The three of us, except for me, and Sister Norn, suddenly appeared and proposed that we have a mock battle.

I, who had moved away from the center, looked at the faces of the four of them as we headed towards each other.

“Then……each of you are ready?”

“No problem.”

“I’m ready !”

“I’m fine.”

“I’ll handle it.”

Sister Norn, Cornelia, Shayla, and Lucia answered in turn, each raising their weapons.

I quickly lowered my raised hand, praying inwardly that Cornelia and the others wouldn’t die.

“Let the games begin !”

Cornelia was the first to run when she heard the starting signal. She was going to challenge Sister Norn through individual play, regardless of cooperation.

In contrast, Sister Norn, after watching Cornelia’s move, did not do anything. She stood still with Cornelia in her sights.

“Don’t let your guard down, Sister Norn !”

Cornelia’s legs, strengthened by her aura, approached her at the speed of instantaneous movement. She swung the sword in her hand in a great swing.

Sister Norn lifts her left hand to defend against the blow.

It was not her hand. She clamped Cornelia’s sword between her index and middle fingers and stopped it.


Cornelia, who did not expect to be stopped by two fingers, was unusually astonished.

Cornelia was surely slashing with all her might. However, Sister Norn defended herself with a cool face.

“Let my guard down? That’s an interesting thing to say. I say it’s a leeway.”

She laughs and puts pressure on her fingers.

Cornelia’s sword, which should have been strengthened by her aura, cracked slightly.

“Wha !?”

Cornelia’s surprise grew even more as she realized that there was a limit to her stupidity.

Then, two flames came flying in from the side.

It was the magic of Shayla and Lucia. At the same time, they clipped Sister Norn from both sides.

An explosion sounded. Cornelia comes out of the smoke. The sword is just barely intact. It can still be used.


“Did it do some damage?”

As the two of them muttered, once the smoke cleared,

“I don’t like the smell of it, but…’ve done a terrible thing.”

The unharmed Sister Norn waved her left hand from side to side.

“Tch. Not even a scorch mark on your clothes.”

That’s right. Sister Norn is covering her clothes with her aura. Not a single scratch, burn, or even the slightest thread was found even after being hit with a near full force blow from the two of them. She was standing there without a care in the world.

“She’s too strong. Even if we all attacked at the same time, we wouldn’t be able to break through her defense…….”

Shayla realized the hopeless gap in strength.

But Cornelia still did not give up.

“Even if that’s the case, I’ll get my revenge~!”

She lowered herself and kicked the ground. She approached sister Norn at the fastest speed possible, and swiped at her leg with her sword.

Sister Norn defended even against the divine speed strike, which was swung at a speed that even generated afterimages.

Her leg raised slightly, but before the sword could reach the other leg, she stepped on it.

Claang ! !

Immediately after, the sword blade breaks in mid-stroke. The ground shattered and dented several meters away.

This time, too, Cornelia had firmly covered the sword with her aura. But it didn’t matter to sister Norn. She can overpower Cornelia without even exerting half her strength. She is that kind of person.

“Oh my, your sword is broken. Please get a new one.”

“…..I don’t need it !”


Perhaps she had expected the sword to break from the beginning, but Cornelia took another step forward while holding the shortened sword.

Normally, when a weapon breaks, it’s common sense to step back to correct your stance. You can’t fight properly with a broken sword.

However, she dared to step forward to attack. That was Cornelia’s choice.

For the first time here, Sister Norn was surprised. Her eyebrows go up a little.

Cornelia thrusts the broken sword forward in the manner of a stabbing attack. She aimed at Sister Norn’s face.

What a nasty attack ! If it hits, an ordinary person will die instantly. …That is if you’re an ordinary person.

“That’s too bad.”


An index finger is inserted between Sister Norn and Cornelia’s sword.

It was a small, slender finger, but the tip of the finger hit Cornelia’s sword and completely killed its momentum.

Cornelia’s full strength was not even equivalent to one finger of Sister Norn, who was in a relaxed state. Cornelia was speechless at this fact.

No matter how much she pushed, the sword would not advance any further. There was an insurmountable difference in strength.

“—Get out of the way, Princess !”

From behind the hopeless Cornelia, Lucia unleashed her magic.

The magic was a compound magic that I had taught her a little bit.

I thought she would be able to learn it quickly because she is a genius, but I didn’t expect her to suddenly mix fire and wind attributes and cast a spell.

Although imperfect, the magic was far more powerful than it should have been, and it flew toward Sister Norn.

Cornelia saw this and jumped to the side.

Her aim was perfect. Sister Norn is engulfed in flames.

“So hot.”


Sister Norn muttered quietly and hit Lucia’s compound magic with the back of her left hand.

Bang ! The compound magic disappeared cruelly with a bursting sound.

No matter what they did, it could not reach her. Everyone finally knew this fact.

Or rather, she’s too strong.

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