“T-Thanks for your hard work, Harushita san.”

“Good evening. Thank you for your hard work”

In the evening, I came with Harushita-san to the beach where the bright red ocean stretched out before us.

Whatever, “Good evening” is a very convenient greeting. It is an all-purpose greeting that can be used for people of any rank. It is the strongest.

“I’m sorry you had to come all the way out here.”

“No, it’s not your place to say that, I’m the one who said I’d go with you to PV.”

It was midsummer in Shonan. The sun was setting and it was more like a twilight than a resort.

The reason we came all the way to Shonan was because we were going to shoot a music video for Harushita san’s new song.

“Is Harushita-san already preparing for it?”

“Yes, I am rehearsing and having meetings with them. Well, since the time frame is limited, I can’t make any mistakes.”

“I see. …… Well, thank you for your hard work …….”

In response to her saying “plainly,” this time I said it with proper feelings, not a typical sentence.

If you’ve been here since the sun was high in the middle of summer like this, it’s not strange that you’re already tired.


“No, I went for a short swim during lunch, so it was fun to have a change of pace, actually.”

“Oh, I see.”

That’s when the devil suddenly struck me. I don’t think anyone would say that they had a “demon’s grip,” but I had a demon’s grip anyway.

The beach in midsummer. Harushita-san is in her swimsuit.

Harushita-san smiles showing her pure white teeth as she splashes water at her virtual boyfriend.

And as I slid my gaze downwards, I saw that …… she was wearing a surprisingly black, adult-like …… What am I thinking!!?

“A-anyway, I’m going to go say hello to the rest of the staff.”

I’m going to die of guilt if I have an evil heart and confront Harushita-san.

Or rather, I would be killed if she knew.

I was about to run away as soon as possible.

“H-Hey, can you wait a minute?”

Harushita-san said in an apologetic voice.

I was startled by this unexpected call, thinking for a moment that she was going to accuse me of something I had been thinking about in my heart, but I put on a nonchalant face and turned around.

Some great person once told me that you only get caught because you think you’ve been found out.

Well, I don’t care about that.

I turned my head and looked at Harushita-san’s figure, and I heard a cracking sound.

I looked up and there was Harushita-san looking at me shyly wearing the black swimsuit I had imagined.


“W-what do you think….?”

I was very happy with it.

It looked really good on her.

Since it is a separate type swimsuit, the navel is visible, and the rich fruit on the chest and the cleavage created by it show a strong presence.

Black swimsuit and pure white skin. The setting sun casts shadows on her skin, but she still looks glamorous.

Her thighs had just the right amount of flesh, and her legs, which stretched out smoothly from there, were so beautiful that one wondered why they were not usually exposed.

Then it occurred to me that she had somehow taken off her rash guard, but I didn’t care about that.

Let me just say one more time that it looked out of this world.

“How, may I say, ……”

“Does it look good on me?”

“Well, I think it looks …… good on you.”

If it was true, I should have said it without being so shy, but it happened so suddenly and it was more beautiful than I had imagined, so I was at a loss for words.

“Fufu, I see. I see”

And then Harushita-san’s facial expression fell like that of a child whose prank had succeeded.

This made her look even sexier.

“I actually picked out the swimsuit myself. Originally, a light blue one was prepared for me.”

Harushita-san, who was in a good mood as it was, easily revealed the story.

I had never seen such a childish Harushita-san with her tongue sticking out.

“Oh, so that’s what that was all about. ……”

And I had come to a point with me. I’m sure if it was something I chose, I’d be concerned about other people’s sensitivities to make sure it looked good on me.

That’s true, yes.

“It seems that you have misunderstood me, but I chose what I thought Nagishiro-san would like the most you know?”


However, I noticed that Harushita-san is looking at me with a disapproving look. Her whole body was expressing that she was dissatisfied, a complete change from the good mood she was in earlier.

But I had properly caught in my ears the words that were more important than such differences in appearance.

“What, What I like?”

“I had some light blue ones that were more fluffy, but I thought Nagishiro-san would like the more revealing ones.”

“Aren’t you talking about people like they are some kind of perverted race? I mean, what do you think I like? ……” 

I felt like I had been told something terrible without hesitation, but it didn’t matter.

More than that, I wanted to know the true meaning of Harushita san’s words.


“W-what do you mean I seem to like that swimsuit?”

But when I asked her that, Harushita-san, whose expression had been changing from one moment to the next as if she was relaxed, instantly looked troubled.

Then, she clapped her hands again and started talking about something else.

“T-the ocean is so beautiful, isn’t it? I’ve heard there’s a lot of garbage these days, but it’s a nice location.”

“There’s no more to the conversation than that it’s a beautiful day. It’s true that it’s beautiful. What was that you were saying earlier?”

“Ah, I’d better get ready! I’m going to go now!”


Then, in the same way, I was brushed off.

The figure running along the beach in flip-flops was rather small and seemed to be in a hurry.

“What was it she just said ……?”

[I picked something that Nagishiro-san would like you know?]

Why did she choose it to suit my taste? Why did she tell me about it? And even though she told me, why was she so vague when I asked her back?

I was having a hard time keeping up with the unaccustomed words and actions of Harushita-san, who usually speaks clearly in words.

When I returned to the shooting location with the rash guard she had left behind, Harushita-san was already too focused to speak to me.

“Was Harushita-san such a free spirit ……?”

It’s as if she’s like Kotoha, Mirei, Azusa and the others.

They take the liberty of upsetting people, but when it becomes inconvenient for them, they become as invisible as a fluffy cloud.

If that’s the case, were Harushita-san’s words earlier also awkward when pressed?

–No way.

“Did you think my taste was the common taste of …… men?”

What do you think men are ……? No, but you’re standing up to the demands of your fan base. ……

she is indeed a professional, deciding on the costumes based on proper marketing. Just because the costume designer didn’t have that much awareness.

But it’s not good to think that all men are perverts,…… and Harushita-san is certainly not the only one who can say that up front,…….

…………. but no matter how much she was aiming for male audiences, the level of exposure is a little too high and I would like her to refrain from showing it. …… I was watching her PV shoot with mistaken feelings, not knowing from which perspective she was speaking. 

Even so, today’s Harushita-san seemed to have a different atmosphere than usual, didn’t she?

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I look forward to more of this series. Thank you for the hard work.