The day after I enjoyed dinner with Sister Norn.

The next day, I was taken by my sister to the forest near the royal capital.

I hadn’t been out of the royal capital like this since the dragon slaying.

I took in a lot of the great outdoors air as I stepped through the crunchy weeds.

Sister Norn, who was watching the situation, patted me on the head for an unknown number of times today.

“Fufu, even though you’re a student at the academy, Luca can go out and practice every day. If the institute has anything to say about it, please let me know.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Just to talk. Yes.”

“It’s unusual for you to use such language.”

“It’s the institute where Luca is enrolled. I have to keep my cool.”


“…..Killing them won’t solve the problem. If the top management changes, it will take time to persuade them again. That would be inefficient, wouldn’t it?”

“Finally, a reply that sounds like you.”

The point is, rather than killing the teachers or the principal who are in the way, the idea is that if you let them live and threaten them, they will be on your side for a long time to come.

It’s insidious, but it’s actually efficient, so I can’t say anything.

“Even if you praise me, nothing will come of it.”

“I’m not praising you, but that’s okay.”

“Anyway, are you enjoying your time at the academy, Luca? Some stupid bimbo……ahem. You seem to be having fun with the bitches.”

“What’s the point of that paraphrase?”

You were going to say [bimbo] at first. It’s not much different with bitches.

Sister Norn always hated the opposite sex when it came to me. Even her own sisters, to the point that she would go ape-shit if they tried to talk to me.

Once, she and my second sister were on the verge of seriously killing each other, but the head of the family happened to be nearby and lectured her not to destroy the house.

I don’t know what happened after that, but thanks to my sister, we didn’t have to have unnecessary conversations.

However, that feeling of exclusivity still undermined my daily life. Apparently, Cornelia and the others are nothing more than pests to her.

“But yeah…’s fun. It’s the kind of stimulation I’ve only had outside.”

“You think that’s the case with those bitches?”

“You’re a hard-headed one, Big Sis. You’ve got to take advantage of everything you can.”

“Well, well, well ! That’s Luca. Even if it is the princess, he will use her for himself ! That’s why you are the next head of the Duke of Salvatore family !”

The speed of my sister’s stroking increased. My hair is getting out of shape.

I don’t really care about my hair, but it’s a bit depressing to see it flicker in my vision. I also think I’m going to go bald if it continues like this. No matter how much I want to be strong, I don’t want to be bald.

“I was actually thinking of killing those bitches, but if it leads to Luca’s growth, I’m willing to let them live specially–“


In the middle of her words, we heard a sound in the bushes nearby.

I had noticed the sound before it came from the bushes, and we both stopped walking at the same time.

“……I thought I’d let one of them get away, but to think that they’d be stupid enough to jump into a deadly situation on their own.”

Sister Norn quickly removes her hand from my head.

In front of me was a green monster standing about two meters tall—an orc. The cutlass-like weapon she held in her right hand glittered as it reflected the sunlight shining through the gaps in the trees.

Her blood-red eyes were full of murderous intent. She’s really motivated.

“I’ll take care of it, since we’re here. I’ll catch it without killing it.”

“Catch it?”

Since it was Sister Norn, I thought she was going to kill it in an instant.

“Yes. The purpose this time is to exterminate the orc swarm. Let’s capture one and summon the others nearby.”


“Of course, we’re going to hurt them. Luca will take this as a good opportunity, so please take a look.  The Dukes of Salvatore are also good at torture.”

‘I see. You make an orc scream and call the others on purpose.

I had heard of the torture techniques handed down in the Duke of Salvatore’s family. But torture is something that is done by lowly people. I was chasing after simple strength, so I didn’t know much about it.

Surely it would be more meaningful to learn the art of torture from my sister than to do nothing and just watch.

I agreed and watched her back as she walked forward. Despite the fact that something horrendous was about to happen, my heart remained calm.


Enough time had passed.

First, she approached the orc. She blew off the arm of the attacking orc with her bare hand, and this time she blew off the leg of the bleeding, kneeling orc.

Then the orc, unable to move, was trampled by my sister without dying because of its high regenerative capacity. Then the torture began.

The orc screams with a cry of anger that is so palpable. Enough for the friends who would have been nearby to hear its voice echoing through the forest and rush over. It was a great speed.

I didn’t have time to learn the art of torture properly, but instead a large number of orcs showed up. I pulled my sword from the scabbard hanging at my waist to see if that would make it bearable.

With a smile on her face, Sister Norn told me, [I’ll give it to Luca.]

I said, [Thank you] and then kicked the ground.

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