Episode 10 – At The Coffee Shop



So, after being forced to buy a cell phone, or rather, having been forced to buy a cell phone, I was tired of everything, so Harushita san and I went to a nearby coffee shop. Of course, it was my treat.

“I didn’t think Harushita san was that pushy.”
“No, no, that was just Nagishiro san”
“As I said, I think that theory is crazy. ……”

My image of her changed from my first impression, to the point that I wondered if she was actually crazy.

At first I thought she was a bit more ladylike and gentle, a bit more aware of her surroundings. ……

No, she may actually be a kind and considerate type of person, but apparently she chooses the right person. Thanks, I was not chosen.

“By the way, Nagishiro san. Would you like to exchange line?”

Line is that thing, the line of communication tool that has newly developed in place of e-mail or something like that. I haven’t heard this word in a while.

“I’ve just installed the application for you. Here, open it.”

When I touched the application, there was a field to set my profile, so I set the name “Nagishiro Rin” and the icon as an image of a piano for now.

“…… is very plain.”
“Eh? isn’t this how it’s supposed to be?”

Harushita san quickly picked up the phone in front of my wondering eyes and gave it back to me after quickly setting up some settings.

“I’ve added you as a friend.”

Harushita san urged me to look at the screen of my cell phone after saying so.

I looked down and there it was [Suzune] has become my friend.

Oh …… maybe this is it.

“I think it’s safe to say I got a girl’s e-mail address.”

I say “girls” in general, though she is a super idol under the sun.

But when Harushita san heard the words I uttered, she pressed her mouth shut.

“Mail address…….Fufu…..! that word is old. ……! Nagishiro san, did you come here 10 years ago?”
“Rude! Time travel is not like in Steins Gate! Oh, but steins gate is the age of mail-addresses!”

To add, “Steins gate” is an anime that was created about 10 years ago. It is based on a video game, but it is so interesting that it is considered a good idea to watch it even from the anime.

And apparently “Steins gate” got through to Harushita san, who was very amused. As usual, her sense of humor is shallow.

Oh, by the way.

“Why did you go to such lengths to buy me a cell phone? If you wanted to talk business, you could have just texted me.”

I still hadn’t heard why she wanted me to have a cell phone.

I can’t think of any particular reason why I should have a cell phone, and I don’t know what Harushita san is thinking.

That’s what I thought and asked her, but for some reason she put her hand on her chin and started thinking.

“Come to think of it, why ……?”
“No, I don’t know!”
“I wanted to do something to repay you, but you said you wouldn’t accept money, so I went to ……. But why a cell phone? Especially since it doesn’t have to be a cell phone.”
“You don’t have one!”

Oops, something like a blur came flying out, so I reflexively tapped out. I shouldn’t have done that. I must be careful.

“–what is this, a prank?”
“That’s quite an elaborate prank!”
“If it’s not a prank, is it power harassment?”
“Since when is there a hierarchy between you and me?”
“–Did I want to see Nagishiro san’s annoyed face?”
“You have a very good personality.”

Harushita san is laughing hysterically, but I’m serious here! I mean, how many times have I heard this kind!

“Well, all joking aside.”
“I’m relieved you were joking.”
“I really don’t know why.”

…… I wonder if she’s okay.
But she seemed to have found the answer.

“If I may say so, ……”
“Nagishiro san’s eyes looked lonely when you told me you didn’t have a cell phone.

I look lonely, huh?

“It’s the emotion that seems furthest away from me, though.”

It’s the kind of thing I’ve never really felt. In the last few years, I have not even recognized the existence of such feelings.

But Harushita san.

“I think that’s the emotion most familiar to Nagishiro san.”
“What, are you trying to say I’m a loner?”

She doesn’t laugh at times like this. Somehow I had the feeling that she did, and in fact – she did.

Then she explains in a mysterious tone of voice: “I am not a good person”

“Familiar might be the wrong word to use. I think it is Nagishiro-san who understands the feeling of loneliness the most and also the least realizes it.” ……

I think there was a lot I didn’t know yet to understand this statement of hers.

I had never thought deeply about emotions and felt that the two phenomena of “understanding” and “feeling” were almost synonymous.

Even though I just didn’t understand it– there was something that stuck with me somewhere in my mind.

And no one knew at the time that this would take Nagishiro Rin as a composer to an even higher level.

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