“A party hosted by the imperial family, is it?”

I repeated my father’s words.

Lucius nodded his head.

“Yes. It will be held in the imperial palace in two weeks. I will bring a few people there, including you. The other three great dukes will be there as well. Do not underestimate them.”

“The three great dukes……I am impressed.”

The remaining three dukes, excluding the Salvatore family, are.

The [Morgan] are famous for their magic.

The wealthy and craftsman [Ymir].

Will those guys who also appear in the original work also join the party?

“It’s going to be a great showcase for you. Look forward to it.”

Saying this, Lucius made me step back.

If I didn’t live up to his expectations, there was a possibility that everything I had built up would be undone.

I forced myself to suppress my racing heart as I lifted the corners of my mouth.

[Fufu. Luca is smiling.]

“I’m looking forward to the party hosted by the imperial family.”

[What’s so interesting about it? It’s just a gathering of bigwigs, isn’t it?]

“Maybe there are some people close to my age, you know—like that woman.”

[That woman?]

“The youngest of the Morgans. Lucia, a genius wizard.”

[So you’re going to meet her.]

“I suppose so.”

Lucia is a future sage who has accomplished many great feats in the original story.

It’s just……that woman has a bad personality.

Walking down the corridor, I recall the memories of my previous life.

One week and a few days later.

Me and my three sisters leave the mansion for a party hosted by the imperial family in the imperial capital.

“Hey, it’s your first time going to a party, isn’t it? Are you looking forward to it?”

As soon as we pass through the front door, Lynette Salvatore, one of the sisters attending the party, starts talking to me.

Under her gray hair, her ferociously narrowed red eyes catch my gaze with interest.

“Right. I’m looking forward to it.”

“Hmmm. I’m bored. It’s more fun to kill demons or slay people than to have a party. Can’t we hunt sinners or something~?”

The girl smiles with an eerie smile on her face.

The childish appearance is not suited for this behavior.

The other sister standing next to her warns her about it.

“What are you talking about? If you cause a commotion in the imperial capital, Father will be the one who will be embarrassed. Please stay calm.”

Another white-haired girl, Lemigliela Salvatore.

She and Lynette are very much alike. They were born at the same time from the same mother.

They are what we call twins.

Lynette has the qualities of a pleasure killer, and after awakening her aura, she has often killed servants in training.

The servants must be of a certain level of skill, but what is frightening is the blood of the Salvatore family.

Among them, Lynette seems to be quite skilled in aura.

“Buh. Lemigliela is always getting in my way, you’re so boring. You’re always playing with demons too, aren’t you?”

“I don’t mind. The other party is a demon, and demons don’t have the right to live. Besides, that sight of them writhing in pain…is unbearable.”

Lemigliela’s cheeks turn slightly red as she says this.

She is as crazy as Sister Lynette.

She is a sadist to the point of being extremely sadistic, and when she fights demons, she tends to intentionally avoid fatal wounds so as not to kill her opponents.

She says it feels good to kill them slowly and painfully.

“That’s the same thing !”

“It’s not the same at all. Isn’t that right, Luca?”

“Eh? Ah, yeah. I suppose so. No, no, no.”

To be honest, they are similar.

Crazy, for one thing.

“You guys, cut the chatter. Luca will get the stupidity.”

The last sister to warn against the psychopath and sadist.

Yeah. The brainy Sister Norn.

She pulls my arm and holds me close. As if to say that I was hers.

“Why do you say that? I can study quite well.”

“No, you’re not. TThe teacher threw a spoon at Lynette.”

“It’s the teacher’s fault. Are you smart, Lemigliela !?”

“I have no problem with that. In fact, Sister Norn is more stupid.”

“There it is~. Lemigliela’s smugness. What matters is your ability, right?”

“The girl who lost to me in the lure game has something to say about that.”

“Mumumu ! If that’s the case, I’ll take Lemigliela right here and now–“

“Lynette, Lemigliela.”

[ [!] ]

Sister Norn’s words made both of them tense up.

Her body radiated a dense killing intent.

“Don’t make me say it again and again. I will kill you.”


“I understand.”

Both of them are so overwhelmed by Sister Norn’s high energy that they both close their mouths.

On the other hand, she patted my sweaty head.

She’s like this all the time when she’s at home. I’m like a doll.

But I can’t complain. If Sister Norn gets out of control, the aftermath alone could kill me and Lynette and the others.

She is one of the most dangerous creatures in this world—a true warrior who has killed even a dragon species.

You could even say that she is a dragon herself.

With her holding me close, we got into the carriage.

There are three carriages. The first carriage, in which my father and mother ride, and the middle carriage, in which Lynette and Lemigliela and the others ride. The last rear carriage will be me and Sister Norn.

……It’s the worst.

I will be cared by my sister all the way until we arrive at the imperial capital. Of course, I couldn’t break free of my restraints.

We trudged a long way in the carriage.

Eventually, we arrived at the imperial capital.

The carriage of the Duke of Salvatore’s family goes straight to the mansion in the imperial capital.

After a day’s rest there, the next day was the day of the party hosted by the imperial family.

At night, the carriage again headed for the rear palace.

Once inside the grounds of the imperial palace, the journey from there was on foot.

“So this is…..the Inner Palace.”

We stepped into the gleaming palace.

It was the first time I had entered a rear palace since my reincarnation. As expected of a place where the imperial family lives, it is magnificent. They are spending a lot of money.

“How is it, Luca? How is the palace?”

“It’s beautiful, Sister Norn.”

“Only beautiful. Financial strength is just a pretense.”

“You mustn’t say that here. The imperial family would hear about it.”

“It would be fine. No one can stop us, the Dukes of Salvatore.”

“–That’s not a good thing to say, Salvatore.”

The reaction to Sister Norn’s words came from behind me.

I turn my head, she turns her head, and Lucius and the others turn their heads. A woman with long ears was standing at the end of the line of sight.

He has a neat face. And he had such a huge amount of magic power that you could tell he was just standing there.

It’s a face I’ve seen in the original story. This is…….

“There you are, Duke Morgan.”

It’s the elven Duke Morgan.

The duke is a descendant of Titania Morgan, one of the three heroes who helped found the empire.

A family with a natural gift of magic.

“The empire does not belong to you, Salvatore family. Please do not forget that.”

“So it belongs to you Morgans?”

“……I will not deny it.”

Whoa. This is really the end of Morgan.

They’re just as bad as the arrogant and crazy Salvatore family.

I mean, I knew you were here too…..Lucia Morgan !”

Lucia, the youngest, was standing next to Duke Morgan.

I chuckled and stared at her.

Lucia was also staring at me, glaring.

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