“Anyway, give me that seat ! That seat was mine to begin with !”

The count’s son continues to make noises. Does he not realize that he is gradually receiving cold stares from the people around him? The male waiter was also bewildered.

In contrast, Sister Norn eats her food with a cool expression on her face. The man finally reached the peak of his anger because her hands did not stop.

He lifted his trembling hand and—clash !

He blew away the dishes on the table with his right hand. The dishes scattered easily, as if he could use his aura to some extent.



The blood in my veins is boiling.

I thought he wouldn’t act so violently, but the count’s son in front of me was a brat with even less restraint than I had imagined.

No matter how much he didn’t know about Sister Norn, he would resort to violence in this store where other nobles were gathered.

The whispering around us stopped. Silence completely filled the store. Sister Norn also silently put the forks and knives in her hands on the table.

On the inside, I was nervous.

If I was careless, Sister Norn would kill the count’s son in front of me. From her point of view, she could kill a mook who can’t even use the aura properly without using it.

But that would be a bad idea.

The other party is the heir apparent of the count family. Even if we were the head of the ducal family, it would still be a problem.

There’s no way the Duke of Salvatore family would lose if it became a problem, but I wanted to avoid any trouble.

If the opponent were to give me a rare item, I would gladly destroy them, but if there is no merit in defeating them, it would be meaningless. It would be pointless if it would only take up my time.

I had no choice but to open my mouth to stop her. Just before that.

” —-.”

Sister Norn was staring at the man.

Before the man could even take a moment to admire Sister Norn’s beauty,


Suddenly, he fell down, foaming at the mouth.

Everyone was shocked. Everyone’s eyes were wide open except mine.

Nothing happened. It was just Sister Norn’s attempt to kill the count’s son. She might have really wanted to kill him, but her killing intent was enough to make the man reap the benefits of his consciousness.

In a way, he is lucky. SIster Norn looked away and called out to a nearby waiter.

“Could you bring us a new dish?”

“Huh? Ah, yes……..”

The only person whom Sister Norn had aimed her murderous intent at was the count’s son, but the aftermath was spreading to the surrounding area.

Because of the pinpoint and because of the amateurism, even the people around her were not harmed, but it was still powerful. The waitress somehow made her way toward the kitchen while her legs trembled.

The knight escorting the count’s son, on the other hand, was still carrying the count’s son’s body and left the scene, with sweat pouring from his face like a waterfall.

I admire his energy. I dared not say anything.

“Good grief…..this is why I hate Imperial City. Why can’t you understand that it is disrespectful for the people to even address us…”

“Everyone knows the name of the Duke of Salvatore, but most of them are either holed up in their estates or working in other lands. It’s no wonder.”

“Shall we just make a bloodbath of the nobles who are getting in the way? Then the troublesome people will disappear. Physically, too.”

“Master will be furious.”

“….As expected, it would be better to kill him first.”

“Can you beat him now?”

“I think it’s 50-50. There are opportunities if you give your best. No matter how strong that man is, he is just an old man. There’s no reason why I can’t win.”

Sister Norn was full of confidence.

In fact, her talent is beyond Lucius. If they were to go head-to-head, her sword might even be able to reach the head of the family.

However, I have not fought her yet because there is no chance that I can win for sure. In the original story, before the two of us clashed, various problems arose and went unresolved, but I wonder what would happen in this world.

I hope we get along, at least until I challenge Lucius. It would be a shame to lose one such skilled person.

“Then it’s better not to fight. There’s still something I want to learn from him.”

“Luka…fufu, if you like me that much, it can’t be helped. Let’s give that old man’s head to Luca.”

“Is that all right?’

“Of course. I’m fine with being second best. I just need to kill the idiots who defy Luca. Yeah, that’s it.”

Sister Norn’s eyes suddenly turned sharp.

I broke out in a bit of a cold sweat.

That’s what I’ve come to expect from Sister Norn. She is beautiful and terrifying even when she just smiles.

The fact that this person appeared under me so early means that she must be taking care of me as I attend the Colosseum.

I was able to train with her for the first time in a while. While finding joy in this, I ate the food that was brought to me again.

……Ah, yeah. Sister Norn fed me.

I couldn’t refuse because Sister Norn seemed so happy.

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