Brother Tiberios makes a different proposal than my prediction.

That is, training with me.

In short, you want to fight with a sword, right?

I grinned inwardly. Somewhere in my heart, I was waiting for this development.

While desperately pressing down on my loose mouth with

my muscles, I somehow managed to keep a normal face and return the reply.

“Are you saying that me and Brother Tiberios will fight?”

“That’s right.I also want to know how strong Luca, who was said to be a child prodigy, has become. Of course, I won’t use a real sword. I’ll take it easy.”

Brother Tiberios smiles happily.

Although he’s trying to make things up on the surface, he can’t hide his hostility toward me. As proof of that, his eyes weren’t smiling. He is carefully searching my inner world.

But it’s convenient. While the other person is underestimating me, I can do the same thing.

—-Enemy situation inspection.

Just as Brother Tiberios wants to measure my strength in a fight with me, I also want to measure the strength of Brother Tiberios, who will become an enemy in the future.

Probably, I can’t win yet. That is why I wanted to take measures.

After showing a slightly troubled posture, I answer.

“……I understand. If you want, I’ll show you the culmination of what I’ve done so far.”

“Oh ! As expected of Luca ! Your quick judgment is also that of a genius ! Ahahaha !”

Brother Tiberios pats me on the back cheerfully.

It’s interesting because each of us is trying to find out what’s inside the other person’s mind.

Lilith was listening to our conversation、

[Disgusting brother. He has no real feelings]

She muttered.

That’s right.

I don’t like Brother Tiberius, and Brother Tiberius doesn’t like me either.

Compared to the weaker ones, the recognition is only better. In the end, he also aims to become the head of the Duke of Salvatore family.

Rather than getting distracted by something like me, I think you should try to catch up with Sister Norn as quickly as possible.

At least I’m going to exceed Sister Norun and the current family head Lucius. I hope that I will be the one to put the sword around his neck.

“Well then, let’s go to the training ground immediately ! I’m a student, so I don’t need a guide to the academy !”

Tiberios said so highly and began to walk. I was left behind, and I chased after him.

Ah…to be honest, I want to stab him in the back right now. With fewer enemies in my way, I can realize my own strength.

Surprise doesn’t have to do with strength?

There are no small fry in the Duke of Salvatore family who can be attacked by surprise. Even Camlen and Illario notice attacks from behind.

In short, we want to kill each other.

A battle that puts all your strength on the line, something I can’t experience against Cornelia. That was my wish as well.

I think it’s still too early as expected.

With a lid on the simmering inside, we headed to the training ground.

Enough walking.

When Brother Tiberios and I arrived at the training ground, we each took a stance with wooden swords in our hands.

The distance between us is less than three meters.

From here, the battle begins with full force.

“Are you ready, Luca? I’ll take it easy, but if you let your guard down—-you’ll die, you know?”


I sensed an intense aura.

Brother Tiberios, who looked like a fine young man, gave off a storm-like aura.


My brother is just wearing an aura. The reason it feels like it’s being slammed down on me is entirely due to Brother Tiberios’s skill.

Even just the total amount seems to be more than me.

I involuntarily raise the corner of my mouth and answer.

“No problem. I’ll try my best.”

“Ha ! Well said ! That’s why you’re a Salvatore !”

The firebombs of the battle were dropped.

Tiberios was the first to attack.

He kicked the ground while covered in an aura, instantly destroying the distance between him and me.

Being a strong sword user, Brother Tiberios’s attacks are huge. However, it was so fast that I didn’t have enough time to avoid it.

I wore an aura at once and received the opponent’s attack with my own wooden sword.

Immediately after, my body is blown away to the back easily.

“Tch !”

It is power beyond imagination. While I hope to reduce it, I will hold a considerable amount of aura in a wooden sword.

I slowed down as I scraped the ground, and held my ground to keep my balance. Eventually, the shock completely disappears.

“Oho. You weren’t able to block my blows before, but you’ve grown a lot.”

“How many years ago are you talking about, brother?

“That’s right. People change dramatically after a year. Even more so if it increases to two or three years.”

Brother Tiberios, who rebalanced his sword again.

He wiped away his smile and continued with a serious look.

“—But you’re still being naive, Luca. If you think you’ve seen the real me with this blow.”

The amount of aura increased further.

“Just as you’ve grown over the past few years, don’t forget that I’ve grown too. I’ll hit you harder next time.”

Without waiting for my reply, Brother Tiberios kicks the ground.

This time he was behind me. Too fast.

I quickly take a defensive stance, but my instincts sound a warning. My body moved because of my past experiences.

Slightly lower the waist, I deflect the upper body to fall back.

My brother’s wooden sword passed over my body. The sound of the wind is heavy and dull.


He probably never expected that he would be evaded at this moment. Brother Tiberios’s eyebrows lowered slightly. In the meantime, step back.

“Will you surpass this one? If you had received it, you could have shattered the wooden sword into pieces.”

“Is that so?”

Somehow, I thought that my aura amount wasn’t enough. I need to practice more.

Until now, I have never refined my aura to the same level as Brother Tiberios. Since the total amount is increasing steadily, it is possible to release it, but I have never tried it.


That’s because there was no enemy as strong as brother Tiberios.

Inevitably, I will not use my full power, and if I do, I will exert excessive force.

What I aim for is overwhelming power, not overwhelming violence. You are the strongest when you can control your abilities efficiently and precisely, like a machine, according to the enemy.

Even if you hit a level 1 enemy with a level 100 firepower, it’s only natural that you would win. If you adjust that and overwhelm it at around level 5, it’s cool.

Well, putting aside whether it’s cool or not, I’ve never liked rigid sword.

I don’t care if I’m as good as Sister Norn, but at least I’m as strong as Brother Tiberios.

“I’m glad, Brother Tiberios. You’re so serious about me.”

I laugh as if to provoke him.

My brother, on the other hand, looked sharply at me and readied his sword.

If you have an aura, you can kill people even with a wooden sword. It’s obvious that he’s trying to kill me under the cover of chaos.

But, it does not go as my brother’s speculation.

Does he know anything about my other abilities?

Along with the refined aura, I gather magical power in my left hand.

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