After taking a bath with Sister Norn (by force), we put on our formal wear and went outside the institute.

We headed to a restaurant recommended by Sister Norn.

“Oh……it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you in something so formal.”

When we left the school and got into the carriage, I immediately complimented her on her attire.

The current Sister Norn is wearing a pure white dress.

Normally she would wear whatever was comfortable, but she went out of her way to change her clothes.

Probably, she did it for my sake.

As proof, she was constantly checking my face before getting on the carriage. From her mood, I could tell that she was saying, [Compliment me, compliment me].

She was smiling happily even now.

“Oh, thank you, Luca. I bought this dress after arriving in King’s Landing”

“Eh? You didn’t bring it with you, but you bought it?”

“Yes. I am the daughter of a duke. It’s part of my job to spend money and keep the economy going.”

“Wow……I didn’t expect you to be interested in the economy.”

“Fufu, I’m just using it as a way to buy dresses. The truth is, I don’t really care about it. However, I don’t have many opportunities to come to the royal capital. I’m going to cherish the time I get to play with Luca like this.”

“That’s why you wore the dress.”

“That’s right. Please take a closer look.”

Sister Norn giggled and opened her arms.

I like this childish older sister that she sometimes shows. It’s honestly cute, and I feel special knowing that it’s only for me.

By the way, she hardly has any dresses.

As a member of the Duke of Salvatore’s family, she has opportunities to attend parties, but she usually wears her usual clothes. She wears military-like or knight-like clothes.

Even so, her good looks are among the best in the world. As long as she doesn’t open her mouth, she attracts all kinds of opposites.

Men are coldly rejected every time they approach the dragon.

My sister especially hates such men. She complains that they have no talent, no power, and are incompetent, wielding only the power of their parents.

I understand how you feel, but I wish you would behave a little better.

I remember once a drunken nobleman’s son tangled with my sister, she hit him in the face and he got badly injured.

…Well, now that I think about it, the nobleman’s face is still in its original form, so I guess my sister did a lot of work.

I was thinking properly.

“S-Sis, is that the store over there? The store that you recommended.”

After a while, we were swaying in the carriage, talking about nothing else, when I saw a very large and luxurious building.

“Correct. It’s said to be a restaurant that serves the best food in the capital and is popular among the aristocrats. I didn’t stop by last time, but I stopped by about two years ago.”

“As expected of the guardian goddess of the north, you are frequently called to the royal capital, so why don’t you show your face?”

“Because there is no merit in showing up.”

“So you’re going because I’m in the royal capital?”

“Meeting Luca is a top priority for me. Even if other family members die or the people of the territory are eaten by monsters, this is a matter that I must rush to.”

“Please protect that place, Sir Knight.”

If the people of the territory heard what you just said, wouldn’t their impression of the Duke of Salvatore family become…worst?

The people of the Duke of Salvatore are a bunch of people with broken personalities. They are a bunch of freakin’ idiots.

The people of the territory know this, and they are also aware that they are protected by power.

Even if they were to abandon them, their reputation in the ground would not sink any lower.

“What are you talking about? There are other knights besides me, and I hope you won’t put all the blame on me for failing to protect someone else. Such things are the exclusive province of the incompetent.”

“Haha, indeed.”

I also don’t like incompetent people who only burden other people with responsibility. To the point where I feel like I could die.

I’ve seen many people like that in my past life. Fools who live only on pride.

Compared to them, the Duke of Salvatore might still be better.

They don’t feel responsible for their actions. They have nothing to impose.

Live or die. Kill or be killed. They are such a joke.

It is a miracle that a decent person like me was born.

After a while, the carriage stops, and I stop thinking and get off.

I grab Sister Norn’s hand and escort her out, and she hugs my arm happily and starts walking.

We walked straight into the restaurant.

“Welcome. I am very sorry, but we are fully booked today….”

“Please prepare a seat.”

Sister Norn told the waiter without a pause.

Naturally, the waiter was puzzled. The face of Sister Norn is not well known here in the royal capital, and many people do not know her. So she took out a handkerchief from her pocket. The handkerchief has the family crest of the Duke of Salvatore family engraved on it.

As soon as the waiter saw it, he shook his shoulders and bowed his head.

“Y-you are from the Duke of Salvatore’s family ! I beg your pardon ! Let me show you to your seat right away !”

The waiter, dripping with sweat, took me and my sister to the innermost seat. We were treated like VIPs.

Well, if you know the amount of trouble the Duke Salvatore family has caused up until now, it’s probably a natural reaction.

With that in mind, we took our seats without saying a word.

We ended up stealing someone else’s reservation, but is that okay?

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