Clop, clop, clop.

Hearing the sound of horses’ footsteps, Shayla and I were rocked by the carriage.

No matter how much I am a member of the Salvatore, the highest nobility of the empire, I had no way to deal with the rocking of the carriage.

By the standards of my previous life, the level of civilization in this world is quite inferior.

After another hour of rocking, even my well-trained buttocks would start to ache.

Then, I would use prayer to cure the pain and discomfort.

The journey by horse-drawn carriage is a repetition of this process.


While I was enjoying my reading, Shayla, who was looking out the window, let out a strange sound effect.

I glance away from the page.

“You look happy, Shayla.”

She nodded at my question, meeting my gaze.

“Of course ! I’ve hardly ever been out of the Imperial City. I can hardly hide my excitement at the prospect of a mine I’ve only seen in documents.”

“I didn’t know you were a mining fanatic. I didn’t see anything about it in the official information.”

“Official information?”

“It’s nothing. What’s more, how are you feeling about it? Are you excited about the mine?”

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to it. Technically, I’m here for the ore.”


I wonder what kind of ore can be found in the mine where the dragon lived…

Unfortunately, I’m not interested in ore, so I didn’t look it up.

In the midst of my subtle bewilderment, Shayla tells me the answer.

“Mana ore. It’s a valuable ore that can only be extracted from a very small portion of the mine.”

“Mana ore……oh, I remembered that there was such an item.”

I remembered the memories of my previous life.

When this world was a game, there was certainly an item called [Mana Ore] that Shayla mentioned.

As she is interested in, mana ore is a special stone that is filled with magic power.

Using that stone, [Mana Material] is produced based on alchemy.

It is a gem of high-density mana whose quality is further enhanced by alchemy.

It is said that by drinking it, one gains magical powers.

……But what is important here is how to obtain mana ore and how to produce mana material, as well as its effects.

First, how to obtain mana ore. This is again a simple process.

You just run until you get mana ore at a place where ore items can be picked.

Because it was a natural drop item, the game of collecting mana ore begins with just running forever along the route you have learned.

In addition, the rate of acquisition was extremely low.

The rarity was the highest rank, which made no sense. In terms of probability alone, there was only a one percent chance.

If you destroy all the spring positives in the map, you have to wait until the springs reappear, so it’s really not that interesting.

What awaits you beyond that arduous process is—alchemy.

This is one of the different abilities that humans are born with, just like the basic abilities called aura, prayer, magic, curse, and summoning art.

It is the rarest and most valuable of all abilities, and is a power that, by all means, not even the player can possess.

In other words, the mana ore that you have worked so hard to collect must be brought to a person who can use alchemy.

It’s so annoying just remembering the quests and conditions that have to be met to get to the alchemist’s place…..I’m going to throw up.

But the biggest problem is at the end.

That is the effect of mana material.

Mana material is a useful item that raises the total amount of magic power of the target by oral intake–but for some reason, in the game, it is treated as equipment.

The problem with this is that, frankly speaking, there is plenty of equipment that is superior to mana material.

In fact, anyone who can make mana materials has equipment that is as good as mana materials.

At the time, many of the top players…..who didn’t know about it, including me, were so burned that they sent a message of protest to the management.

And as a result, it’s garbage.

So much so that I had completely forgotten about it. The existence of useless waste.

“Luca should know the value of mana materials. Aren’t you interested?”

“No, I’m not. It’s useless to make that crap.”

The equipment I have is definitely better. I can assure you.

“Hmm. Still, it’s intriguing. I’m also curious to see what it looks like.”

“Mana material is—“

“Quiet !”

“Mugu !”

I was about to tell her what they looked like, but my mouth was stopped by Shayla’s hand.

Shayla’s eyes narrowed sharply.

“Keep it a secret until I see it in person !”

“….Got it.”

If you’re okay with it, I’m okay with it.

Either way, it doesn’t change my goal.

As long as I can kill a dragon that lurks in the mine, I’ll be happy.

At the same time, I’m going to get the heart of the dragon. That, in a word, was my main goal.

I laughed inwardly.

I return my gaze to the book, and silence reigns in the carriage.

However, the silence with Shayla was strangely not unpleasant.

In fact, it even felt comfortable.

A few more hours pass.

Ahead of us, our destination, a mine, comes into view.

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