The day after I took Astarot, the demon summoned by Illario.

I went to class as usual and then stepped into the training hall.

I started training to control and manipulate magic power together with Cornelia, who had also come to train magic.

“…..Are you the demon that Luca was talking about?”

“Yes, I am Astaro. I can speak to people like livestock.”

“I will kill you.”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait !”

She grabbed Cornelia’s shoulders.

Astarot is with me today. Cornelia was staring at Astarot at first, but then she suddenly called out to her.

Please stop this pointless fight in front of me.

“Luca, I don’t like her.”

“Astarot is to blame for that, but you shouldn’t be fighting either. It’s a waste of time.”

“Waste of time !? Did you say I’m wasting my time, Master Luca?”

“Don’t get excited, idiot.”

Even just dealing with Cornelia was exhausting, but adding Astarot to the mix added to the headache.

It’s a pain in the ass, so I’m going to ask her to go back to her own world for a while.

The owner who signed the contract can send the demon back.

When Astarot disappeared in a puff of smoke, Cornelia puffed out her chest in satisfaction.

“Hmph. Cocky demon. I’m definitely more useful to Luca than she is !”

“Even so, she’s a demon of the highest rank. Please forgive her.”

“Muu. Can’t be helped. I’ll forgive one or two concubines. I’ll kill them eventually.”

“You can’t win right now.”

I don’t even know what concubine. I don’t remember marrying you.

We became good friends, talking things over, but I didn’t let it go that far.

“Tsk. I’ve felt it. That demon is very strong.”

“It’s the highest of all demons. Now that she’s made a deal with me, she’s close to her original strength.”

“But I will still win in the end. If I can’t win now, I can kill her by becoming stronger.”

Cornelia smiled as she said this.

That’s really my kind of answer.

“Then train for it. I have something interesting to show you today.”

“Something interesting?”

“If you can use your aura, you should be able to do what I can do. It’s not easy, but it will come in handy once you learn it.”

I showed her the enhancement magic that I had not shown her yet.

The magic I used was fire. I wrapped it in an aura to increase its power.

The fireballIe unleashed in this state blew the targets in the training area to smithereens.

The power of this magic is far more powerful than ordinary magic.

“W-what the……”

“I call it enhancement magic. It’s like the nature of the aura strengthens the magic itself.”

“Amazing ! I’ve never seen anything like that before !”

“As far as I know, no one uses it. You should practice and get stronger.”

The stronger Cornelia gets, the stronger I can become by beating her up.

I’ve taken care of her a lot during her aura training, and I’ll continue to do so in the future, so this is a small price to pay.

Cornelia’s emotions visibly increase. She hugged me and tried her best to express her feelings.

“Thank you, Luca ! I’m so happy…. I’m the only one who’s special to you.”

“Well, don’t say that.”

Actually, there is someone other than Cornelia who taught me the current strengthening magic.

Shayla Carrera.

If Cornelia finds out, she’ll probably say she’ll kill her again, so I’ll keep it a secret.

“Um, strengthen magic with aura… strengthen !”

Immediately, Cornelia floated flame magic in her palm and activated her aura at the same time.

She has been training her aura with me for a long time. At that time, I tried simultaneous activation, and as far as technique goes, it’s pretty close to mine.

I could at least activate aura and magic at the same time…but the result was already clear.

“—-Kyaa !?”

The magic floating in Cornelia’s palm could not withstand the strengthening of the aura and exploded.

Her right hand was blown off.

That’s a lot better than mine. I’m glad I told her to lower the power.

Still, blood drips from her hand, and her skin is slightly burned.

It looks painful.

But Cornelia did not wriggle in pain. She has a big smile on her face.

“This is enhancement magic ! It’s amazing, Luca ! The power jumped many times ! It hurts properly !”

After all, she has sensibilities close to mine.

That’s true. Serious people should be happy. Even if your hand gets blown off, you should be happy.

I nodded inwardly and healed her hand with a prayer.

“Right? You should be able to control it in no time. Just keep on mastering it. If you practice strengthening magic at first, you’ll quickly become stronger.”

“I will ! Thank you, Luca. I love you.”

Cornelia kissed me. This time it’s the mouth.

“Yes, yes. Cornelia, too, please keep the useful information flowing.”

“Yeah. I have an interesting story to tell you.”


I’m going to receive a reward as soon as possible.

“What is it?”

“It has to do with the aura Luke was looking for–“

Goooooo !

In the middle of Cornelia’s words, the door to the training hall was suddenly destroyed.

It was blown open with a tremendous impact. It slammed into the wall, and all the students present, including us, saw the entrance.

From the smoke, a suspicious group of people wearing multiple masks appeared.

They are a group of black-clad men. They were holding weapons in their hands.

“Students of the academy, we will kill you. If you don’t want to die, crawl to the ground. If you don’t get in my way, I might let you live.”

“They are…..”

This development and the enemy’s attire were familiar.

It was just like the beginning of the events I had been waiting for. At last, the terrorists had arrived.

I grinned ferociously as I watched the men screaming and yelling.

Then, I see a group of students holding weapons near the entrance.

Apparently, they had chosen to resist. One after another, they swung their swords at the intruders, but their level was low.

On the contrary, they returned fire and easily killed several students.

From there, there was a storm of screams. The students who resisted disappeared, and everyone crouched down on the spot.

Except for me and Cornelia.

“Hey. You guys, get your asses over here and crawl….hm? I saw you somewhere before.”

One intruder came to me. He’s staring at people’s faces, trying to remember something.

In the meantime, I pulled out my demon sword Muramasa from its scabbard.

“Yeah. That’s right. Luca Salvatore ! Nice timing. You’re our target—“

In the middle of our conversation, I quickly swung my sword.

The man can’t even react and is cut in two right across the torso.

The intruder collapsed with a dull thud.

Looking down at him, I said shortly to Cornelia, 

“For now, we’re going to kill all the enemies in this place.”

She smiles and replies.


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