that she was having one of her usual seizures.

“That’s right. If it is MIss Lucia, you can beat that Duke of Salvatore. May I enter the room for the time being? For the sake of victory, please eat dinner firmly.”

“……Eh, yeah. Okay. Come in.”

“Excuse me.”

With permission from Lucia, the maid enters the room.

When the light is lit in the room, Lucia shakes her shoulders. From that day on, she was not fond of bright places. The scenery at the party, the interaction between her and Luca flashed her mind.

“This is today’s dinner. If you want anything, please call me anytime.”

The maid walked out of the room saying only that.

She thought it would be bad for Lucia’s mental health if she stayed in the room forever.

In fact, when the maid was gone, Lucia was clearly relieved.

She stood up from the spot and headed toward the meal that the maid had placed on the table.

In the middle of it, something suddenly hit her leg.


When she looks down, there is a book that has been scattered.

It’s a common magic book. Some kind of magic is written.

But even if she saw something like that, she wouldn’t be able to defeat Luca. That’s what she thought when she threw the book.

She picks it up, as if invited, and holds it tightly.

“If I can be strong with something like this, then I’m not defeated……”

At that moment, she thought about slamming it against the wall again.

Suddenly, she recalls.

Speaking of which, in this book, there was a thing that intrigued me a long time ago.

It is a coincidence that I really remembered, but it is suitable for the current situation.

that is、

“……Seal designation magic”

It was a horrible magic that was forbidden to use.

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