Registration for tournament games.

Each player received a piece of paper with a number written on it at the reception desk and entered the Colosseum with it.

The Colosseum was already crowded with participants.

Who would be my opponent in the first round?

I waited for the tournament to start with excitement.


About 30 minutes had passed.

The organizers were ready, and at last the tournament began.

The participants, who were called by the host one after another, were fighting each other on the ring in the center of the room.

Even though the weapons are made of wood, it is easy to kill a human being if you can use your aura well enough.

Therefore, from the very beginning, the matches were quite brutal.

“I wonder if it’s my turn yet~”

Cornelia, sitting next to me, muttered while hugging my arm.

The soft, soft feeling against my arm is really annoying and makes it hard to concentrate on the game.

But it doesn’t feel bad, so I keep quiet.

“If there are this many participants, it will be a while. I would like it to end quickly.”

When I replied to Cornelia, I heard the host’s voice in my ear at just the right moment.

“The next one is Luca Salva… !? Master L-Luca Salvatore.”

The host was dismayed to find that a member of the prestigious Duke of Salvatore family, one of the most prestigious families in the world, was participating in the event.

There was a commotion all around, and everyone looked down at the person entering the ring.

“Good grief…..I’m the center of attention.”

“That’s Luca. You’re so cool !”

“You’d probably get a lot of attention if I told them that you’re a member of the royal family.”

“If that’s what Luca wants, I don’t care.”

Cornelia answered immediately without thinking about the risk.

I chuckled and shook my head.

“I’m just kidding. It would be boring if the other party shuts down.”

“I guess so.”

“I stood up from my seat.”

I step out of my seat and onto the ground, where I’m met with a lot of stares as I step into the ring.

There was a big, strong man in front of me. Is he my opponent?

“I never thought I would be able to fight the Duke of Salvatore, who is said to be the ultimate in martial arts……it’s truly amazing !”

The big man shows off his bulging muscles.

Yes, yes, great.

“I trust your muscles are not just for show.”

“Hahaha ! My muscles are the best art I’ve trained for decades ! I will not be defeated by anyone !”

The big man, holding up a sword as tall as he was, spoke boldly.

Nice. It seems I can use my aura, so he’s not a bad opponent.

I also readied my sword and slightly refined my aura.

But he shrugged his shoulders right after that.

“Here I come, Prince Salvatore !”

The big man kicks the ground.

I held my sword, which was covered with aura, in the upper stance and struck him a sharp blow.

A normal person would be seriously or instantly killed by a single blow.

The wooden sword with aura around it blocks the blow.

The wooden sword, which was knocked to the side, successfully caught the opponent’s great sword.

The ground shook faintly.

“……Haa. Not good. It’s too much of a disappointment.”

“W-what the !?”

I calmly blocked the giant man’s sword and let out a deep sigh as I felt the sensation in my hand.

“You haven’t trained your aura by just doing muscle training, right? The amount you’re emitting is ridiculous. There’s hardly any control. Did you really think you could beat me?”

I stare at the big guy.

His aura is garbage.

It’s not sophisticated, and I can still see why he doesn’t compress it, but even if he did, his control is too low.

If the control ability is low, the kneaded aura will quickly dissipate.

That’s why it is less powerful.

Even a child can shatter the ground with a single blow if he trains his aura.

I was like that.

In the end, he’s a muscle idiot.

It’s more efficient to practice aura when you’ve trained your muscles.

I want my expectations back.

I decided that there was nothing more to see in this guy, and I popped his sword.

“Damn !”

If I put a little force into my hands, I could easily hit the big man.

His boastful muscles are powerless in front of my aura.

“I have something special to tell you. More than muscles, it is aura. If you train your aura, you can become the strongest.”

The current head of the Duke of Salvatore and his daughter, Norn, have actually mastered the aura and are unmatched in the world.

Aura is the most balanced of all abilities.

It’s more than a waste not to train when you can use it.

Today’s fight was a good lesson.

I kick the ground and get close to the big guy, maintaining a constant aura emission.

His muscles can’t track my movements.

I slammed a wooden sword into his gaping side.

I was very gentle with him, and he was able to use his aura, so I doubt he was seriously injured.

At best, one or two bones were broken.

The big man rolled on the ground and out of the ring, never to get up again.

A moment of silence filled the coliseum.

Apparently, the spectators could not understand how such a child could unilaterally beat up a much larger adult.

Well, I don’t know much about the Duke of Salvatore’s family.

Only rumors.

After a delay, the host man loudly proclaimed my victory.

Immediately afterward, the audience burst into cheers and applause.

At the same time, I felt several eyes watching me carefully.

Did they mark me after all this time? There’s no point in playing a tournament.

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