Dragons are creatures with tremendous life force.

Their huge bodies use their wings to drive through the air, as if they were a combination of an armored car and an airplane.

It also breathes powerful breath and has intelligence.

It is truly a complete creature.

In terms of strength, it is a monster that surpasses even humans.

But in the end, it is humans who win.

As was the case with Sister Norn, human power surpasses even that of dragons.

It is only ordinary people and brilliant people who are defeated by dragons.

The real ones do not lose. I will prove it to you now.

Wrapped in aura and with sword in hand, I approach the dragon.

The dragon, its wings scorched, manages to raise its body to intercept me, but it can’t keep up with my speed.

“Hahaha ! What’s wrong, dragon? You’re moving too slow !”

My swords cut through the dragon’s skin one after another.

There is no need to control it because it has a large body. Just swing your sword and it will hit.

Furthermore, dragons excel in aerial combat.

Even I can’t help it if it’s up in the sky.

But right now, the dragon is right in front of me. Its wings are burned off and it is lying on the ground.

In that state, it cannot catch me, who controls its aura.

I had an overwhelming advantage, jumping and running around freely.

“Roooooaaaaaarr !”

It spits a breath out of patience, but its behavior is easy to understand, so it’s easy to avoid. 

I shot compound magic into its wide-open mouth.

Its face exploded.

The limbs are frozen and sewn to the ground.

My sword sends its arm flying, drops its wing, gouges out its eyeball, and wounds its entire body.

The victory is clear. Still, I won’t stop.

I didn’t kill the dragon easily.

The reason was simple.

It is hard to find an opponent as good as a dragon. I would do everything I wanted to do while I had the chance.

The dragon, so to speak, is my own personal sandbag.

It’s super fun because I can pump compound magic into it as much as I can !

The dragon screams, gasps in pain, and goes crazy with rage.

Even after seeing this, I still keep my hand on the dragon.

I landed on the dragon’s head, stomped on it once, and spat.

“You’re dealing with the wrong guy.”

I was the one who started picking a fight, but the one who lost in the end was the dragon.

This outcome is inevitable. I want you to give up and accept it.

Pity the opponent? Abuse?

Doesn’t matter.

This is a fight for each other’s lives.

Since you agreed to it and tried to harm the lives of others, you can’t complain about what  does to you.

That’s why we hurt them. 

I will swing my sword for my sake, even if it is considered cruel.

In the end, the dragon’s head was cut off, and the matter was easily settled.

…..No, no.

The dragon withstood more than I thought it would, and my aura and magic are getting pretty depleted.

I had also used prayer, so it was a pretty good fight.

I wonder if I could reach at least Sister Norn’s foot now?

Thinking this, I move away from under the fallen dragon.

Lucia, who was watching the battle from afar, looked at me with her hands together as if praying.

I raise one hand. I smile.

“Thanks for waiting, Lucia. It’s over.”

As soon as she heard my words, I bent to my knees in exhaustion and sat down. I sat down on the spot.

Lucia rushes over to me. Her expression—the kindest I’ve ever seen.


A certain information spread to the Duke of Salvatore’s family.

It was a few days ago.

Luca Salvatore, the youngest member of the Duke of Salvatore family, had defeated a dragon.

When several brothers and sisters heard the news, they all had a look of surprise on their faces.

“That’s absurd ! He is only 15 years old.”

“He killed a dragon at the same age as Sister Norn.”

“That can’t be possible……that’s ridiculous !”

Except for one person, no one could believe the information that had arrived.

The only one standing there without changing the expression at all is Norn Salvatore, who, like Luca Salvatore, killed a dragon at the age of fifteen.

She was the only eldest daughter of the Duke of Salvatore family, said to be the strongest.

She smiles somewhat proudly.

“As expected of Luca ….you are more splendid than I am.”

Norn knows very well.

She realizes that she and Luca are not the same dragon slayers.

The dragon Norn had slain in the past were smaller than the ones Luca had slain.

And that’s not all. Norn was so seriously wounded that she was unable to move and just barely defeated it, but Luca, according to the report, did not have any noticeable wounds.

The maids by Luca’s side reported that he continued to train hard the next day.

In short, it proves that Luca, after all, is the greatest genius in the Duke of Salvatore’s family.

The other siblings, who did not want to believe or admit it, screamed in amazement.

They were even more troubled by the new, insurmountable obstacle.

Norn, with this in mind, thinks.

“I’d like to see Luca soon….something, yes. Something interesting to talk about…….”

As she mumbled something to herself, she suddenly remembered something.

I’d like to go to an event where I can go and see Luca with no hesitation.

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