Hey, do you guys know.

I heard that it is normal for a blood sister and brother to take a bath together. Even now, Sister Norn, who washes my hair from behind, was humming that.

–No, it’s weird, right !?

You who think so. You have a correct sense of ethics. You are right.

Why should I be so happy to take a bath naked with my sister who is about 10 years older than me? I was extremely perplexed.

But there was no way that a weak little brother could resist the power of his sister, who has surpassed the power of a gorilla to become a dragon. I was forcibly dragged away and stripped of my clothes.

“Do you have an itchy spot, Luca?”

“No, but…..”

It’s not like Sister Norn is looking at me in a sexual way. Cornelia said to me before, [Let’s take a bath together ! Haha ! I’ll wash your back and front ! Haha !], but she is very calm in comparison.

In short, my sister is very much in love with her younger brother, who has an extraordinary talent. Ten years apart, I’m like a little kid. And I’m not even an adult yet.

So, she can put her big breasts on my back as much as she wants, and she doesn’t even cover herself with a towel. Because the feeling of embarrassment is non-existent.

I don’t lust after my blood sister either.

I have often been naked with my sister for a long time, and to be honest, I felt like running away right now, but I was still able to calm down.

If there was a problem….it was Cornelia and the others.

Actually, when I saw Sister Norn taking me to the bathroom, I decided to take a bath with her.

When I saw the three of them half-way through taking off their clothes, I tried to stop them, but Sister Norn’s hand came out before I could.

She knocked them out of the changing room with her bare hands and closed and locked the door. No one would come in now.

If an intruder were to come into the bathroom where Sister Norn was, it would be like a fool jumping naked in front of a hungry dragon. They would be killed for sure.

I still have the memory of one of my older brothers who, by bad luck, entered the bathroom a few years ago while Sister Norn (and I, who was forcibly taken by her) was bathing and had his bones shattered in a second.

In an instant, my brother lost consciousness and would have died if he had not been treated in time.

It was Sister Norn who did it without a care in the world. She has the ladylike attitude of not showing her naked body to anyone but me. I beg you, don’t show it to me either.

“Fufu. This reminds me of the time when Luca was at the mansion.”

“I was just thinking about that too.”

“Oh, we’re thinking the same thing. Compared to those days, Luca has become much stronger. Yes, and with your good looks, I’m worried about your future.”

“As for me, I’m more worried about your future.”

“I’m not thinking of getting married, to be honest. It is Luca who will be the head of the family anyway.”

“Your expectations are heavy.”

It’s really heavy. I’m not interested in being the head of the family.

The only thing you need to do is to be strong enough to beat Lucius and my sister. The other things will be considered at another time.

“In the first place, I’m not interested in men who are weaker than me. Unless they’re talented, but honestly, I don’t think there’s anyone like that.”

“If they’re stronger than Sister Norn, they’re not human beings anymore.”

“What did you say?”

“Agagagaga ! I’m kidding ! I’m just kidding !”

Sister Norn clutched my shoulder.

Even if I countered it with an aura, the pain did not subside. That’s ridiculous.

“Good grief…….by the way, I will pay close attention to Luca’s wife. I will not tolerate half-wits.”

“Why not?”

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could marry someone as talented as you and have children together?”

“Haa, I see.”

Producing even more geniuses is something that comes naturally to members of the Duke of Salvatore.

No matter how kind my sister is compared to other family members, that is only towards me.

My sister is also quite the devil, and up until now she has been calmly attacking people.

After all, she is also a member of the Salvatore family. I’m the only sane one after all.

“Well, I’m not thinking of marriage at the moment, either.”

“Right. Luca’s value will decrease if he gets married to some unknown pig. As your sister, I can’t allow that to happen. I’ll be lonely and won’t approve of marriage for a while !”

“Isn’t the last part of the story totally in line with your wishes?”

“No, it’s not. Now let’s wash our bodies.”

I poured a tub of hot water over my body.

I was randomly eluded, but I was surprised to find out that my sister is a bit of a brocon. I don’t dislike her either, but I didn’t think we were close enough for her to be that concerned about me.

I’m happy, but I’m also sad that she treats me like a child.

But as long as she is on my side, I feel safe. If something should happen to me, she will help me if I call out to her.

If the opponent is overwhelmingly superior to me, that is.

“After soaking in the hot water for a while, let’s have a meal. I know a place that serves good food.”


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