Lucia received the ice flower from me, and for some reason she stiffened.

She kept staring at me with a face as red as a rose.

“? Hey, what’s the matter, Lucia? No reply?”

“H-hah !”


Something is wrong. Lucia’s behavior was clearly strange.

As soon as I called out to her, her gaze turned away. Her face is still bright red.

I wonder if I should describe it as confusion…….

Was there something misleading in my words earlier?

No, there is not.

I assure you.

I did say, 

[I’m going to use you, so you can use me. Lend me your strength.]

And that’s it.

Nothing else.

Lucia must have misunderstood—or I misunderstood.

I reached out my hand without worrying.

I grabbed her still-arm and forcibly pulled her close.

“I’ll take your silence as an affirmation. Now you can’t get away from me. Let’s get out of here and do some magic training.”



What’s really wrong with her?

Suddenly she became very calm.

It’s strangely unsettling to watch, but there’s no point worrying deeply about it.

Now we have to find a way to escape from this cave.

With that in mind, I started walking with Lucia’s hand still holding my arm.

I thought that if I just walked along a random path, I would eventually reach the exit.

But reality was not so sweet.

Perhaps it is my imagination, but it seems that we are getting further and further away from the exit.

After checking the location of the hole we fell into and the direction we were facing, I found that the path leading to the back of the cave went in the opposite direction.

Don’t tell me we’ll have to go the long way around to get out?

Such a thought crossed my mind.

But there was no other way out. Our only option was to take the long way around.

“Tch. That lizard is a real pain in the ass. I’m going to kill it when I get back to the surface.”

Today’s greatest murderous intent leaks out.

If only that asshole hadn’t shattered the ground and knocked Lucia off her feet, I could have torn the dragon to shreds by now.

……Oh, yeah.

Speaking of dragons, I’ll have to tell her.

I throw my voice as I walk away.



“I’ll protect you. So the dragon is mine. You knew from the start that you couldn’t win.”

“It’s……y-yeah. I understand. Good luck, okay?”

“G-good luck?”

I was horrified.

Where was the fighting maniac who challenged me to a fight the moment she met me?

Why is she so quiet and honest?

On the contrary, it’s starting to creep me out.

But I’m glad that she’s obedient. It’s just annoying when you’re attacked from behind.


My footsteps stopped.

Lucia stopped moving, too.

We both look at the same thing. At the same time, I had a question.

“Is that…..a demon?”

“It’s a demon.”

I was surprised. I was honestly surprised.

I walked through the cave and saw a skeletal monster.

It was definitely a skeleton, a kind of deadly monster.

They are not strong, but they have a lot of resistance and are troublesome to deal with. They also have few weak points.

But the presence of skeletons means that……

“Did someone die around here?”

“It’s a mine, people could have died here.”

‘Yeah, I guess so. Personally, I’d be happy if they turned it into a dungeon, but…well, that’s fine. Lucia, I want you to take that guy down.”


“I need to conserve my strength.”

“O-okay. I’m on it.

Lucia lifted the edge of her mouth a little happily and raised one hand to let the light fly.

Deadly monsters mainly dislike light and fire.

Sacred things and heat.

Using fire in a cave is dangerous, but light is not a problem.

With that decision, a bullet of light pierced the skeleton’s bone body.


“As expected. You have good hands.”

The bullet penetrated its target without missing a beat.

I clapped my hands.

“It’s hard to miss that thing.”

“That’s right.”

Renowned geniuses have different things to say.

With that thought in mind—-I was about to start walking again.

Clutter. Clutter.

From the depths of the cave, I heard a noise.

The sound gradually grew closer.


I have a bad premonition.

And that prediction usually comes true.

Several skeletons appeared from the darkness.

The moment Lucia sees them, she says loudly.

“Wha !? Multiple skeletons !? How many people have died……”

“Haha. It’s getting a little interesting.”

Could it be?

Or maybe this mine is turning into a dungeon, just as I had hoped.

As I stared at the slowly approaching monsters, I unconsciously lifted the corners of my mouth.

If it is a dungeon, I would like to conquer it after killing the dragon.

If I’m careless, I might have to conquer it before I can defeat the dragon

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