Episode 53 – A challenge from my sister



“S-Sister Norn? Why are you at the academy……?”

I was astonished to see her suddenly appear in the training ground.

Originally, Sister Norn is a knight who protects the northern territory. Last year, she annihilated a dragon and other ferocious monsters that appeared from the farthest reaches of the world, and showed such success that she was nicknamed Norn the Annihilator.

Normally, I don’t think Duke Salvatore—Lucius would let her play with me. How did she get here …….

Despite all the questions running through my mind, she walked right in front of me.

“Ah, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Luca’s face. You’ve become much stronger.”


She hugs me without question.

She looks like a frighteningly beautiful woman from the outside, but the strength with which she was able to hold my body was so strong that she didn’t even twitch even when I tried my best.

Amazing. It’s as if I’m being held down by a giant dragon.

“Sis……it hurts.”

“Oops. I’m sorry. I was so excited to see Luca.”

When I tapped her arm a few times, she let go of my hand with unexpected ease.

I thought my bones were going to break. She still has ridiculous physical abilities.

“Oh my, isn’t it Lady Norn from the Duke of Salvatore?”

“You are…..the Princess of Schievald, I believe.”

“I am Cornelia. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other like this.”

Cornelia, who was standing behind me, greeted Sister Norn, who looked like a demon lord.

Strangely, I feel that Sister Norn’s ambition has increased. In addition, Cornelia called Sister Norn with honorific titles. On the other hand, Sister Norn responded in a rude tone.

This is due to the achievements of the Dukes of Salvatore, who have supported the imperial family and the empire since ancient times. My father, Lucius, even has the right to speak his mind to the renowned emperor.

His daughter, Sister Norn, the strongest swordsman in the current family excluding Lucius, attracts the same power and respect as my father.

That’s how much Sister Norn has achieved. So much so that the imperial family cannot be disrespectful.

Of course, Cornelia has more power. The fact that she uses honorific titles shows this.

However, even Cornelia, who was hailed as a genius, took a glance at her, and now I reconfirmed that she was a person whom she respected and admired.

“What are you princesses doing here with Luca?”

“Training. We are competing with each other day in and day out.”

“Luca and you?”

The other members, except for Cornelia, were staring at her.

At that moment, the two people other than Cornelia started to shake their shoulders. They were sweating profusely from their foreheads.

Good grief.

“I hope you don’t intimidate my friends. They look nervous, Sister Norn.”

“Muu. I was just watching. I’m upset !”


That sharp look in her eyes from earlier wasn’t just watching. If anything, she was glaring.

I can feel the lineage of the Duke Salvatore family in her, who shows no signs of remorse.

“More than that, I would like to see the talent chosen by Luca.”

“Nn? What do you mean?”

“Three other people besides Luca. Shall we fight?”


I muttered inwardly. But Sister Norn’s face was serious.

“Wait, wait. There’s no way they can beat Norn.”

“You won’t know. They’re the talents that Luca chose, right? It’ll interest me a little bit.”

“Ahaha ! Interesting. I’ll do it. It’s not every day I get a chance to fight Lady Norn !”

“Calm down, Cornelia. If you can’t beat me, there’s no way you can beat Sister Norn.”

“Luca is the one who needs to calm down. In order to become stronger, fighting against strong people is essential. You always say that, Luca.”

“That’s true, but….”

I also liked to fight with Sisiter Norn. But this and that are different stories.

Look into her eyes. Those are serious eyes. Even if Sister Norn were to cut back, there is a possibility that they would die instantly. That’s how strong she is.

If it was me, she would go easy on me so that I wouldn’t die, but there was no guarantee that she would go easy on Cornelia and the others.

When she does it, it doesn’t matter if she’s dealing with the imperial family or not. Sometimes she puts her own feelings first.

“I-I’ll do it, too ! My pride won’t allow me to retreat here !”


“Me too. If you two are going to do this, there’s no way out.”


Apparently, my words are not getting through to the three of them.

I personally don’t want them to, but it’s true that it will help them grow. But only if Sister  Norn goes too far.

I love to fight the strong, but I hate to fight someone who is at a level where I can’t win.

Because if I die, I gain nothing. Everything I’ve built up will be meaningless.

Therefore, death is the only thing that must be avoided.

I look at Sister Norn, who is smiling at me, and I point out to her.

“Sis…please don’t kill everyone.”

“I know, I know. No matter how proud I am, I will not pick a fight with the imperial family. If I do, I will kill the entire family.”


I’m still worried.

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