The orc, which appeared to be a mysterious special individual, was blown away by a powerful blow from Sister Norn.


“! Can you still stand up after taking that blow?”

The struck orc flew so far away that it disappeared from sight, and returned after only a minute or so.

“It is quite sturdy, isn’t it? I don’t think a normal orc would be able to defend against my attack. ….Has it been affected in many ways?”


“I can only speculate. But the physical ability is too strong for a special individual orc, and yet it seems to be weakened. It is possible that someone from the outside may have tampered with the orc.”

“That would be……”

“I don’t know how they could have given it that much power. If it was drugged, that would be interesting.”

Sister Norn smiled.

There was a child-like innocent darkness lurking in that face. However, I also agree with my sister’s words.

Orcs are not strong demons. But I still can’t believe that it has enough power to compete with Sister Norn…..

If there really is such a potion, I could make a guinea pig for my training. My sister is probably planning to make a punching bag to kill time.

“Roooooaaaaaaar ! !”

In the middle of my thoughts, an orc with a great deal of blood spilled screams out.

What an energetic being, even though the bones are probably shattered. If you get too carried away and raise your voice too loudly, it will damage the wound.

The orc, however, kicked the ground without caring about the damage it had sustained.

Instantly, the orc went behind Sister Norn’s back and struck down with its fist.

Sister Norn did not guard.

The orc’s fist hit her in the head. The impact went from the top of her head to her toes, shattering the ground beneath her feet.

But it didn’t matter to her. I could still see her standing there, looking forward.

“You….you’re getting weaker than before, aren’t you?”


Sister Norn raised her left hand. It just looks like she’s raising her arm.

But it surely damaged the orc’s body.

“Gwahh !?”

When the orc noticed, the arm that hit Sister Norn’s head was gone. It was cleanly severed about halfway through.

Sister Norn did not use a sword. Her weapon is still sheathed.

So how did she cut off the orc’s arm? The answer is simple.

–Hand sword.

She simply used her own hand as a sword and swung it sharply. It was a feat that only Sister Norn, who manipulates an overwhelming aura, could pull off.

The orc, who had shed a lot of blood and was thought to be unintelligent, became upset.

Seeing this, Sister Norn turned around.

“As expected, your power is not your own,…..and it is getting weaker and weaker as time goes by. Your supremacy is waning as well.”


Sister Norn’s hand sword exploded. The other arm was also cut off.


This time, the legs. Both legs disappear after two attacks.

Looking down at the orc in a frozen state, Sister Norn smiled good-naturedly.

“I’m not saying that I don’t have a hobby of abusing others. The weak are those who are exploited by the strong. The relationship of power is kill or be killed. It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are or what you are prepared to do. Basically, I enjoy fighting. No matter how one-sided it may be.”


My sister, Norn Salvatore, is crazy to no end.

She can kill people with a smile on her face and there is no line between young and old.

She kills whoever she wants. She kills with a smile, no matter who it is. She does it so that she herself does not become bored.

Therefore, she is strong.

People who think only of themselves are generally talented.

In Sister Norn’s case, it would be even worse because her talent is too big.

Well, she’s been thinking about me a lot lately, and I can’t help but feel that she’s spoiled me a lot.

“Then please die. I enjoyed it a little.”

Sister Norn’s final blow is mercilessly delivered.

The aim is the orc’s head. The orc’s life was cut short with a single blow, and the orc never moved again.


“H-haha ! What’s with that monster……”

A man was watching from afar as Norn Salvatore defeated the orcs.

Of course, he had been watching the battle between her and the orcs from the beginning. He used a special tool that could completely erase his presence, so that Norn and Luca would not find out.

But after the fight was over, the man came to regret it.

The orc, who had been carefully selected over time to be the best experimental subject, had grown into a monster with enough power to destroy even the royal capital through the use of strengthening drugs.

Even so, the load on the body is considerable. He knew that it was impossible to be active for a long time, but the experimental body was defeated before it went to the royal capital.

That too, without any damage.

“That’s someone from the Duke Salvatore family……’s impossible, there’s no way we can win. If we don’t use that potion against the dragon, we won’t even be able to fight properly !”

He snapped a branch at his feet.

He jumped down from the tree and hastily disappeared into the forest.

Finally, the man said,

“If this continues, the plan will be disrupted.”

He muttered.

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