Episode 32 – The Main Character Appears



After defeating the black-suited man who came into the training ground, Cornelia and I were heading to the academy.

It was a corner of an empty classroom. Go all the way to the back and enter a nondescript room.

“Luca? What do you want in a place like this?”

Behind me, Cornelia curiously tilted her head.

I answer while touching the front wall.

“Yeah. If my memory is correct, it’s probably around here ……Oh, there it is.”

When I touched the stone wall, a part of the wall was pushed in to draw a small square.

A hidden door opens with a loud sound.

“W-what is this…..a hidden passage?”

“It’s a passage leading to the school’s warehouse. Beyond this, there are a lot of valuables that are rarely used normally.”

“Why do you know that, Luca?”

“I just heard it by chance. What about you, Cornelia? I think the enemy has already sneaked in here. There’s going to be a battle.

“Of course I’ll go ! If Luca kills, I’l kill too. If Luca dies, I’ll die too. I’m prepared for that.”

“What are you saying?”


Cornelia lowered her eyes, looking a little sad.

But I told her.

“Neither I nor you will die. We’ll kill all the enemies. As long as we win in the end, I don’t care about anything.”


Cornelia raised her voice with joy, whether she understood what I was saying immediately.

Neither me nor Cornelia will die. We are not the ones being robbed, we are the ones taking it.

She still doesn’t understand that. That’s why I was stunned.

There is no need to be prepared to die.

Together with the noisy Cornelia, I headed towards the end of the dimly lit secret passage.

Go straight through the hidden passage.

Fortunately it was a simple structure. Without getting lost in particular, I discover the enemy next to the warehouse.

“Ah, there’s an enemy.”

“You’re right. Looks like an intruder guard.”

“What should we do? Push in?”

“……No. My destination is not the warehouse in front.  It’s on the left. If we go there slowly, they won’t find us.”

“Left……by that lonely door?”


I slowly approached the door on the left.

We haven’t been found out.

The door has already been opened. Did the intruders check this place too?

Anyway, I managed to sneak inside without any problems.

It is one of the warehouses used in the old days.

It was vandalized and the floor was littered with garbage.

“What are you searching in this dirty place? Luca.”

“There is a mysterious drug that was once created by a researcher.”

“Drug? You mean you came looking for that?”

“Correct. If I take that drug, the total amount of aura will go up. It’s perfect for me.”

When I was playing games, I would receive strategy information and go looking for it. I found the drug in this room, and when I drank it, I was properly powered up.

“Heh ! There is such a great drug. I don’t know that.”

“If I find a new one, I’ll give it to you.”

“Is that okay !?”

“That drug only works once per person.”

For a second time, a different way of using it, such as sub-dirt, is born.

However, in this life there is no concept of sub-scale, and I do not have the talent of that hand even if I use it for an alchemy system.

Even if it existed, it wouldn’t be such a great item.

Then one should go to Cornelia and make her stronger.

“Yay ! Luca, I love you !”

Cornelia said this in a low voice, being careful of those around her.

I search for drugs while returning a reply appropriately.

“Yes, yes, thank you……Hmm?”

There was a strange feeling on the back of the shelf. Try pushing it, hitting it, or moving it sideways.

Then, something slid to the side.

Something comes out with a sound.

It’s a small box. When I opened it, what’s inside was……

“Ah, lucky. Found it.”

I found the item I wanted.

In the game, if you hover the cursor around here and click on it, you can find it. I believed it would definitely exist.

Probably the one who made the drug hid it.

it’s usually a foul grade item.

“Look, Cornelia, for you. Because there were two.”

“Wow ! Thank you, Luca.”

I threw a small bottle to Cornelia, who was behind me, and gave it to her.

When she caught it, she drank up the liquid inside without any hesitation.

Immediately after, a slight aura leaks out of her body.

“How was it, the feel?”

“Yeah. I understand. I feel that the amount of aura has increased.”

“As expected.”

I also followed her and drank the liquid inside.

Like Cornelia, I felt an aura overflowing from the inside.

The aura is definitely increasing.

“Good. Now that I’ve powered up, I can control it and go kill the enemy in the front warehouse.”

“Okay. How about Muramasa? Do you want to test the sword?”

“No, this time we can rampage as much as we like. We’ll have enough enemies anyway.”

“Okay. Would you compliment me if I killed a lot?”


Cornelia held out her head. I gently stroke her head.

Cornelia smiled happily. She’s like a dog.

“Well then, let’s go.I ‘m looking forward to it.”

Just before leaving the room, Cornelia and I stopped at the same time.

We quickly hide in the corner of the door.

“What are you guys doing here !”

A loud voice was heard from outside the room.

This voice is…….

When I glanced outside the doorway, I saw a familiar looking young man facing the men dressed in black near the front entrance.

Blonde man. With a confident expression, he pointed the tip of his sword at them.

His name is—.


Aiden is an early avatar young man who seems to be the main character of this world.

Why is he here?

I carefully observe his condition.

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