I start fighting with a bear demon.

As I approach, the bear turns its head to me.

Its glistening red eyes glared at me sharply and narrowly.

“Gurrrrrrrrrrrr…..gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !”

Without even wiping the blood that was sticking to its mouth, the bear demon kicked at the ground.

It lunged straight at me.

“It’s a beast, just like it looks.”

It opens its mouth and tries to bite me with its vicious fangs.

It was an attack based on speed. I quickly dodge to the side.

I slam my sword into its empty torso.


My sword couldn’t cut through the bear’s body.

It sliced through the skin slightly, causing blood to flow.

“Gurrrhh !”

The demon cried out in pain.

Next, it swung its right foreleg. Sharp claws tore at the air, closing in on me.

I used my sword as a shield to guard.


I received a tremendous impact. My body was sent flying backward.

“As expected, it’s physical ability is better than mine.”

My guarded right hand was numb.

It’s not smart to defend yourself over and over again.

[What are you going to do~? You can’t win at this rate~]

Lilith was relaxing at a distance. Lying down in mid-air, she was dexterous.

“It’s no problem. If I can wound it, I can kill it sooner or later.”

“Gruaaaah !”

The bear monster lunged at me again.

I ducked to the side as I did the first time, and this time I slashed at its hind legs.

I changed my aim.

Ignoring the thickest part of its torso, the bear’s mobility is lowered first.

Aiming precisely at the tendons, the bear demon fell to the ground.

It would soon get back up anyway. I took advantage of the fall and fired the tip of my sword at the bear’s neck.

“Grrh !”


The attack was canceled.

The demon’s claw attack, which was launched as a counterattack, was avoided by pulling back.

However, the evasion was not perfect.

My right hand was damaged.

Flesh is gouged out and blood is spurting out in a big gush.

[W-wait, wait ! You’re in trouble, Luca !]

Lilith’s composure is shattered when she sees me jumping back.

She approached me at a tremendous speed.

She is staring at my shredded right arm.

“shut up, Lilith. It’s just my dominant hand. I’m still alive.”

[You’re going to bleed to deat !? What are you going to d !? Is my  revenge ends her !?]

“Don’t worry, it’s not over. What do you think I picked up this relic for?”

[……The relic?]

“Yeah. This necklace is an item that gives the wearer divine power. Divine power is the power of healing. It can’t be used for regeneration level recovery, but it can at least provide first aid.”

I said, jumping backwards and running away. I took out a bandage from my pocket and took out a bandage from my pocket.

There is pain. It’s intense pain. But not unbearable.

After roughly tying up my right hand with the bandage, I activated my divine power through the red blotched bandage.

A warm light enveloped my right arm.

The lost flesh and blood cannot be restored. At best, it can only stop the blood from flowing in conjunction with the bandage.

The pain will not go away, and I will not be able to move it.

It only prolonged my life. Nothing had changed for the better.

[Awawawa !  We have to get out of here !]

“Huh? What are you talking about, Lilith?”


“I never said anything about running. When the bleeding stops, I’ll have a rematch with that son of a bitch. I’ll make sure I kill it next time.”

[Haaaaaaaaa !?]

Lilith’s screams stimulated my hearing. Shut up.

[You can’t win in that condition !? Are you stupid !? you’re going to die ! don’t die !]

“I’m not going to die. Just watch me. I didn’t go to pick up this necklace for nothing.”

I stopped.

A bear demon lunged at me head-on.

It pulled out its sword with its left hand and held it in position.

It was clad in aura. Amplify the output more.

[H-hm? Luca, what are you……]

I don’t answer Lilith’s question. Instead, I raise the amount of aura emitted more and more.

It’s beyond my control now. The muscle fibers in my body shred and scream.

It hurts. It hurts, but I ignore it and increase the amount of aura I release.

I continued to draw divine power from the necklace to heal my entire body.

This was the best move I could think of.

When aura is released in an uncontrollable amount, the body is heavily overloaded and breaks down.

I can heal my broken body one after another with the healing power of divine power.

Of course, my divine power is not enough, relying on relics. But at the very least, it is enough to heal them. If I can move—I can kill it !

“Gruaaaah !”

A mass of muscle more than twice the size of myself rushes forward, sprinkled with murderous intent.

This time, I didn’t counterattack after dodging. Fires an attack while dodging diagonally to the side.

We cross each other, and my best arm strength, beyond my limits, slices through the bear demon’s torso –with a single blow.

[W-whoa !]

Lilith opened her mouth, stunned.

Behind her, the demon fell, creating a pool of blood at her feet.

Lilith’s reaction was not very strong, even though I had just won.

As I sheath my sword, Lilith suddenly shouted.

[Y-you idiot—-!]

For the second time.

I don’t want you to shout too loud because it will hurt my ears. It’s pretty serious. It also echoes in my wounds.

[It’s crazy to release an uncontrollable amount of aura ! If you had made a wrong move, you could have died !]

“Phew. That’s what the divine power is for. I’ve calculated it well.”

[What are you looking so smug about? I’m going to hit you.]

“W-wait a minute. I’m really sick right now. It’s hard to even stand with the load of the aura.”

To tell you the truth, even my left arm where I wielded the sword is in shreds. It hurts just to move.

[Of course ! Geez ! I never thought you’d be this screwed up. If Luca dies, it’s the end of everything for me !]

“Sorry. But it’s funny, isn’t it? I’m the only one who can combine aura and divine power like that.”

[Do you know the word ‘suicide’?]

“All’s well that ends well.”

[You’re crazy.]

Lilith’s shoulders slumped as she saw me still smiling.

From her point of view, it would be bad for me, a contract holder, to die. I understand her concern, but I can’t become the strongest without crossing a dangerous bridge.

I will continue to risk my life, no matter how many times it takes.

“I’m going to have to carry the bear demon to my bunk after we take a break.”

[Are you going to……eat it, by any chance?]

“Of course, there’s not a lot of this precious food. I’m lucky.”

[……I don’t understand you, Luca.]

“? I see.”

I don’t know myself either.

It’s hard to understand yourself. Even other people have a hard time understanding me.

I sat down on the snow and tried to recover my lost strength.

The first day of survival. It’s been a rough first day.

If possible, I wish the problems would happen more spectacularly. I haven’t fought hard enough yet.

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