Episode 51 – A woman’s heart is difficult to understand




A beautiful girl was standing in front of me, her left and right cheeks puffed out in front of her eyes.

Her name is Shayla Carrera.

It’s no surprise, she’s an acquaintance of mine. Just a few days ago, we went to a mine together to slay a dragon.

She was speaking more about her dissatisfaction with her face than she was with her mouth. That’s a lot of pressure.

I was puzzled and asked her.

“What’s wrong with your face? You’re ruining your pretty face.”

“I am angry.”

“You’re angry enough to use honorifics.”

“That’s not the point. Where are we?”

“Where….King’s Landing.”

What are you talking about? This familiar landscape is nothing but the imperial city.

“Stop making that [what the hell is that supposed to mean?] face.”

“So you know.”

“Master Luca’s facial expression is very obvious, especially when he’s surprised.”


I thought I had quite a poker face, but apparently I was wrong.

I shrugged.

“So, why are you so angry?”

“Don’t you get it?”

“Not at all.”

“Haa……that’s why Master Luca is.”

“Oh, you’re so generous with your words. Speak up, Miss Shayla.”


“I’m trying to mimic your honorific.”

“It’s not an honorific.”

“You’re being very picky.”

It doesn’t matter. I just want to know why she’s upset.

I’ve just come back from slaying a dragon with Lucia.

I even brought back the heart. A dragon’s heart is a useful item that gives power to those who eat it. To be honest, it’s no exaggeration to say that this is what I wanted.

“I went to the mine with Master Luca.”

“You did. I’m glad you’re safe.”

“I ran away as fast as I could. But that’s not the point.”

“What do you mean?”

“I want to ask you something about Lady Lucia who came back with Master Luca !”

Shayla’s face is getting closer and closer.

You want to ask me about Lucia? I don’t have anything in particular to tell you,….. by any chance, is it about that sealed designated magic?

“I’ve yet to hear from Lucia about the sealed magic. She fell asleep on the carriage ride home.”

“So, how did you become friends with Lady Lucia? You seemed to be on bad terms with her.”

“Oh, that.”

That’s surprising. I can’t believe Shayla cares about Lucia.

The two are called geniuses wizards. I’m not sure if they are aware of that.

I put my hand on my chin and wondered how to explain it. But I can’t say anything stupid. I told the truth.

“After I saved Lucia and we escaped together from deep underground, I slayed the dragon right in front of her. And from now on, she will be part of our training. Since she is a member of the Duke of Morgan family, she should be coming to the academy every day using her family’s power.”


The reason for this is that the school is a very small school. Why does she look so strangely frustrated?

Training Lucia is also beneficial to Shayla. I promised that I would exchange information with her. The stronger Lucia becomes, the more techniques she can teach Shayla in proportion.

Sealed designated magic is one of them. Naturally, I will teach Shayla as well.

However, Shayla, who should have known this, had a slightly gloomy expression on her face.

She opened her mouth as if in a hurry.

“I understand the situation. But I’m not convinced. I couldn’t do anything in the mine. I couldn’t find any ore, and Master Luca came back after flirting with Lady  Lucia……”

“I didn’t flirt with her.”

Don’t say anything that could lead to misunderstandings.

I only signed the contract on equal terms.

I still don’t know what Lucia thinks of me. It is possible that deep down she hates me.

“I mean, I’m going to the mine again, so it would be nice if you could pick up some ore then.”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“It’s just the way it is. I couldn’t carry a dead dragon. I’ll go back to the mine tomorrow. If it hasn’t been eaten by other demons, it could be used in a variety of ways.”

Personally, I’m not interested in any parts other than the heart. So I’m going to sell them to fund my research.

“I-I see…. Ehehe.”


Suddenly, Shayla started smiling.

I tilted my head, not understanding her change of mind, but Shayla didn’t tell me the reason.

From there, we walked back to the city at night as usual.

“–Ah, that’s right. I’ll tell you first, the Colosseum is about to start, so get ready. If you get beaten by a small fry, you’ll probably have three hours to preach.”

“Useless worry. Do you think I’ll lose to anyone other than Master Luca?”

“No, you can’t even beat Cornelia.”

“Muu ! I will win in the Colosseum. I’m strong in actual combat.”

“Even the usual training is like real combat.”

But Shayla has a point.

Practice where something is at stake in the real thing? It is also true that the level of motivation and the available moves change between practice and the real thing, where something is at stake.

I was just a little curious about who would win if the two actually fought.

And while we’re at it, let’s invite the other magical genius–Lucia. I’m sure there was still room for entry.

Under the dark blue sky, our steps were light as we walked down the street.

So many things to do, so busy.

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