Episode 31 – Worthless and Meaningless Trash



Suspicious men in black stepped onto the academy’s training grounds.

They slashed and killed students with impunity and intimidated other students, but Cornelia and I did not respond.

We foolishly slayed one of the black-suited men who approached us, without so much as a glance at his corpse.

“At any rate, we are going to kill all the enemies present here.”

Cornelia replied with a smirk.


I approached the black-suuited men with my swords in my hand.

Naturally, the black-suited men were upset.

The same students were killed right in front of us, yet they didn’t raise an eyebrow at us.

“Y-you bastards ! Do you understand the situation !?”

“Ah? Trespassers broke into the academy, right? Thanks. I just wanted to try my hand at slashing with Muramasa. If you attacked students, we would get in trouble, and no one would mind if we killed you guys. I really appreciate it.”

I said with a big smile on my face.

All the black-suited men were stunned.

However, Cornelia was the only one who reacted differently.

“Ahaha ! Good for you, Luka. I’m happy when you’re happy !”

“Cornelia, don’t use the enhancement magic, you’ll get hurt.”

“I know, I know. For Luca’s sake, I’ll only use a little bit.”



“Thank you. Cornelia, you’re the best.

“Ah ! I’m so happy.”

Her cheeks were smiling happily.

The air flowed as if there was no enemy in front of us, which offended the mood of the black-suited men.

“Kuh ! Don’t underestimate me, you little brat ! You’re Luca Salvatore, aren’t you?”

“What if I was? I’ll kill you even if you’re crawling on the ground.”

“You know what will happen to these guys if you mess with us?”

“Eek !?”

One of the black suited-men puts his sword to the neck of a nearby female student, right in front of me.

It’s obvious what he wants.

“Are you saying you’ll kill her if I move?”

“Yes, that’s right. It’s a blessing to meet you at this timing. I really wanted to fight you a little, but I respect your strength. Now shut up and die.”

“I refuse.”

I thrust my right hand forward and launched a water-based magic.

The water floating in my palm froze and turned into a sharp icicle.

This is also water-attribute magic. I raise the strength with my aura, aim–and fire.

Like a bullet, the ice pierced the face of the man in front of me.

The man fell down with a dull sound. A large amount of blood was flowing from his face.

The woman who was being held hostage was also covered in blood, and she screamed.

“Noooooooooo !?”

Hearing that scream, the other black-suited men realized that the hostage was meaningless.

They rushed to my side. It was a strategy of pushing through with numbers.

In response, I used the power of the recently released Muramasa.

I unleash the curse that is contained in the Muramasa and scatter the negative aura around me.

Of course, the range of the effect was narrowed to the utmost limit. Only the black-suited men were touched by the negative aura.

They stopped and fell to their knees at the same time.

Some of them fell to the ground, foaming at the mouth.

“W-what the hell….is this…..”

“Fear. You’re all terrified now that you’ve been hit by my curse.”

This is instinctive. It is useless to tell yourself that you are not afraid.

If your resistance to the curse is low, you will be forced to take effect.


Auras and prayers could have protected them, but apparently not at their level.

They were wobbling and shaking all over. Tears were streaming from their eyes.

“It’s fine until you raid, kill, and take hostages…..but don’t let your guard down until the end.”

From my point of view, hostages are worthless.

Even if Cornelia and Shayla were captured, the result would be the same.

There is no guarantee that the hostages will survive after I don’t move and lose. It would be the same if I died as a result of my actions.

Then, I can pretend from the beginning that there were no hostages at all.

If I hesitate, the number of victims will increase unnecessarily. Only the protagonist of a story can talk about saving everything.

I don’t say such honey-sweet things. First of all, it’s like a captive asking me to throw away my life for the sake of their own.

What’s wrong with me putting my life first?

“If you’re going to do something, do it thoroughly. That’s the basis of evil, right?”

Saying that, I cut off the heads of all the black-suited man who fell down around me.

They have information, and I don’t dare let them live.

I’ll ignore the hostages, but I wouldn’t dare let them die on purpose either.

Silence soon returned to the training ground.

Cornelia also kills a few intruders without incident.

She comes over here with a severed head. Don’t come.

“Good work, Luca. How’s it going? Did you get a chance to try out that sword?”

“I did. The curse is really effective when I cut some people’s torso. From the way they were suffering, it looks like it even has an effect similar to poison.”

“Heh ! That’s amazing. I’m sure these guys were happy to be able to join Luca’s inspection.”

With a look of ecstasy on her face, Cornelia stomps on the corpse at her feet.

“—-By the way, what are you going to do after this? From the atmosphere, there are other guys in the school, right?”

“Yeah. there must be many of them. It will be a pain to annihilate them, so let’s aim for the leader.”

“It’s effective to crush their leader, isn’t it? There would be no end to the number of flies that would be swarming around the place.”

“That’s what I’m saying.”

Cornelia and I nodded and headed towards the entrance to the training ground.

Then, one of the male students who was crawling nearby raises his voice and screams.

“H-hey ! We were about to be killed, why did you act so violently? We could have been killed, you know !?”


What’s with this guy? Is he out of his mind?

It seems like he wants to tell me he’s responsible now. I thought about giving him a blow, but Cornelia pulled out her sword before I could.

“Shut up. Who is it? You begged for your life like a fool. If you want to be saved, fight for yourself. Trash, trash, trash.”


Cornelia lashes out with a serious murderous intent.

If this continues, I feel like I’m going to seriously kill you.

“I hate small fry because they rely on others so easily. They parasitize others and blame them for things they don’t like. They can’t do anything on their own, but they’re always complaining. So bossy. They don’t deserve to be alive. Okay. Why are they still alive?”

Cornelia holds up her sword.

Seeing this, the boy let out a muffled scream.

I grab her hand to stop her.

“Don’t do it, Cornelia.”

“Don’t stop me, Luca. I’ll make an example. We should send his head home.”

“It’s pointless. I don’t care if he’s dead or not, don’t waste our time. Our goal is to eliminate the enemy. It’s easier if we don’t kill him.”

“Muu…….all right. It’s a shame.

She sheathed her sword in a truly regretful manner and kicked that male student in the face.

The male student was struck by a tremendous impact and rolled on the ground, then stopped moving completely.

His consciousness was cut off.

Oh well. That was nothing.

I didn’t say anything in particular, but pulled Cornelia by the hand and left the training ground.

For some reason, Cornelia was in a good mood.

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