Since I manifested my aura, my daily life has passed by at a dizzying pace.

Before I knew it, three years had passed in the blink of an eye.

[Oh. You’ve really improved, Luca.]

Lilith, floating behind me, looked down at me and said.

Naturally, I replied.

“Well yeah. I’m glad to have the help of Sister Norn, and above all, the quality of the aura you gave me. As expected of a Raging Deity.”

[Fufu ! I hate to be praised next to that crazy woman, but I guess that’s true~]

Lilith puffed out her chest happily.

Surprisingly, she gets happy when her aura is praised. She was a bit like me.

[But I was surprised.]


[Yeah. Luca is improving at a pace many times faster than normal people. It’s as if you know about auras.]

“I’m a genius.”

[I’ve gotten used to that answer.]

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing~. More importantly, didn’t you get invited by the head of the family? Shouldn’t you hurry up?]


Indeed, as Lilith said, I was called by Lucius.

Ignoring her provocation hurts my pride, but I can’t ignore what the head of the family has to say.

Leaving the training in frustration, I interrupt my training and leave the room.

Straightaway, I head for my father’s study.

I arrived at my father’s study.

After receiving permission, I enter the room and see my father holding a sheet of paper in his hand.

I bow my head and simply ask what he wants.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, My lord. What can I do for you?”

“Hm. You turned eight years old the other day, didn’t you?”


“A little early, but I’ve decided to put you through an ordeal.”

“Ordeal… is supposed to be imposed at the age of twelve, is it not?”

“The age limit for the ordeal is only to await the awakening of the aura. Me and my eldest daughter, Norn, both underwent the ordeal at the age of ten.”

“I see. So it is imposed when they judge that I have grown up enough.”

It is too early. I had expected it, but I never thought that I would be thrown out at the age of 8, an age in the lower grades of elementary school in my previous life.

“If you’re worried, I’ll wait…what would you do?”


Did he think I would be scared?

No. I’m not worried about getting serious right now.

I’ve already made my preparations.

I smiled and shook my head.

“No problem, My lord. I’m willing to undergo the ordeal.”

I can’t stop here. The best is still far away.

A week later.

I ride a carriage to the snowy mountains north of the Duke of Salvatore’s house.

In the game, it was introduced as a monster-inhabited area, but in reality it is much larger and wider.

The area was originally a mine owned by the Salvatore family, but decades ago it became inhabited by monsters in large numbers.

Since then, mining has been suspended and the area is now used as a proving ground for the Salvatore family.

“Phew……so cold.”

The temperature drops dramatically when you get away from the territory, even a little bit, because it is in the north.

It was snowing. It is abnormal weather peculiar to other worlds.

[Whoa. Are you really going to survive here now? All alone.]

Lilith of the Raging Deity, who was floating in the air behind me, said with a slightly withdrawn expression on her face.

I nodded my head in affirmation.

“Yeah. For generations, Salvatore family members have been forced to survive for a week in a monster-infested area from those whose aura has been awakened. Since the last generation or so, in this snowy mountain. The terrain is poor with poor footholds, not to mention the monsters. The weather robs us of body heat and strength, and we have to defeat the monsters while securing food amidst a blizzard that obscures our vision.”

[That’s too harsh ! There is no food to begin with…….]

“There is. Monsters.”

[Geh……you’re going to eat that disgusting thing? Humans are strange.]

“There are many monsters suitable for eating. Besides, even if it tastes a little bad, it won’t upset my stomach.”

[There it is~, Luca’s stoicism. You’re a training fool.]

“Who is this fool? Moreover, let’s go into the mountain quickly. The knights are watching the perimeter. If I stay here forever, I’ll lose points.”

[Good luck~]

Lilith waved her hand.

Temperature and abnormal weather don’t matter to her as a spirit.

I let out a sigh and started walking down the straight mountain path.

This is the Salvatore family’s famous survival ordeal.

Most of my older siblings have survived this ordeal.

I had to survive a week of survival, so to speak. No one in the Salvatore family would die in a place like this.

Of course I will make it through this survival.

I’ve always wanted to come to the north mountain range.

“Kekeke. How strong can I become on this mountain? I can’t stop laughing just thinking about it.”

The presence of monsters felt from afar.

They make my heart soar.

My first battle. My first survival. Solitude for the first time.

Everything was so interesting that I could not tighten my face, which had been smiling for a while.

Thanks to this, Lilith, who was standing beside me, pulled my face back.

What is it? Is it bad if I smile?

While Luca Salvatore is walking along the mountain path, there are those who visited the northern mountain range late.

All of them wore eerie black cloaks and covered their mouths with cloth.

While the blizzard intensifies with the passage of time, the man in the lead laughs as he looks up at the beautiful white mountain range.

“Hahaha ! Just like that man’s information, this is the worst place to be, right here.”

“But our mission is easy. Isn’t it?”

The man clears his throat even more as one of his companions in the back, who can be recognized as a woman, says this to him.

“For certain. I wasn’t too keen on it at first, but we’re getting paid a lot of money for killing just one person. Not bad.”

“It sounds fishy, though. A request to kill a child, their own brother, that is.”

“What? You don’t like the idea of killing a kid?”

“It’s not like that. From what I’ve heard, the target seems to have a great deal of talent. It’s only natural that someone from the Duke Salvatore family would be hated.”

“As I recall, his name is…..Luca Salvatore?”


The woman nods in reply to the man’s question.

“He is a genius who awakened his aura at the youngest age in the Salvatore family, which has a long history. I heard he is called a prodigy by some people.”

“Oh. Aura at the age of five, huh? I heard that normal human beings usually awaken at the age of fifteen or so. I awakened when I was about 18 years old.”

“That’s right. It is only because the Salvatore family is a family of geniuses that it is possible to manifest at the age of 12. It is impossible to be five years old. I still have my doubts.”

“Ha. It’s a cute story. They want me to kill their talented brother because they’re afraid of him.”

“Are you dissatisfied with the request?”

“No. As long as I get paid, I don’t care. I’ll even kill God.”

With these words, the man started walking down the mountain path.

The few friends who lined up behind him followed his back with the same feeling.

“I’ll let you be my bread and butter, Mr. Prodigy !”

The man’s face turned an evil color.

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