My body feels light.

Technically, I’m falling to the bottom of the cave carrying one person, so the added gravity should make me many times heavier than I should be.

But even in free fall, I calmly knead my aura.

How much longer will I continue to fall?

Depending on that, I would not be able to just carry Lucia in my arms.

But I was strangely confident.

I would be fine—I thought.

And then the time comes.

With a tremendous impact and roar, my feet hit the ground.

The impact traveled from my feet to my head.

For a moment, I almost lose consciousness, but I hold on just in time.

It was a good thing that I had kept invoking prayer so that I could fall at any moment.

I heal my foot, which makes a banging, unpleasant sound, as I hurt myself.

After just a few seconds, I completely recovered, as if the pain I had felt had been a lie.

I  stopped holding Lucia for a while and eventually lowered her to the ground.

A deep sigh escaped  my lips.

“Ah shit. That dragon made me go through all that extra trouble…….”

Lucia is knocked out.

Her consciousness was interrupted during the fall.

After that, her body also felt the impact, but she was protected by my enormous aura and was unharmed—Although I can’t say, but the wounds on her body are gone with the prayer combined.

In short, we are both safe.

I looked up and wondered what was going on.

“Can I still make it up there with my aura?”

The hole is big.

I worry about how wide it is for me to jump up and down with Lucia in my arms.

In addition, there is a dragon above us.

I hope Shayla is able to successfully escape, but if not, it would have turned into a battlefield by now.

I would like to return immediately, but I consumed a considerable amount of aura during the fall.

It’s not possible right now.

Where are we in the first place? If it’s a tunnel, it must lead to a path to the surface somewhere…….”

Where Lucia and I fell, there is a nicely cut path.

If we walk down this path, we might eventually be able to climb the stairs and get above ground.

It would be quicker than waiting for my aura to recover naturally.

Thinking this, I reluctantly tried to pick up Lucia–at that moment.


Lucia’s consciousness returned.

She opened her eyes and our gazes collided.

In her fading consciousness, she stared at my face for a moment, and then…..


She got up as if she was bouncing.

Immediately after that, she backs up.

“Y-you  !”

“So you woke up. Good timing. You know the situation. Let’s keep it simple.”

“What’s going on? …..Ah.”

Her face turns pale as she remembers how she was attacked by a dragon and how I saved her in the nick of time.

Because she almost died. 

Of course she owes me that favor.

“Don’t worry, I’ll demand a reward. All you have to do is tell me what you know about the sealed designated magic.”

“Don’t be silly ! Why should I tell my enemy !”

“Who is it that makes you angry now? I don’t remember becoming your enemy.” 

“Gah! That’s it, but…that’s the only hope for me…”

“Hmm. I understand why you want to surpass me. But there’s no point in trying to master sealing magic. I’m stronger than you.”

“Wha !?”

Kaaaaa ! Lucia’s face turned red.

However, remembering the battle earlier, she couldn’t say anything.

After all, the sealed designation magic she uses is only a substitute for prayer.

No matter how hard you try, the performance of absorbing magic power will eventually reach its limit.

And she fully understood that.

Then I sent a sweet temptation.

“Of course, your sealed designated magic is meaningless. You’re training poorly. Besides, you can’t just stick to one power, can you?”

“That’s……! Then what do you want me to do? No matter how hard I try, I can’t beat you.”

“Because I’m the strongest. But as long as you don’t give up, you can keep getting stronger.”

I quickly held out my right hand.

Ice is generated on the palm. It made a flower shape with a crackle.

“That magic…..”

“This is a compound magic I developed. I’ll teach you how to use it and you’ll be able to do it in no time. So teach me the seal designated magic.”

“H-ha? Why are you doing this to me?”

“You’re a gem. You’re as talented as me when it comes to magic. It would be a waste to lose you here.”

Recently, I began to think.

Even if I alone became the strongest, there is a limit.

When I’m surrounded by ridiculously strong people, I need a [wall of flesh] to deal with them.

There is a risk in making friends, but in this respect, the position of the heroine in the original story is quite favorable.

Heroines have good character. She wouldn’t do anything to betray me.

Even if she does, if I learn curses, I can make a contract of servitude.

Regardless of whether Lucia already has a good personality, it’s better to use her as an ally than to let her go.

It will be good for her too.

“Come with me, Lucia.I’ll make you strong. So, you should make me strong. You can kill everyone except me and those I approve of. Just stay by my side for me.”

I handed over the ice flower and asked for Lucia to cooperate.

She is too wounded right now to refuse my proposal.

Because…..her face is already drawn to temptation.

That’s probably why it’s bright red.

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