I kick the ground with an aura surrounding my entire body.

The person in front of me is Cornelia Schievald with a fearless smile.

She is the imperial princess.

I crossed swords with her and sent her entire body flying backwards.

” ! As expected, you have a large amount of aura, Luca.”

“You are no different than before. Are you training well?”

“Of course. But there’s no point in just imitating Luca. I have my own way !”

Cornelia then put her left hand forward.

From its palm, a red flash runs.

Immediately after, a huge lump of flame was looming in front of me.

I immediately realized that it was the magic of the fire attribute that Cornelia activated. Further increase the amount of aura release, I cut off her magic.

The heat was strong enough to burn her skin, splitting to the left and right, hitting the wall behind her and making a roaring sound.

While healing the slightly injured burns with prayer, I complain to Cornelia.

“Hey, Cornelia.”

“Hm? What?”

Cornelia, not expecting to be scolded now, tilts her head innocently.

I narrowed my eyes and started preaching.

“Why dont’ you use strengthening magic? At the moment, you could have done more damage if you had used it.”

“Eh? I’m still practicing the strengthening magic, so it’s hard to aim and activate it.”

“Still, you have to do it. What’s this mock battle for? Use it even if you blow your hands off.”

“I-indeed…..! Before I knew it, I was running away—“

Cornelia looks very sad when she hears what I want to say.

And the highlight disappeared from her eyes.

“Sorry, Luca. I wasn’t taking it seriously. I wasn’t desperate. I can cut off your arm as an apology. I’ll heal it later.”

“I don’t need it. More than that, come with all your might. With the intention of dying, let’s kill each other so as not to die.”

“Luca……fufu. I thought I’d say that.”

After regaining our composure, Cornelia and I exchanged blades.

In the end, Cornelia is blown away by my strengthening magic. She struck her whole body against the wall and fainted for a while.


Cornelia wakes up.

She looked up at me first, and she smiled.

“Luca, that was amazing. It was painful. But I felt good.”

“More like good morning. Are you okay?”

I asked her as she got up.

Cornelia shows off her energy by making a bicep.

“I’m fine~. Luca cured me with a prayer, right? I’m full of energy !”

“I see. Then good. Thank you for being my partner again today, Cornelia.”

“Yup. I will do anything for Luca. Besides, it is also for me.”

“But, as expected, it is too much. The training ground is a mess.”

Shayla Carrera, who watched the fight from start to finish, complained about the mock battle between me and Cornelia.

Actually, she’s been hanging out with us a lot lately.

Her relationship with Cornelia is still not good, but Cornelia recognizes her talent when it comes to magic.

If it’s for Luca’s sake–that’s what she said.

“Huh? Since Luca’s the one who broke it, I’d rather you be grateful.”

“It doesn’t make sense. There will be another complaint.”

“Let’s kill the guy who made the complaint. That’s the best.”

“Agreed.  I also get complaints when I use strengthening magic. It’s just plain annoying.”

“Calm down, you guys….”

Even Shayla, who I thought was playing the role of a stopper, begins to take advantage of Cornelia’s bad behavior.

I stopped it and changed the subject.

“More importantly, there is something I want to talk to the two of you.”

“With us?”

“What is it?”

Even though I haven’t said anything yet, Cornelia is smiling.

I’m sure it will please both of them.

“Do you know the martial arts tournament to be held in the west of Imperial City next month?”

“Martial arts…..ah, I know. It’s a serious battle where anything goes, right?”

“Martial arts is just the name of it, it’s a tournament full of auras, magic, prayers, curses, you name it.”

Both Cornelia and Shayla know it well.

“That’s right. It looks interesting so I’m planning to participate. I want the prize for winning.”

“You will, Luca? Then I will also participate~”

Yes yes, Cornelia raises her right hand and expresses her participation.

She’s as expected. What remains is the magical genius Shayla.

When I glanced at her, Shayla nodded again.

“I will also participate. It looks interesting if you can use magic.”

“Hmm. Then I can finally blow you off at the tournament.”

“It’s not going to be like during training. I’ll beat you up completely.”

“If you can do it, try it.”

The two of them were already sparking in front of their eyes.

Looking at the situation, I said with satisfaction.

“It’s nice to have both of you motivated, Since it’s a big stage, so let’s do everything we can. We’ll completely destroy it and we — no, I’ll win.”

The two of them smiled at me as I clenched my fists.

“I will not lose too !”

“Nn, it’s me who wins.”

I part ways with Cornelia and Shayla and return to my room.

Just as I was thinking of having a quick dinner and resting, my personal maid handed me a letter.

The family crest of the Duke of Salvatore is engraved on the back of the letter.

a letter from Lucius?

I thought so, I checked the contents–ugh, I shrugged.

“So….my brother is coming to the academy?”

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