“Hey, you bring the glass?”
“Okay, here we go! Cheers!”

It was almost September, and I was at a drinking party at 00 Broadcasting, where I had been an intern.

It’s really just a drinking party, nothing special to celebrate.

Even I’m still a month away from being taken care of, and I’m not talking about other employees who have left the company.

The employees simply love to drink.

“Look, how about you, Kazashiro-sensei!”
“Ahaha….I think I’ll pass on this one.”
“I see~. As expected of sensei, in a tavern like this where the common people come, is there any sake to suit your palate?!”
“No, I just turned 20. ……”

My birthday is in October, so I’m almost 21. There’s no way a guy who’s been an adult for less than a year could possibly know the difference in the taste of alcohol. ……!

I guess it would be a different story if I only drank good alcohol in the Kotoha class.

But I don’t dislike this kind of place.

“Kazashiro sensei, Why don’t you go ahead and get a job with us, too?”

One of the employees, still young, was getting tipsy and made a light-hearted suggestion.

But the producer, broadcaster, and director respond to them fiercely.

“You idiot! Of course Kazashiro sensei is going to become a composer as it is!”
“That’s right! He is now a university student, but in the future he will be a leading composer in Japan, or even in the world!”
“He’s not the kind of guy who fits into a small company like this!”


First of all, what is a composer “like”? And what does it mean to be “spoiled” by the status of a college student? Am I being forced into the status of a college student?

And don’t call your own company shabby!

And I have no intention of becoming a composer!

Everyone’s alcohol is getting around and things are heating up.

Well, some people are excited even without alcohol. ……

“Senpai~, let’s drink more!~”
“You’re a minor! Why are you here!”
“Rin, I’m sleepy.”
“Don’t sleep here?!”

Azusa and Mirei are on both sides. Azusa was just a guest today ……. Mirei was not really excited.

In my mind, they are like two caring children, and it is a difficult situation to have them next to me at a drinking party.


“–Azusa, how are you doing at work?”

A week later, Azusa returned to show business.

I and others in the office thought that she should take more time off, but Azusa said she was fine and decided to return to work.

[I really wish I could have been back sooner!]

I am amazed at Azusa’s mental strength, because she said so innocently.

“Oh no, I can’t afford it anymore! I’m having so much fun at work!”

Azusa was smiling from the bottom of her heart. Her carefree smile was dazzling.

“W-Well, that’s all right then.”

I’m the one who can’t help but be gobsmacked by that smile. No, get a grip.

“That’s fine, but …… its, like, really scary, isn’t it? To treat your fans the same way you’ve always treated them?”

I know it’s a topic that shouldn’t be rehashed too much, but if you force yourself to work too hard, one day you will reach your limits.

I wish I could make a firm break with her, but Azusa responded with some strange words.

“It’s …… really okay. I have more feelings to be swept up in right now than feelings of fear. ……”

Azusa blushes. No, I have no idea.

But something seemed to strike a chord with Mirei, who was watching the scene next to me.

“Rin. Drink more. Here.”

Suddenly she offered me a drink.

“Here, drink so much you’ll lose your memory. Quick.”
“S-Stop! I’ll die!”

I had to drink a little too much beer to join the drinking party. I’m going to get stoned if I drink any more.

“No~ Kazashiro-sensei is irresistible!”
“I’m so jealous of these two beautiful girls……. I’m jealous of your work, I’m going to be a composer in my next life!”
“No, don’t look at me, please help me!”

Azusa is strangely closing the distance between us! And she’s pushing me around!

“Rin. If you get too drunk to understand anything, I will take care of you at home. And I won’t let you leave until you make a song.”
“Rin-senpai, come on the show with me next time! It’ll sell!”
“Kazashiro-sensei, will you come to the after-party as well? You’re coming, aren’t you? Ehehehehe~~~”

These guys …… are all …….

“Enough of this!!”

As soon as the meeting was over, I left the money and quickly went home.

Alone, of course.

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