The event of the MMORPG “Monochrome Sword” began.

The content of the event is that intruders invade the academy where the protagonist Aiden is enrolled to steal a certain item.

In the original route, the hero controlled by the player engages with the enemy character and hears the purpose of the last boss.

Therefore, since I am not the main character of the original story, I take the second princess Cornelia with me and set foot on the floor where the aura strengthening items are hidden.

Fortunately, there were two of the drugs I wanted. When I shared it with Cornelia, the incident occurred after taking the drugs.

The main character of the original appeared in a different way than the original route.

If it is a regular route, they will fight in the school building with the leader of the fleeing bandits. This is the end of the hidden passage.

Speaking of inside the school building, it’s inside the school building, but the scenery has changed quite a bit.

“Hmm…..that’s the scholarship student who picked a fight with Luca and got beaten up before, right?”

Cornelia, who saw Aiden, recalls that.

You’re the one who should be in the heroine position in the original story, I thought to myself, but I nodded my head and affirmed her words.

“Yeah, that’s right. Aiden……why is he here?”

is it because i found a hidden passage that was closed and opened it? Sure, I didn’t close it using the switch inside because it was troublesome, but isn’t the timing to convinience? This is the back of an empty classroom.

Various questions run through my mind. But there was no time to think leisurely.

While I’m thinking, Aiden who pulled out the sword from the sheath tells the black-suited guys who also have weapons at the front.

“That’s the warehouse of the academy. it’s not a place for people like you to come in. Return what you have stolen !”

“I refuse ! if you get in the way, I’ll kill you !”

“Oh !”

He flatly refused Aiden’s words, and the men kicked the floor. They get closer to the hero.

They refined their auras and exchanged sharp sword strikes.

“Hmm….his ability is pretty good.”

“He’s stronger than before.”

“Is that so?”

Cornelia tilts her head, but I understand because I actually crossed swords with him.

He had grown amazingly since then.

At least the total amount of aura jumps up, and swordsmanship is no longer a gap.

It’s funny. As expected of the original hero. He’s growing rapidly while  I’m not looking.

With him now, he might be able to put up a good fight..

Of course, if it is a battle without prayer, without strengthening magic, without Muramasa.

“But what should we do, Luca? That scholarship student is getting in the way and we can’t fight.”

“You’re right. Do you want to watch it end as it is….or do you lend a hand?”

“Lend a hand? I don’t want to cooperate with such a guy.”

Cornelia puffed out her cheeks with great frustration.

How much do you hate Aiden?

Well, it’s fine.

“Our goal is the same. If he’s going to kill those guys, it’s much better for us.”

“Mumumu……isn’t he pulling our leg?”

“He’s barely safe.”

He’s at least able to fight many-to-one.

Even just watching as it is, I understood that if it is a small fish, it can be defeated.

The problem is…….

“–What are you guys doing there?」

“Here it comes.”

The only thing that makes me anxious is when he opens the gate and step outside.

He was in his thirties with a bandana wrapped around his head.

He strokes his stubble and watches Aiden fights his comrades.

Aiden, too, once jumped back and said.

“You are the leader of the pirates. Return the stolen treasure !”

He pointed the tip of the sword.

The man in the bandana smiled.

“I refuse. If you want me to give it back, try to take it away by force.”

The sword pulled from the sheath is Katras.  It is a weapon that is slightly more curved than a normal sword.

He wears an aura all over his body and forces his friends to step back.

“Heh. That guy’s good.”

Cornelia, who was standing next to me, looked at the man in the bandana and honestly evaluated him.

I agree.

“He’s pretty strong. Aiden can’t win against him right now.”

“Should we help?”

“No….let’s see how it goes first.”

It’s a good chance to find out how strong Aiden is at the moment.

Besides, if you help someone in a pinch and sell your favor, you will get more back later.

it would be no loss to sell the favor to the original hero.

I continued to watch the game with a smile.

Cornelia has no objection to my opinion.

“Do you not understand that justice will surely win !”

Aiden and the bandana man were exchanging swords at high speed while we were relaxing.

The sound of metal hitting echoes many times.

For now, it looks like they’re playing an even game. However, the bandana man was being lenient. He’s not serious yet.

Aiden, on the other hand, is clearly giving his all. The bandana man’s kick pierced the hero’s abdomen as he deflected his sword.

“Kahaa !?”

“Do you know what justice is? I kill you because I want to kill you. I commit because I want to commit. I steal because I want to steal. That’s what human nature is.”

The bandana man grinned and looked down at Aiden, who fell to the ground with a drool.

Well, I wonder.

There is no doubt that the bandana man has skills, but Aiden has a problem with himself.

I can’t deny the feeling that he’s being swayed by power because it’s still early stage.

He is originally a character operated by the player, the skill depends on the player.

How strong Aiden is in the world that has become a reality….I had not been able to measure it yet.

“Hey ! what is justice?”

“Guh !?”

He kicked Aiden again.

Not even a sword is used. He’s totally playing.

After getting hit by the first shot, Aiden was completely timid, probably out of fear.

You won’t get that much damage, but it’s only a matter of time before you can defeat him.

In fact, the boss battle of this event is also a losing event.

It is natural that the hero loses, but I suddenly thought about it.

——If the place to fight changes, will the characters who would normally come to help arrive in time?

I became a little anxious, and I thought that it would be a waste to let Aiden die senseless here.

“It’s almost over.”

I quickly put my body out of the corner of the room.

Cornelia made a smile.

“Are you going?”

“Yeah. I’ll sell him one of my favors.”

I will have an important use of him in the future. It’s a shame for him to die.

Muttering this in my head, I slowly made my way towards the two of them, making the sound of my shoes.

On the way, the bandana man and Aiden notice me and Cornelia.

Aiden’s expression was shocking.

I ignored him and talked to the bandana man.

“Yo. Please let us join too.”

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