The orc, which appeared to be a special individual, stabbed Sister Norn in the stomach with the sword in its hand.

It was a fatal wound. If someone like me, who can’t use prayers, will definitely die if a hole is pierced in the stomach by a weapon that big.

………Of course, it depends on if the person who was stabbed was an ordinary person.

“–Guhaa !?”

The special individual Orc who released the stab opens its eyes. The orc is staring at the abdomen of Sister Norn, where its sword should have pierced.

The hand clutching the sword is trembling, as if it is holding the sword with a lot of force.

Unfortunately, the orc’s sword could not penetrate through her abdomen. On the contrary, she was completely protected by a piece of cloth. She is unharmed.

“Don’t tell me…..this is your full strength?”

Sister Norn muttered quietly without retreating from the sword. The orc hears her voice and its body shakes violently.

“Guoogh !”

The orc jumps backwards in a panic. It moved away from Sister Norn.

Sister Norn, on the other hand, was staring straight at the orc without chasing it. There is an icy sharpness in her eyes.

She’s so cold that if she were to stare at me, I would feel fear.

“We’re in front of Luca, right? At least let me use enough strength to play with you. Otherwise…I’ll kill you right away.”


Sister Norn released a deadly shot. Half-reflexively, the orc held up its sword. But it could not go any further. It didn’t want to get into Sister Norn’s pocket and couldn’t move easily.

It was Sister Norn who became impatient.

She did not even pull the sword out of its scabbard, but took a step and – leaving the sound behind. When she came to, she was standing right in front of the orc.

“I’m going to hit you now. Please dodge.”

Without waiting for a response or reaction, Sister Norn clenched her fist. She punched it with her left hand.

Sister Norn’s attack is not based on martial arts. She simply gathered her strength and thrust her fist forward.

In short, it was just a punch without any technique. But the orc that was hit by it could not defend itself in time and was blown away by the tremendous impact.

It reaped the surrounding trees and disappeared more than 50 meters back with a roaring sound.

“Not being able to defend properly…..I’m really disappointed in the orc race. In this case, it might have been better to capture the dragon alive.”

“Ahaha, dragons are not a creature that can be found anywhere, Big Sis.”

“It would have been far better than wasting our time on the orcs, wouldn’t it? I hope you didn’t die from the blow you just received…….”

She kicked the ground as she said this. She went after the orc that she had blown away.

I follow behind her. I soon find the fallen orc.

“Ah…..this is not good. It died instantly.”

The orc, which had fallen under the trees, didn’t even twitch with a hole in its belly. It was surely dying.

“Muu……that’s a shame. It has been a long time since I fought an orc, but even a special individual is this good.”

“It was no match for you, Big Sis. At any rate–“


With a snap.

Both my sister and I stopped moving at the same time.

Something was nearby. Something with enormous energy. It suddenly appeared nearby.

“What…..was that?”

It seems to be an enemy. Good, it seems we have an enemy worth fighting a little bit.

Glancing in the same direction, Sister Norn and I both saw a single orc. 

It looked like a special individual Orc. I was impressed that there were still some Orcs left, but then I noticed something strange.

The orc that my sister and I had found was a special individual, but it had an even more unusual characteristic.

It had a mysterious pattern on its body. There were creepy markings on its body that were not present on the orc I had defeated earlier. The face was also pale. It was bleeding even though it had done nothing.

Overall, it was an eerie orc. But now that we have found it, we will defeat it.

“Please watch carefully, Luca. This opponent is quite tough.”

“You say that much, Big Sis?”

“Yeah. It has far more magical power than the corpse over there. Fufu…it looks like I’ll be able to use my power for the first time in a while.”

As soon as she said that, the orc and Sister Norn disappeared at the same time. Immediately after, an explosion sounded.

“Kuhhh !”

I was almost blown away by the impact. I just barely managed to hold on with my legs.

This was just the aftermath of the collision between  Sister Norn and the orc. But it still destroyed the surrounding terrain like a storm.

I was surprised. I didn’t think that there was an Orc in such close proximity who could have beaten my sister on equal terms with her. If she hadn’t been able to take them on, the city would have suffered a lot of damage. I would have had a hard time against it, too.

“You look very pale. If you run away, I won’t chase you.”

“Guooooooooooooo ! !”

It rejected my sister’s words. The orc clenched its fist hard and hit my sister. My sister defends herself with her arm as a shield.

“I see. It’s a pity. I wanted to fight you at full strength.”

She looked somewhat sad and lowered her eyebrows. The ground shatters as the aura is emitted.

The orc was knocked down by the aftermath of her aura alone. Seizing the opportunity, my sister landed a powerful body blow.

The orc was blasted far away, cutting down all the terrain and objects around it.

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