“I’m sure she’ll be happy to hear it. That girl’s voice hasn’t faded at all, and she’s …… great.”

“I didn’t think it would turn out this good. It’s amazing.”

“No, no, no, Rin-kun is as good as it gets. I wish I could sing that song too~”

“Give me a break, I’ll write another time……

I was just thinking of writing a song for Kotoha to sing next time anyway. Let’s leave it at this time.

Then, I heard an unfamiliar sound.

“Is that…… ringtone?”

“Hm? Not Kotoha’s?”

“No, I don’t have a ringtone like this, okay?’

“So it means……..”

Is it mine? My phone.

“–Fumu. It’s my phone”

“What’s that ! I didn’t get a report that Rin kun bought a cell phone, did I?”

I thought that if I showed a serious reaction, Kotoha would go through with it, but that was indeed not the case.

But that line was definitely from Harushita san. If she sees it, it’s over. I’ll be beaten to a pulp again, just like before.

“Yes, I found it on the side of the road. Actually, I picked it up off the side of the road there.”

“Then you could at least show me what’s inside, right?”

……bad, it’s bad if she sees it. I’m sure Kotoha already thinks something is fishy, but there is a definite difference between admitting it and not admitting it.

“……you  shouldn’t do that because it would be a private matter for that person.”

“Perhaps it’s a confession?”

“No, because it’s about the privacy of the person who dropped it off. Definitely not mine.”

“Then just the notification, okay? You should be getting notifications now, right? So, if we look at that and ask the person who contacted you, we can figure out who dropped it off, right?”

That’s not good. The person who contacted me is the one who made me buy the phone.

“I think it’s malfunctioning, and apparently it won’t turn on.”

“You heard your ringtone earlier, didn’t you?”

“That sound is coming from my stomach. It’s a signal that I’m hungry and I need to eat.”

“You’ve got whipped cream on your cheeks.”

It’s baddddddd!!!

— it comes to this.



She grabs me by the arm. Well, I guess she’s read this far……. Or rather, Kotoha, Ouch

I let out a single breath like a chess player who has decided to resign.

Once I get to this point, there is only one thing left to do.

“Please exchange lines with me!”

“Yes, with pleasure.”

Apparently, I was right. I ended up getting beat up.

I was able to get Kotoha’s contact information (?) in this way. After Kotoha left, I was looking into this and that function.

Although I tried to add Twitter, Line, and a few other applications, I may not have a chance to use them in the end, because nowadays, computers are easier to use.

The line was also put on my computer for this occasion, so I didn’t look at my phone very often.

“I should have asked for her phone number anyway. I don’t think I’ll be using it for anything other than phone calls anymore.”

I am partly sorry for having Harushita san buy my cell phone, but it looks like I will have to put it in sleep mode for a while.

And by the way, I am happy to report that I have also added lines to Mirei and Azusa. I heard that I can remotely register as a friend by putting a QR code on my e-mail.

Then, Azusa immediately replied.

[Rin senpai, you finally got a line! Did you buy a cell phone by any chance?]

Apparently, she even imagined that I had bought a cell phone because I had put in a line. This girl is as smart as she looks.

When I admitted that I had bought a cell phone, I continued to receive these emails.

[I’ve registered you as a friend! Senpai, let’s call you now!]

A phone call? I wondered and immediately heard a vibrating tone from my phone.

I looked at the screen of my cell phone and saw that it said “Incoming call from ‘Azusa'” and below that was a call button.

“Ahh-! Rin senpai-! Good evening-!”

When I put it to my ear, a lively voice flew from there.

“Aren’t you still at work?”

“I’m just taking a break! If Rin senpai bought a cell phone, I can’t keep quiet!”

“What’s the logic?”

Ikuta Azusa. She is the most popular member of the popular idol group “Shanponika! a very popular and successful idol group.

The popularity of the group led to the development of an unprecedented solo album while belonging to an idol group, which was also an unprecedented breakthrough. Her popularity is soaring as she shows her side as an artist.

The first single chosen was a song I provided, a rhythmic melody with her lively voice that captured not only idol fans but also ordinary fans.

Such a super successful idol.

“I can call you every day from now on! I’m looking forward to it!”

I would be mistaken, too, because she would say things like that. She’s too soft on the side. ……

“I don’t want you to call me every day. Call me again if you have something important.”

“Muu~, I can’t help it! You’ll have to ask me out on another date next time!”

“I can’t because you’re an idol.”

But fortunately (?) She is more careful about scandals than others because she is an idol. So, unlike Kotoha and Mirei, who come and go without permission, she is not likely to come to my house.

“Then I’m hanging up-”

“Oh, Senpai! I’ll be on TV again tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m., so watch me!”

“Yesss. Then go for it!”

“Yes, sir!”

A phone call that hangs up with a pout.

……No choice, I’ll just make a reservation to record it for now. I’m sure she’ll be mad if I tell her later that I didn’t watch it.

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1 year ago

The dynamic where a heroine feels entitled to punish the MC just for interacting with another woman even though they’re not dating as if it’s natural and the MC just rolls over and accepts it is really annoying. It’s actually more annoying if the heroine is not a yandere, for some reason. Kotoha worst girl so far.