The tournament games began.

My first match was against just a musclehead.

With a little aura, I could win easily.

The Colosseum was abuzz with excitement—thinking that it was someone from the prestigious Duke Salvatore family.

But that was only for a short time.

The air in the Colosseum once again tingles as the participants who will continue the fight are called out.

“Lia ! Come forward.”

“Ah, it’s me.”

The next person called into the ring after me was Cornelia, who used a false name.

She is indeed royalty, so I had her change her name.

Still, there’s a noble aura that can’t be hidden….or not.

Cornelia is a big dog wagging her tail.

She said to me while swaying her beautiful hair from side to side.

“Watch me, Luca. I’ll do my best !”

“Keep it in moderation. Even though it’s fine to kill, if someone dies, the progress of the tournament might be delayed.”


I doubt if she really understands, but Cornelia replies and she steps into the center ring.

Interestingly, her opponent was also a woman.

She is holding a long wooden spear.

“That’s unusual. It looks like she’s a melee type…but will she really be Cornelia’s opponent?”


Cornelia Schievald stepped into the ring as Luca looked on.

From the opposite staircase, a woman who is also a participant appears in the ring.

By a strange coincidence, it was a fight between two women. The audience was suddenly excited.

“Hello, Miss Lia. My name is Lynn. We have similar names, so please get along with each other.”

“Get along…..?”

Cornelia tilted her head at an angle as Lynn walked up to her with a smile on her face.

I don’t know what you’re talking about, her expression says that.

“You’re one of the few female participants. And you have a melee weapon. You can use your aura, can’t you?”

“Yes. You too?”

“Yes. I’ve beaten guys my own age !”

Lynn said bravely and pointed the tip of her spear at Cornelia.

But Cornelia did not raise her wooden sword at the sight of it.

She continues to stand there with a somewhat eerie smile on her face.

“…..Wait, hey !”


“Quickly get your weapon ready. I don’t like attacking defenseless people.”

“Why do I need to prepare? I’m fine even in this state.”

“Huh. You’re pretty confident. Are you getting carried away just because you’re in front of your boyfriend?”

“B-boyfriend !?”

Then, for the first time, Cornelia’s face became upset.

Her face was bright red.

“Maybe it was wrong? That reaction.”

“R-rather than my boyfriend…my future husband…”

“Huh? You’re crazy.”

It’s a fair question. But Cornelia was offended by Lynn’s words.

“What do you mean? Did you just call me an idiot?”


Immediately, a shiver ran down Lynn’s spine.

Her instincts were terrified by the murderous intent of Cornelia’s words.

“I-I’m not mocking you. I just envy you.”


“Your future husband is so cool. And he’s a member of the Salvatore family. It’s like you’re guaranteed a future.”

“Ehehe. I’m so proud.”

“But I hear that the Duke of Salvatore is only interested in strength. That means I’ll have a chance if I beat you, right?”

“Oh……I see. I see.”

Cornelia’s smile fades at Lynn’s words.

The tone of her voice lowers slightly.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have tried to go easy on you for Luca? You know, sometimes there are bad bugs who try to get close to Luca.”

Cornelia’s gaze pierced Lynn’s brow.

This time, her whole body trembled.

She quickly dropped to her haunches and kicked the ground, cloaked in aura.

–This girl is dangerous ! If I don’t make a decision right away, I’ll lose !

Lynn was right to think so.

It was reasonable to surprise Cornelia before she finished her preparations.

But it was the wrong opponent.

In an instant, Lynn closes the distance and shoots the tip of her spear at Cornelia’s chest.

A powerful blow is struck.

Everyone was convinced that Lynn would win the battle.

With a dull thud, Lynn’s spear stopped.

The tip of the spear definitely caught Cornelia in the chest.

But there was no damage.

The silk clothing and Cornelia’s aura prevented even a scratch.

Seeing Cornelia standing there in plain sight, she stiffened while still in attack motion.

“W-what the…….”

“I just defended myself with my aura. You were too weak to penetrate my defenses.”

Simple explanation. A simple answer.

Hence, Lynn despairs.

If Cornelia’s words were true, no matter how hard Lynn tried, she could not damage Cornelia.

The total amount of aura was fundamentally different.

“This is boring, so I’ll just get it over with.”

Cornelia grabs Lynn’s spear.

With her bare hand, Lynn’s spear was shattered.

The power of the aura was overwhelming.

Seeing the shattered pieces of wood, Lynn quickly jumped back.

Cornelia was right in front of her.

She caught up with her after she jumped.

There was no escape.

The moment she realized this, Cornelia’s fist caught Lynn in the face.

Game over.

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