Crack, crackle, the space in front of me freezes.

A stabbing chill seized my skin. Still, I continued to stare at the ice in front of me.

A huge ice wall, tens of meters long, was used to trap a single person.

At the top of it, there is a man.

He was in a defensive stance, unable to move an inch.

“As expected of Brother Tiberios. It’s very brave of you to fly upwards at that timing.”

My magic worked perfectly. The ice enveloped everything and nearly killed Brother Tiberios.

The reason he didn’t die was because of his good judgment.

He quickly fled upward before his entire body froze.

The rest of his body, including his upper body, was frozen, but only his neck and above were safe.

He’s surrounded by an aura, so even if his whole body is frozen, I think he’ll still be alive.

“Luca…..what kind of magic……is that?”

“You should think for yourself. I mean, are you okay?”

“What part of this looks okay to you? Come on, get me out of this !”

“You look surprisingly fine.”

I touched the ice wall I made myself. I sent heat to the ice through my hand. Slowly melting the ice.

“I win the game, right? No matter how anyone looks at it, you lost.”

“It pains me to admit it…..but yes, it seems so.”

Brother Tiberios’ face contorted as if he was really frustrated.

Ah, not bad. Although I went as far as I could go, I was able to verify various things.

I could have made some changes even if I had revealed some of my tricks. I could see the look on his face.

All the ice melted and Brother Tiberios was released.

Every part of his body was necrotic. Ice magic can be a vicious weapon, depending on how it is used.

If it had been fire or another attribute…I wonder if it would have done a little more damage? Whatever.

In order to penetrate my annoying brother’s aura, ice attribute magic was the best solution right now.

With ice magic, physical enhancement by aura is irrelevant. As long as you are a living being, you can’t escape from the cold.

“Ah, shit ! I thought I could definitely win ! Too bad I couldn’t kill you.”

Despite the fact that he was probably in a state of intense pain all over his body, Brother Tiberios smiled at me.

He is no longer even able to hide his true feelings.

But I knew that from the beginning. I know that  Brother Tiberios also understood that he was trying to kill me.

“I’m disappointed, too. If I had been a little more off-center…I could have killed you.”

“Haha. Good. The rest of them are rotten with fear of Sister Norn, but not you, apparently.”

“If that’s the way you feel, go ahead and challenge her. Or are you scared?”

“Of course I’m scared ! Don’t tell me you haven’t forgotten how I was beaten up by her once upon a time !”

“You got what you deserved.”

Sister Norn, who was so pissed off and out of control, beat up Brother Tiberios, who once held a sword, to a pulp with her bare hands.

She destroyed the weapon with her grip and let the attack pass through, almost ignoring the defenses provided by my brother’s aura.

From what I remember, all the bones in his body were shattered into pieces. Prayer is useful because it can heal you even in that state.

I thought so deeply even after all this time.

“Shut up ! But, I won’t give up. I’m going to challenge her again and win this time !”

“That’s impossible.”

“Ah !?”

“If you can’t beat me now, you’re not even close to Sister Norn.”

I don’t know about your current ability, but at least you won’t get a single scratch even if you receive my combined magic. That too, after being hit directly.

I seriously think that person is a bug in the game.

My father, who is stronger than that, is no longer human.

But he is an enemy that I will eventually surpass. Even if I haven’t reached it yet, I’m growing faster.

Sooner or later, the blade will reach his neck.

“…Ha. It’s boring. I’m going home now.”

“How’s your practice going?”

“I think I’ve been beaten up enough. I’ll come see you again, so wait until then.”

“You haven’t given up yet.”

“You bet ! I’m not a quitter.”

“I see.”

For some reason, Brother Tiberios left the training ground with a happy look on his face.

While I was watching his back, a familiar figure suddenly came in at the wrong time.

As soon as she saw me, she waved. She has a friendly smile.

“Oh my ! Hello, young Salvatore.”


Feodora Morgan, the principal of the Royal Academy where I’m enrolled.

Lucia Morgan’s older sister.

“Don’t be so alarmed ! I’m not looking to avenge my sweet little sister’s injury to you.”

When I looked at her sharply, Principal Feodora held out her hands in front of me and asked me to stop.

I continued, not letting my guard down.

“What do you want?”

“You’re cold. I’m so interested in you.”

“I’m not interested.”

“Ugh……I’m hurt…..are you trying to hurt not only my sister, but also me?”

“If you wish.”

You know that Morgan and Salvatore don’t get along, so what’s with her?

I really had no idea what she was doing here.

Just tell me what you want, what you need.

“Oh, dear. You’re not very cute. But good. Very good. I got to watch you fight earlier. Thanks to you, I got closer to the abyss of magic. If you don’t mind, can you teach me the magic you just used?”

“No, I won’t.”

Why should I teach you?

“Of course. I knew that from the beginning. So I thought I’d pass on some interesting information to you. Of course, I don’t think it’s balanced. Just a token of our friendship.”

“Interesting information?”

That’s her main point.

With a grin, she said,

“A dragon. There are reports of sightings.”

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