The Girls Fell in Love With His Songs, and Before Long They Fell in love With Him



Nagishiro Rin is a dull college student.

He looks like a yankee and is an otaku on the inside, and of course, he has zero experience in love.

He was actually writing love songs.

The lyrics are heartbreaking and bring sympathy to many women. Distinctive melodies that stay in your ears and replay in your brain.

When he uploaded such songs, he caught the attention of many people and ended up providing songs to everyone from full-fledged singers to the centers of successful idols and even actresses at the height of their popularity. And they are all extremely beautiful.

And even a beautiful girl who used to be a national idol and now retired.

His private life is being robbed more and more.

Then the usual Alienation at University

What will happen to his life?


Author: 横糸圭 (Yokoito Kei)

Episode 1 – New Song Up

Episode 2 – When I get home….

Episode 3 – First impressions is…..

Episode 4 – First Meeting

Episode 5 – Nagishiro Rin in the University

Episode 6 – Tatsumi Mirei

Episode 7 – Composer, Kazashiro Rei

Episode 8 – Harushita Suzune’s Visit

Episode 9 – A Date with Harushita san!?

Episode 10 – At The Coffee Shop

Episode 11 – Kotoha, Angry

Episode 12 – Mobile Phone

Episode 13 – Job Request

Episode 14 – Special Program Part 1

Episode 15 – Special Program Part 2

Episode 16 – Special Program Part 3

Episode 17 – Finally in The House

Episode 18 – Lust

Episode 19 – Summer vacation is coming

Episode 20 – On The Radio

Episode 21 – 10 Questions

Episode 22 – Get Deeper in Debt

Episode 23 – When I wake up

Episode 24 – Locked Room Murder

Episode 25 – Abnormal Azusa

Episode 26 – Still, Azusa…