“I’m home~”

I finally got my day off after splitting up with Harushita san. But it’s already evening!

So now that the spontaneous event has been resolved, the rest of the day is free.

“I’ve already finished my assignment and I’m going to write a song. I want to write a song for Kotoha soon~.”

“Did you call me?~”

“Just in time, there you are………there you are?!”

“I am~. Welcome home Rin kun~”

“Why are you here ~”

I looked closer and saw a pair of heels on the front porch that looked pretty pricey. I noticed…….

I can’t help but be disappointed when I notice it, though……

“How many times have I told you not to go into my house without permission ……?”

“Rin kun gave me a key, so I guess I can come in?”

“Let’s have the key back.”

“Nooo~, Rin kun you pervert~”

She is a difficult person to deal with in any way. She is not childlike like Mirei, on the contrary, she is very sneaky and is easily shaken off.

“Heyy heyy Rin kun”

Kotoha, such a proper human being, is looking at me and laughing.

“Hmm, what is it?”

The smile was so deliberate that I responded and asked her how she was doing, and she seemed to have some kind of blue streak on her forehead.

“A-Are? W-what’s wrong?”

“No~ somehow~”

There, Kotoha sniffs the sofa, the room, and the room. After checking the smell of the sofa and the room, Kotoha once again puts a smile on her face.

Then, a cold word.

“Somehow~ I can smell a Woman”

“A woman’s smell?”

Hah? Woman’s smell?

“Isn’t that what you smell like? You’re the only woman in the room right now.”

“Nono Rin kun. She is not here right now….today there was a woman beside me here right?”

Hmm, was there? The only woman who comes to my house, if not Kotoha, would be Mirei, but she’s not here today……wait

There was

“No, Don’t tell me”

“Tell me. Spit it. There was, right? Spit it”

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! There’s something black coming out of Kotoha san!

“Right now……….There was…..”

I, unable to resist my fear, easily spit it out.

Kotoha sama, who heard my miserable confession, smiles with a satisfied look on her face.

“Okay. Rin kun. Punishment ☆”


“Hohehe. Hahahihahahihahamuhahahahihahahamuhohahahaha (So how did I end up like this?)”

“Araa~Sorry~. I just got really angry.”

“Hoehehefufuhahehahaha, hehahaehehehahehehahehahaha!! (If that were allowed, there would be no need for the police ministry!!) “

“If you ask me, it’s Rin kun’s fault for bringing a woman into this room.”

It’s quite a stretch to say I brought her in, and to begin with, even though Kotoha is paying for it, this is still my house! I don’t care if I brought her in!

“That’s no good! Rin kun, you mustn’t have a woman for the rest of your life, okay?”

“Why the hell not! Binding play?! I mean, don’t read my monologue without my permission!”

“Rin kun will be single for the rest of his life~ do you understand?”

“How would I understand !”

Why should a person have to decide to be single at the age of twenty?

Also, she has a great nose. How could she recognize the smell of a woman who had been there six hours earlier? Kotoha was spraying deodorant all over the place, but I couldn’t smell Harushita at all.

“So what were you doing with this woman? From the looks of it, it wasn’t exactly after the fact.”

“I’m not doing anything like that! she just made a CD with songs on it and she wanted me to listen to it!”

I showed her the CD as if it were proof. Kotoha takes the CD and checks the binding. It’s just another CD.

“Can I ask you something?”

‘Well, that’s okay. It’ll be on the market next week anyway.”

I should add, of course, that I won’t tell her who the singer is. Kotoha is also a member of the industry, so she doesn’t complain about that in particular.

Kotoha listens to a song on the earphones that were left plugged into the computer.

About 20 seconds later, her face – her face changed to a look of surprise and she turned to us in a hurry. Apparently, she immediately recognized who was singing.

Still, I neither affirm nor deny, but only urge her to listen to the rest of the story.

After that, she just kept listening with a mysterious look on her face and let out a sigh when she removed the earphones.

“Rin kun……”

“Ot-to, Don’t tell anyone, okay?”

“I won’t tell. I mean, even I’m still too surprised to feel it. ……”

She even looks somewhat like she is about to cry. Perhaps Kotoha is one of those who have been waiting for Harushita san’s return.

“I have to go to the bathroom.”

Kotoha gets sentimental moods too, huh? That’s a bit of an unexpected aspect.

I was listening to the sound of the bare water called “jaa,” thinking that I was missing the point, too.

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