Episode 51 – Couple Seats



“Uwa, Wawawawawa”
“Calm down, Nagishiro kun.”
“Whose fault is it that you think it is?”

Twenty minutes before the movie’s showing time, Shizuku san and I were sitting side by side in the rumored couples’ seats.

It is like a two-seater sofa, but what makes it different from a sofa is the height of its backrest.

Perhaps the room is not visible from behind, but it has a private, closed-off feel, giving the illusion that it is a space just for two people.

“Come on, calm down.”
“Haaaaa, Haaaaa”
“Take a deep breath okay? Come on, take a deep breath.”

As Shizuku san urges me to take a deep breath, the nice smell of the person next to me directly stimulates my nose.

Ugh, what a sweet and colorful scent. It’s definitely coming to kill me. ……

“You okay?’

I’m so anxious to be in this proximity with Shizuku san for the next two hours.
What will happen to me?

“Well, I haven’t been to the movies in ages.”

Shizuku san starts talking to me to relieve my nervousness.

“Well, I’ve seen them at screenings and stuff, but not on the screen.”
“Ah, I see.”

Ah, really? I see.

Come to think of it, Shizuku san has been in several animated movies as a voice actor.

As I recall, the last time I saw her, she was the heroine in a movie directed by a big name director who also cast Kotoha.
Come to think of it, I haven’t been able to go see it yet because of all the things that have been going on lately.

What a chat we had, and I was able to calm down a lot, too.

“about to start, right?”

It also got me a little excited about the movie.

This may be the best way to watch a movie.

“By the way…”
“Hmm? What is it?”

Shizuku san mumbles something to me, and I involuntarily move my body closer to listen.

As I pulled my face close to hers, Shizuku san whispered into my ear in a tone that seemed to go right to the core of my body.

“Nagishiro kun is the first person to come to the couples’ seat with me!”

Her sweet whisper made me feel as if my whole body was on fire.


The movie reached its climax and I was supposed to be immersed in the film, but I was pulled back.

The reason is in the scene.

“Hnnnn, John ……!”
“Ah, Maria!”

A kissing scene that was as thick as it could be. That’s what they were showing me.

A man who has to go to a battlefield with a low survival rate, and a woman who simply prays for his safety.

When the man returns home from the war, they burst into each other’s thoughts and embrace.

Yes, I was impressed myself, and the flow of the film was perfect.

But I just want to say one thing.


Just like when a drama turns into a rich love scene and your mother finds you.

Since we were not dating or liking each other at all, there should not have been a single reason to be embarrassed.

But now we are sitting together in the legendary couple’s seat.

It is that of a couple in form only.

I glance next to me.


She watched the screen intently, yet blushed at the occasional graphic cut.

She was showing such a relaxed attitude before the start of the event, but surprisingly, she seemed to be a first-timer in that way.
No, it’s tough for me to face this scene too.

With Shizuku san immersed next to me like that, I, on the contrary, kept coming back to reality.

And then I calm down and think about it.

How impossible this situation is now.

Watching a movie with a woman beside me. Sitting in a couple’s seat, attached to each other.

Moreover, the other person has a good enough personality and looks good enough to take care of herself.

The more I look at it, the more it seems out of proportion to me.

Or rather, we are not even allowed to be put on the same scale in the first place.
If she is the moon, I am not even a speck, but a stone on the side of the road. I am the same whether she is there or not.

So the fact that she devotes her resources to a rock like me is something that would normally be denounced.
It is the kind of thing that would bring condemnation if God were watching.

So I had to change my way of life, I thought.

A way of life that would not bother her. I thought, “Let’s try to live in such a way that is neither good nor bad.”

–thanks to Shizuku, Rin is slowly, gradually becoming more positive.
But it was in a different direction from what the public expected.

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