Several days had passed since the dragon’s defeat. During that time, I spent most of my time resting and practicing on my own, and after I recovered, I repeated intense mock battles with Shayla and the others.

The intensity of the battle only increased with the addition of Lucia. Cornelia had also returned after finishing her business, which made the training even more intense.

……It was supposed to be that way.

“Huh? Is it over? The magic geniuses have no guts.”

The two women who had fought to the death in front of me were looking at each other in conflicting ways.

On one side was Cornelia, looking down at me with a cool expression.

On one side, Lucia, battered and bruised, crawling. Her face showed a look of frustration.

“Tsk. If I had taken one more step forward, my attack would have hit you.”

“I’m fine with taking at least one hit. Unlike you, I can use my aura.”


Cornelia and Lucia have been agitating with each other like that all day. Shayla and Lucia are also incompatible. They simply don’t have the time to get along, but they fight a lot. And it’s because of me.

Watching them beating each other up and mentioning my name at every opportunity, I realize how frightening women are.

Cornelia and Lucia don’t kill each other in front of me, but they are still attacking each other with the intent to kill until halfway through the fight. Training feels a lot different, right?

Is it my imagination that I’m seeing a little bit of personal resentment here and there?

“Your Highness Cornelia is indeed strong.”

“She is. So far, Cornelia is the strongest after me.”

When I posted today’s battle results, Cornelia was second only to me with a 100% win rate. In fact, I haven’t lost to anyone other than myself.

Lucia, who cannot beat Cornelia, but has a 100 percent win rate against Shayla, a junior player. As expected, Shayla lacks experience in actual combat. If anything, she’s more of a scholarly type.

She is different from Lucia, who prefers real battles.

“I have to do my best to surpass Lady Lucia……”

“I’m not losing yet.”

“Welcome back, Lucia.”

She returned with a somewhat fatigued look on her face, as if the argument with Cornelia was over. She sat down next to me as a matter of course. Immediately after that, Cornelia kicked her out.

“Hey ! What are you doing !”

“Sorry. But the seat next to Luca is reserved for me. You’re in my way, so I’m going to move you out.”

“You’re already kicking me ! Do you think you can get away with anything just because you’re a princess?”

“That’s right. I don’t take orders from anyone but Luca. Only Luca can give me orders.”

“Then you stay away too. It’s too hot.”

“Aaahn. No♡”

She’s not even going to listen to my commands.

Cornelia is taking her place next to me without a care in the world. Lucia’s cheeks twitched at the sight. There is a blue streak on her forehead.

Good grief. Can’t these guys get along? They’re all studying the same technology, after all. I thought about something else.

“Rather than that, Luca. How was I? Did I become stronger?”

“Hmm? Yes, you are. Cornelia is always strong. It’s worth teaching you.”

“Really !?”

“Lucia is….I can’t say much because I’ve only just taught her. It’s a good decision not to use the sealed designated magic.”

“That’s because Luca told me not to abuse it.”

“That’s right. If you rely too much on convenient power, your skills will become dull. Think of it as a last resort in case of an emergency. You’re talented after all.”

“Tsk. ……Thanks.”

“I’ll do my best. I’m not going to lose to you two.”

Shayla concluded by clenching her fists. That’s right, I nod as well.

“Shayla was originally active in the research field, so do your best as much as you can without overdoing it. It’s only a little while until the Colosseum is held, so do what you can in the meantime.”

For someone like her,it’s better to come up with a secret plan and finish it at first sight. Unlike Cornelia, me, and Lucia, she hasn’t been training for a long time.

The important thing is to win where you need to. On the other hand, if you don’t lose, anything goes.

“Yeah, I’ll do my best ……But Master Luca has become stronger again. Is it because you ate the dragon’s heart?”


I ate a dragon’s heart a few days ago. It made me unable to move properly for a while, but it has collectively strengthened my physical abilities, aura, magic, and other energy-storing organs.

This should be enough to hunt anyone who gets in my way soon. Up until now, I’ve been using it as a useful tool, but if I get a chance, I feel like I can try my hands on my siblings other than Sister Norn.

I’ll pass on Camlen and Illario. They are too weak to benefit from killing them. If I see them, I’ll eliminate them, but they’re both afraid of me and won’t even talk to me. If they don’t get in my way, they’re fine, and if I’m going to go after them, I’ll go higher than that.

If Brother Tiberius came back to kill me again, I’d kill him without hesitation, but he’s in training right now anyway. Let’s get back at him after he’s done with that.

I concluded in my mind. At that moment, someone came to the training ground.

It was a woman with a familiar face. She has the same dark hair as mine, and a smile is etched on her beautiful face.

I look at her and my eyes widen involuntarily. I call out her name.

“S-Sister Norn?”

“It’s been a long time, Luca. I’ve come to see you.”

For some reason, she was in front of me.

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