“How the hell do you know about sealed designation magic?”

I asked anyway, looking at Lucia, who had completely healed the burn scars caused by magic.

She smiled wryly.

“Fufuf, I guess you’re curious about it too.”

“Well, yeah.”

To be honest, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care.

I’m also a person who walks the path of magic. The existence of magic that satisfies the elements that I am lacking at the moment makes my heart beat faster.

“I don’t know. I don’t mind if I tell you, but….what do you have to offer me?”

“An exchange, huh..”

“Of course. Do you think you can get seal-designated magic for free?”

“Well…… about I beat you to a pulp and forcefully torture you?”

“Not a bad idea. Just as long as you can beat me.”

Saying that, Lucia refined her magic power.

Reflexively, I also refine my magical power.

The darkness that leaked out of Lucia’s body turned into a sharp blade and rained down on me.

I intercepted it with the spikes of flame that I had transformed into a similar shape.



My magic collides with Lucia’s magic and is absorbed.

The flame magic disappears without a sound.

Lucia’s magic is still alive and well. I jumped backwards to avoid the countless blades.

The black blades were deeply embedded in the ground. It didn’t look like it wasn’t deadly, but did it have that kind of power?

“I see. It absorbs magic.”

”It’s very convenient, this magic. Even your magic is powerless in front of the seal designation magic. If you bow your head and apologize, I’ll forgive you, okay?”

“No problem. The only thing you can absorb anyway is magic……or, technically, only magic power, right?”

“Wha “

Jackpot. A look of surprise appeared on Lucia’s face.

Even powerful magic is meaningless if the user is inexperienced.

It’s true that the ability to absorb magic is troublesome, but it doesn’t make much sense to me since I have so many cards in my hand.

I still have three powers.

I will solidify my aura.

In that state, I jumped into Lucia’s back. Even faster than before.

“Damn ! What the hell—is wrong with that !”

Lucia disliked my approach and attacked as before, combining installation magic and another magic.

In the meantime, no dark magic appeared.

I saw this as my chance and released a magic attack. The magic exploded in front of Lucia’s eyes. She rolled backwards.

“Kyaaaaa !”

She writhed in pain.

“Hahaha. It seems that no matter how many wounds you can heal, it doesn’t make you strong against pain.”

If that’s the case, what I need to do is simple.

Attack Lucia again and again, hurt her and break her spirit.

I don’t think that darkness is the kind of magic that can be used without limit, but let’s be careful and destroy it carefully.

I don’t want to waste my divine power by getting injured before defeating the dragon.

With sword in hand, I close in on Lucia.

Lucia generates that black blade, but my sword, clad in aura, can repel it.

Because I didn’t intercept it with magic, my defense was delayed.

My sword cuts off Lucia’s arms.

“Aaahhhh !”

Lucia’s scream of despair echoes.

A large amount of fresh blood is flowing on the ground, and Lucia’s expression, stained with despair and anguish, is clearly visible.

“It’s too bad, Lucia. The seal designation magic is interesting, but you have the wrong opponent. It won’t work on me.”

“Guhhh ! How ! Why !? I still can’t reach you !? I can’t….beat you?”

She staggered to her knees, bleeding.

Dark magic covered Lucia’s body. She grows a severed arm. That’s a better performance than my prayer.

Naturally, I wait for her to recover. If Lucia dies, the seal designation magic will be lost.

“If only you had tried as hard as you used to, I wouldn’t have known if you won or lost.”

“What… you mean !?”

She screamed.

She is angry at being denied what she is now.

But facts must be confronted as facts.

I also felt that it would be a shame for someone as talented as her to rot here.

Besides, Lucia has a clear role.

At the very least, she should fulfill it before she dies.

I opened my mouth with these feelings in mind.

“If only you had genuinely studied magic,… would have been able to control it better and toyed with me. At least it wouldn’t have been so one-sided.”

Lucia lost her way.

I guess she thought she could beat me if she had the performance of the sealed designated magic, but instead her training time and resources were spent on that.

That’s half-hearted. If she had only healed her injuries, she would have been more formidable.

It’s a real shame.

“You’re wrong ! My efforts are not…..!”

Thud, thud ! She hit the ground hard.

The skin is ripped open and blood flows.

I watched her and tried to push her further–but then a new reaction appeared.

Both Lucia and I turned our gazes toward the mountaintop at the same time.

Ahead of us….in the sky, a large shadow loomed.

The golden eyes staring back at us were filled with intense murderous intent and hatred.

Both Lucia and I muttered. The name of the enemy.

[ [Dragon…….] ]

It seemed to have come out of its den because of the noise of our fight.

It flapped its wings and let out a scream that shook the air.

“Roooooaaaaaarrr ! !”

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