“Hey, did you hear that?”

One of the female students walking down the hallway asks another female student who seems to be a friend.

She tilted her head and answered.

“About what?”

“It’s about the intruders that happened recently.”

“Intruders……of the suspicious black-suited group that sneaked into the academy?”

It really happened a few days ago.

Suddenly, a thief broke into the Imperial Academy, an educational institution to raise excellent children.

Fortunately there were few casualties, but it was an unforgettable incident for the students, who had little experience in combat.

Even now, some of the damaged school buildings have not been repaired. The scars of that time remain.

The next day, however, the school also held classes. Students, even those injured, went to school.

The reason for this is that, as mentioned earlier, there were few casualties.

Why were few victims attacked by skilled intruders? The student who knows the reason begins to explain in a voice of joy.

“So that. When I was in front of the criminals, my body was solid and I couldn’t move properly.”

“Me too.In the end, the teacher helped me.”

“Yeah, yeah. …But, you know? Actually, there is arumor that have not been told openly in this story.”


“There is a rumor that a student defeated the leader of the intruders who broke into the academy.”

“Who is it? Is that possible?”

There is no way a child can beat an adult. One of the girls who was listening to the story thought so.

However, the female student on the other side said with a grin.

“Fufufu. Did you forget? There was a genius among our classmates at this academy who was even hailed as a child prodigy.

“Prodigy……no way !?

“Know you get it? The answer is—the son of the Duke of Salvatore, Luca Salvatore.”

Luca Salvatore.

There is no one who does not know that name. At least there are no students or teachers in the academy who do not know.

He is the youngest son of the Duke of Salvatore, a family that excelled in military prowess, although the empire is vast.

A real monster that expresses an aura at the fastest in the world and breaks through the trials of the Dukes at the fastest in history.

In addition, Luca was not just a messenger of the aura. In addition, he deals with three powers: prayer that excels in healing, and magic that excels in firepower.

Recently, he has also dabbled in curses, but few students know it.

Yet no one knew how good Luca was.

“Are you saying that Master Luca crushed the enemy’s leader? Really?”

“I can understand why you can’t believe it. However, many students are saying that. Moreover, the source of the rumor seems to be a teacher.”

“D-did the teacher say that today? About Master Luca.”

“I don’t know that far. But thanks to that, the credibility increased at once. Now, there are fewer people who don’t believe it.”

“Heh… expected, the chosen genius is different. As for me, who is protected while trembling, from the status–


On the way, one of the female students, who was looking to the side, bumped into someone in front of her.

The girl on the side that hit fell behind, probably because her opponent had a stronger core.

She looked up while poking her back…and immediately after that, she let out a scream.


It was someone who’s as famous as Luca Salvatore—Cornelia Schievald.

She squinted her eyes and stared at the girl.


A very cold voice is heard, and the body of the fallen girl begins to tremble. Fear. An overwhelming fear is circling the whole body.

“C-C-Cornelia…..,Your Highness……I, I……”

She trembled and couldn’t speak well. Another female student was also panicking about what to do.

Without knowing such a thing, Cornelia stepped forward. She approaches the girl mutters.

“You guys….were you talking about Luca now?”


Just hearing that voice makes her lose consciousness.

She is feared by other students because of her behavior.

Unlike Luca, who is admired for his openness, she is extremely ferocious and most students try to distance themselves from her.

How many students have been sent to the hospital now, several months after they started entering school?

Some of the students were traumatized because they were hurt by her.

Cornelia, in particular, did not allow any rants against Luca.

The story that those who were jealous of Luca saw Hell is so famous.

Still, she is a member of the imperial family. No one can go against her.

Even if she were to fight with more than one person, Cornelia easily swept away the enemy.

It is a symbol of fear. Such a woman is in front of her.

She cried and almost peed herself. How easy is it if she can let go of her consciousness?

As the tremors gradually grew, Cornelia continued.

“It’s better not to talk about Luca too much. You won’t like it, you know? It’ll hurt.”


“Good girl. I’m the only one who can say Luca’s name. If you say his name casually—-I’ll kill you, understand?”


Oh, not good. The female student lets go of her consciousness.

A man’s voice was heard behind Cornelia. There was a voice that sounded familiar and somewhat exasperated.

“Hey, what are you doing, Cornelia?

On the way to the training ground, Cornelia was involved with a student I didn’t know.

I guess she’s baring her fangs like usual anyway. I told her that she doesn’t have time for such things.

Then Cornelia ran towards me with a full smile.

The slightly visible face of the female student was sadly stripped of its white eyes.

She threatened them again……

“Sorry, Luca. The flies are noisy somehow.”

“Flies… won’t even know if you make an enemy out of nowhere and get attacked.”

“Eh? You will protect me, right?”

“If it’s a pinch, I’ll help you. But you can get through it yourself.”

“Well yeah. Fufu.”

I don’t know what makes her so happy, but Cornelia wraps her arms around me.

It was a little hard to walk, but I can afford to enjoy the feel of her chest.

The two of us talked about what happened after that and aimed for the training ground.

Later, a few schoolgirls were looking at me with frightened eyes….Cornelia, what the hell did you say about me?

When I asked her, she said, [What are you talking about?]. She absolutely forgot.

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