We took our seats at the restaurant recommended by Sister Norn.

After placing our order, the small but beautifully arranged dishes were placed on the table one after another.

Looking at them, Sister Norn chuckled.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had such fancy food.”

“Sis, you like junk food, don’t you?”

“Yes. Taste is important, but the most important thing is quantity. Once you defeat a monster, you can eat a lot, so it’s a good deal.”

“Only you would say that.”

Sister Norn is such a wild child that you might have the illusion that she was born in a primitive era.

Normally, aristocrats prefer fashionable and delicious food, but in her case, she prefers large quantities of meat on top of delicious food.

She is almost as tall as I am, yet she can fit several times more food in her stomach than a normal person.

I’d like to do an autopsy and find out what her internal anatomy is like.

“Don’t worry about me. What is important is how you eat this food.”

“Hmm? Is there anything else you can do besides just eating normally?”

“You are on a date with me, aren’t you? Don’t you want to be fed?”

Sister Norn was surprised with an exaggerated look.

I was unintentionally taken aback.

“A date…isn’t it just a meal with siblings?”

“No, it’s not. When a man and a woman go out together and eat together, it’s considered a proper date ! In general !”

“You’re mistaken.”

There are too many patterns that apply to people other than couples.

Dating is only for people who like each other, or are in a relationship, or are married. It doesn’t apply to blood sisters and brothers.

I thought so, but my sister vehemently denied it, shaking her head from side to side.

“It’s a date. Now, please recite it.”


The knife in Sister Norn’s hand shattered in half.

It seems that she shattered the silver knife with just the strength of her fingers. The fragments fall on the table (by the way, she did not use her aura).

As soon as I saw that, I smiled and said, [Phew]

“Well, it’s an honor to be able to go on a date with you. It’s a fun date.”

“Fufu, that’s right, Luca.”

We giggle at each other. It’s as if Sister Norn’s earlier behavior had never happened.

–It can’t be helped. I don’t want to be beaten by my sister yet. The other guests around her were also shaking trembling, as they felt the aura that seeped out from Sister Norn’s body… a kind of murderous intent.

The only one who was able to deal with the situation calmly and peacefully was me.

I have a high crisis-sensing ability. Wrap it around long items.

“Then, say [aahhn].”

“Isn’t that bad manners?”

“Everyone does it in the North.”

You’re lying. I thought so, but I bit my lip and held it because my sister would lose her temper again if I said anything else.

There are other noble daughters, sons, heads of families, and wives gathered around them. If a member of the Salvatore family, which is even said to be the largest family of dukes, were to say [Aahn] in public, it would be nothing more than an ugly incident.

Fortunately, however, we were seated at the far end of the table. It is a little more difficult to catch a glimpse of us than other seats.

In addition, in front of me is Sister Norn, who is not well known to other people. I have only recently started spending time in the royal capital, so most of the nobles don’t know our faces.

At the end of the day, the lesson is that people of the Duke of Salvatore’s family should be dignified.

To the end, I’m just following Sister Norn orders. ……I’m just following, right?

Although I was feeling a little uneasy, I couldn’t refuse as it might really be common knowledge in the north, so I opened my mouth while looking at Sister Norn’s right hand as she pierced the meat with a fork.

With a big smile on her face, Sister Norn brings the food straight to my mouth.

“Here, aah…….”

“—What the heck !? You said you had reserved the best seat ! !”


Sister Norn’s hand slowly reached out and stopped right in front of my mouth.

Her happy smile turned to a sharply narrowed pair of eyes in the direction of the voice.

I heard a very loud male scream. I followed Sister Norn and looked in that direction.

Immediately afterward, I had a bad premonition. Just as I had expected, a man with a plump figure, who seemed to be the one who had uttered the voice, came strolling toward us.

He had blond hair and was dressed in gold.

He was probably the son of an aristocrat. He came closer and closer with a blue streak on his forehead. He stopped in front of our seats and pointed his finger at my sister’s face.

“Hey, you ! I reserved that seat ! I reserved the best seat in the house for my girlfriend, and what are you doing ! !”

“Please go to another seat. This is my seat now.”

“What !? Did you just… bastard ! I don’t know what kind of worthless aristocrat you are, but I’m a countess—“

The blonde male is making a fuss in front of Sister Norn.

He is the heir of the count family. No matter how rare my sister is, I don’t think he knows anyone from the Duke of Salvatore family…well, it happens sometimes. Those who are not interested in other families.

By the way, I hardly know the faces and names of the imperial nobility. I have learned at least the family crest, but that’s the bare minimum.

The head of the family says, [There is no need to learn about other dukes. because our family is the best.]

So I don’t know the name or face of the man in front of me. I don’t know anything about his parents’ family, the Counts, either.

But it was a shame. The only one who gets away with it is us. The one with more power.

I feel bad for him, but Sister Norn won’t stop. We ignored the man’s words and continued eating.

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