“Fufunfufun, fufu~nn. It’s bad, This is a pretty creepy one, even from the side.”

I Remove my headphones and wash my face.

I look out the window and see that the sun is already rising, reminding me of the beginning of the day.

“Fuaaah~, I’ve done it again. Well, fortunately, my class is in the afternoon, so I’ll go to bed after uploading the song.”

I am used to seeing these sunrises, but no matter how many times I see them or how many times I bathe my body in them, I can’t help but feel uncomfortable.

It is shameful that I have to stay up all night even though it is not my job to do so. Of course, I am aware that I am deviating from the main task of a student, which is to study.

“Well, I just have to study hard.”

I consider this period of being a college student to be the last grace period in which I am allowed to play before becoming an adult.

It’s not that I’m slacking off on my studies.

“I’m slee….py…..”

I collapse on my bed, not caring that my foot is caught in the charging cable of my computer.

After the encoding was done, I slipped in and out of consciousness right then and there.

I woke up just as the sun was rising, with an hour to go until noon.

The computer was left on and placed at my feet, so I kicked it off just as I got up.

“Good grief, I’m living a degenerate life ………w⁉”

Recognizing that screen in the process of picking up the computer, I was at once awakened from my sleepwalking consciousness.

The number of comments and high ratings is increasing at an ongoing rate. It is so fast that it is visible.

“Is this more …… than the last one?”

I think the songs that I had previously uploaded to video posting sites had received a certain amount of recognition, but this time the number seemed to be increasing at twice the speed of that time.

Perhaps it is the fact that it is just before noon that makes it easier to be seen, but it is still exciting to see the remarkable growth in the number of comments.

“I knew it was coming from Twitter quite a bit.”

The Twitter account has also received quite a few replies to the tweet that the video was uploaded.

Of course, many of the comments inside were critical, but the praise seemed to outweigh them. Some of them even criticized the critical comments.

Of course, I’m happy to hear comments like “I was very moved,” but most of all, I’m very happy that so many people saw it and felt something about it.

Such lack of desire may be Otaku-ness, though.


“Ah–, I’ve got quite a few coming this time.”

Numerous applications were received in direct messages on Twitter.

In other words, it is an offer to “let our 00 sing this song.”

I have done this before and have already offered it to some people.

“I don’t know if I’m good enough.”

Compared to the professionals, I still think I am not good enough, and I am not even good enough to be compared to them.

The only reason I’ve ever gotten buzz is because the singers were great and sang the songs I wrote so well.

“Still, it’s nice to be recognized in this way.”

I look at about 10 offers and wonder which person I should give this song to.

I think it would make sense to give the song to an artist who has provided the music before, but this time the song was mixed with catchy phrases, but still realistic about the lyrics, and no one thought it was a good fit.

That’s why I was looking at the new offer I received this time.

“Oi, Azusa. Don’t be so cheeky and ask for it, too. Mirei and Kotoha too………Don’t ask it in private.”

I was stunned to see the email notification that came at about the same time.

[Rin, I want to sing that song.]
[Rin senpai~! You wrote that song for me right! I’m going to sing it!]
[Rin kun, I’m the only one who can sing that, right? Please give me the lyrics and song♡]

I can’t stand how free they are…….They are just taking advantage of me.

And all three of them don’t even doubt that they’ll sing. They are extraordinary people.

“Those guys. Ah but there’s another one….”

“Name is…..Harushita Suzune? I think I heard it somewhere ……”

The account name was completely different, but the contents stated.

[My name is Harushita Suzune. I was very moved by the song you mentioned, “Rendezvous of Sadness”. I would be very grateful if you could let me sing it for you.]

The name Harushita Suzune caught my attention and I did a search.

Then 50,000 search results came up. But I could recall only the images that came up at the top.

“Is Harushita Suzune that …… Harushita Suzune…?… She was very successful, but I thought she retired. ……”

The online article did say that she “retired two years ago at the young age of 18”. I mean, we were the same age.

her singing voice? …….

I couldn’t recall it too vividly, so I went on YouTube and pulled up a video of her singing from her old idol days and listened to it.

In that video, the focus was on her incomparable looks, so I plugged in my earphones and concentrated only on my ears.

The sweet sound of her earthy voice and that bell-ringing tone in the upper register.

The sound of her voice is pleasant and comfortable, even if I don’t pay attention to it.

From there, after a short 3 minute video, I had come to one conclusion.

“This is the only person I can ask. Let’s ask this person.”

This was the beginning of the birth of Harushita Suzune and Nagishiro Rin, the most powerful tag team that would revolutionize the music world.

(TL/N : So this was the first chapter, I found this WN and thought that this one might be interesting….so, stay tuned for more !)

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