Brother Tiberios is strong.

At least, in a pure aura competition, I would be outnumbered. My brother has an aptitude only for auras.
That is, unlike me, he can continue to train only his aura.
In terms of initial speed, no matter how hard I try, I can’t beat him.

There is the age difference. There is a difference in time spent. He also has many years of experience.

In all things, I will be inferior to Brother Tiberios. I honestly admit that.
However, the story is different when it comes to magic.

Brother Tiberios does not know that I can even use magic.

Technically speaking, he must know that I have an aptitude for magic. That much information is circulating.
However, he still doesn’t know.

The magic I handle is different from ordinary magic.

Seeing the fire magic floating in my palm, Brother Tiberios lifted the edge of his mouth and laughed.

“Ha ! What’s with that light? Do you think you can break through my aura with such a small flame?”
“No way. I didn’t take it that seriously, Brother Tiberios.”
“Then what do you use it for? Even if you play tricks on me, they won’t work !”

Brother Tiberios kicked the ground.
He jumped toward me.

Come on, brother.

I read his move and backed away. I bought time and strengthened my magic in the meantime.

Magic wrapped in an aura is strengthened by the nature of the aura, and the magic itself is strengthened.
This is about the quality of the magic.
The magic itself is not strengthened. It is easy to misunderstand, but even though they are similar, they are definitely different.

So what happens when magic is enhanced? An explanation is needed.
The answer is simple.

Magic is not strengthened, only the quality of the magical power increases. Naturally, the effectiveness of the magic will increase, but the size of the magic will remain unchanged.
In short, you get what the game calls +compensation.

What’s nice about this is that the opponent can’t tell the difference between strengthened magic and normal magic.

It is a perfect attack for first-time killers and consumes less magic power.
It doesn’t even require a technique like compression, and if you compress it, you can accumulate even more firepower, so all in all, it’s a good deal.

Yeah…..this is the first time I’ve ever hit someone without any hesitation.

I’d have to save my power and use it on Cornelia and Shayla to avoid killing them by any means.
In that respect, I have no problem with Brother Tiberios dying. In the first place, he won’t die because of his strong aura protection.

Almost as soon as the reinforced magic is ready, Brother Tiberius rushes in again.

It seems he really isn’t afraid of my magic.

Idiot. No matter what kind of enemy or what kind of attack it is, the battle is to guess the opponent’s aim.
Even though I have tried to guide him to be alert in an easy-to-understand manner, he is still a foolish man.

Straightforwardly, honestly, he kills his enemies without any regard.
That is the man Tiberios Salvatore is.

Indeed—-he is easy to control.
That’s the only part I like about my brother.

I chuckled inwardly and fired a strengthening magic at my brother, who was holding up his sword.
A volleyball-sized flame landed on him—and exploded.

“Guhaaaaa !?”

A roar and a heat wave. My brother’s screams and a cloud of dust filled my vision and hearing.
The sound stopped immediately, but my visibility was terrible due to the fire magic that exploded in a huge explosion.

But I understand.

Brother Tiberios was directly hit by my strengthened magic. That atrocious scream was the best proof of all.

I immediately used wind magic to blow away the smoke around me, and I could see the figure of Brother Tiberius rolling about 20 meters away.

He stood up despite his suffering.
I involuntarily applauded his appearance.

“You’re amazing, Brother. I can’t believe you survived the attack you just suffered.”

I could see that he was not only physically fit, but he did not even look like he was seriously injured.

Well, there were times when I was too lenient. If the opponent is an aura user, it would be like this.

“L-Luca ! What in the world did you do !? I’ve never seen such magic !”

Brother Tiberios grunted with an unusually devilish look on his face.
I lied in a low voice that sounded like a curse, but I told the lie without hesitation.

“What are you talking about…’s just a light. You said so yourself.”
“Don’t lie to me ! There is no way that magic of that size can contain that kind of power !”
“I’m a genius, you see. It’s no wonder you don’t know.”

In other words, [There’s a difference in talent between you and me, right?]

Understanding the meaning, Brother Tiberios continued to look angry, but then immediately returned to smiling. It was a very unpleasant change.

“I-I see. As expected of you, Luca. Yeah. Luca is amazing. I have to work harder.”

Saying that, Brother Tiberios further increased the total amount of his aura. You haven’t bottomed out yet. That’s pure respect.

“Come on, let’s do more, Luca ! I can still fight.”
“As for me, I think it’s time for a painless draw.”
“What are you saying ! Even if it’s a mock battle, wield your sword with the intention of killing your opponent. That’s our way of fighting, isn’t it?”

Brother Tiberios kicked the ground with a smile on his face.

There is no reason to fight that hard, but it is also true that I cannot retreat.

It can’t be helped. Let’s further experiment with magic.

I mixed several attributes at once and sublimated them into a single magic.
I call this [Compound magic]. It is my original.

Brother Tiberios was clearly astonished in front of the technique that I have not yet told anyone else.

“That’s !?”

He rushed to kill me while swinging his sword.

Hey, hey, that’s not good, brother.

“I wonder what it is. I don’t really understand either.”

While telling an understandable lie, I incorporated the aura into the two-color magic that was created.

If you think about this magic normally, you’d think it would be fine to shoot two spells at the same time, right?
The amount of aura consumed would increase, but the number of moves would increase. From an efficiency standpoint, it is also easier to use the parallel activation, which is easier to apply.

But by daring to combine them, the power is further raised.
Above all, the best thing about this magic is that it can apply multiple attributes at once.

There is no such thing as game-like attribute affinity, but fire and wind, for example. Combining them increases the power of fire.
Then what about water and wind? It turns into ice, which was not available in the game.

In other words, there were many possibilities for this combined magic.

Wonderful !

At first I thought it was magic that could be used against demons, but the more I use it, the more flavorful it becomes.
This is really the first time I’ve used it against a human, but I’m glad the opponent was my brother. Even if I make a mistake in control and blow him up, my brother would accept it, right?

What, it’s love from my brother.
And….if you’re going to fight, come with the intent to kill, right?


I can’t hold back anymore. The corners of my mouth turned up in a smile and I said.

“Here I go, Tiberios !”

I let my excitement take over and I unleashed the magic I had perfected.

The magic released in the forward direction completely froze the ground and space—–including Brother Tiberios.

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