I, Rin Nagishiro, am a university student.

So, of course, there is nothing unnatural about going to a campus and listening to a class in a large auditorium.

It should not be unnatural, though.

“I-It’s him. Uwaa, we’re in the same class–“
“Natsuko, he can hear you! Shh! you don’t know what he’ ll do to you if he hears you, so you shouldn’t say it in public too much.”

It is said that they are never pleasantly, if not unnaturally, impressed.

No, I don’t think it’s better for them to be talking in class than for me to be just standing there.

But I was used to this kind of backbiting, and especially on this campus, I was used to that kind of treatment, so it wasn’t something that bothered me.

“Hey, be quiet over there.”

When the professor quickly warns her, she surprisingly goes quiet.

As the professor proceeded to teach the class again in the quietened auditorium, I wrote down what she had said in my notebook.

“Excuse me, Professor Omori. May I ask you a question?”
“Oh, Nagishiro. What, another long one?”
“Haha, It’s all right. Well, if it’s going to be long, we can use my room. Follow me.”

Professor Omori is one of my economics majors who teaches from a manager’s point of view, and although her classes are very challenging, she is able to teach very in-depth content.

I have been taking her classes every semester ever since I took them as a freshman.

Being in her early 30s, and being a woman, she was apparently unusually fast to become a professor, but apparently her achievements abroad were praised and she was able to become a professor soon after returning to Japan.

“A-Ano !”

Then another female student walks in.

“What is it, Kasugai? You have a question too?”

As the female student summons up her courage, Professor Omori chuckles and says, [Follow me]

She took a breath, as if truly relieved by her words, but this was a familiar sight by now.

Her name is Kasugai Sumire. She is a classmate of mine, and she always comes to Omori-sensei’s class to ask questions, as she has a serious temperament.

She is the same kind of person, so to speak, who was fascinated by Omori Sensei’s classes.

You don’t want people to think we’re the same kind of people.

“Then let’s go.”

We followed the professor out of the preparation room.

University professors often have a residence at the university in addition to their home.

It is not a villa, but a workspace.

In the case of Omori sensei, the room is piled with books and cluttered with lecture materials.

“Can I get you a hot cup of tea?”
“Thank you.”
“Ah, sorry for troubling you”

I always wonder why she is sorry, but in Kasugai, that is probably the first thing she set out to come up with.

Be that as it may.

For the next few minutes, when I asked questions, the professor did not give me immediate answers, but gave me hints and helped me to figure out the answers on my own.

Sometimes it became like a discussion with Kasugai, but at that time, the Professor did not interrupt and seemed to enjoy listening to what we had to say.

Sometimes when the usually quiet Kasugai gets heated up, I get heated too and have to be quieted down by the Professor, but it’s a lot of fun.

After a few minutes, the conversation came to a halt just as sensei offered me some rice.

“I heard some rumors in class again, Nagishiro.”
“Oh, yes. Well, it happens all the time.”
“I don’t think it’s a good idea to judge people by their appearance. right, Kasugai?”

When the professor shakes her hand at Kasugai, Kasugai nods her head.

“This is not good, but to tell the truth, I was really irritated. I thought I was going to drop their credits.”
“Sensei, that’s abuse of authority.”

Sensei has also had to deal with many difficulties in the past because she is a woman, and she always expresses her anger at prejudice.

Still, I’m not sure about dropping credits……

“Hey, I can just tell them the report was terrible and they’ll drop it.”
“I don’t know if you’re allowed to say that to your students. I’m getting scared too.”

I give a cool-headed response. In response, however, the professor laughs and Kasugai chuckles.

“What, did I say something funny?”
“No, no, no, no, you idiot. If I flunk your report, that means I have to leave the university too. Right, Kasugai?.”

When she shakes it at Kasugai again, she nods her head. Then continue.

“Nagishiro’s report, I had a professor show it to me once for reference. That made me feel very threatened. I thought, [If I don’t do this, I might fail the credits.]”
“Hey, sensei, you can’t show them to me without permission.”
“Nono, I had to do something.”
“It was really well organized and easy to understand, and it was written from a variety of angles, so if it was compared to this, I would lose my credits.”

We both giggle, but I don’t really know the general standards because I haven’t had a chance to look at other people’s reports. So I can’t …… follow the conversation too much. ……

“Then, sensei, show me your report on Kasugai this time.”

So I made this proposal instead. The professor then agreed with two words.

“Okay, fine”
“D-Don’t ! Sensei, no, okay?”

Kasugai resists with desperate eyes. Professor Omori is capricious, so if you don’t resist firmly, she will do it because she is in the mood.

But the professor seemed to find it even more interesting.

“Then I’ll show it when you’ll date.”

She began to ramble on and on.

Me and Kasugai……?

“Hey, sensei, that’s not going to happen! right, Kasugai?”

Kasugai shook her head with all her might. She was shaking her head with a blush on her face, looking like a small animal.

“No, no, no, what are you talking about, you two.”

But the professor looks puzzled and drops a further bombshell.

“Nagishiro, the person you’re going out with isn’t Kasugai, it’s me, okay?”

The professor’s unintelligible statement left me and Kasugai perplexed.

However, when the two of us eventually recognized the meaning of the statement, the temperature in the room suddenly dropped. Kasugai And I looked at the professor with very cold eyes.

This professor, how marriage-oriented is she? ……!

The professor, however, seemed to be surprised by our reaction, and impatiently made excuses.

“Y-You know, I’m already 30 years old, right? It’s time for me to get married. Besides, well, Nagishiro is smart, right?”
“That’s not it!”

She was a fool. The professor was a fool.

Single around 30, oh dear.

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1 year ago

Hey, what’s wrong with asking another adult out when you’re 30? They’re acting as if she did something wrong.