“I know what you mean! Sometimes I feel better when I’m writing a minor key piece than when I’m writing a major key piece.”
“I don’t know what it is. I don’t understand how it is that I feel more uplifted when I am writing a ballad. And I never thought that Kazashiro sensei would sympathize with me. ……”
“I’m not. This is a private place, so I’m …… embarrassed if you call me by my pen name.”
“I see. Fufu, Interesting guy.”

After celebrating Azusa for a while and finishing our meal, Nozaki sensei and I were talking about composing music.

Maybe the composers don’t interact much with each other. She seems to have accumulated a lot of stories that she can’t get across, and she is spewing them out to me all at once.

“Then, Nagishiro san. So, is that okay? From the looks of it, I think I am older than you.””
“Is that so? I am 20 years old, of course, but Nozaki Sensei also looks very young.”
“I’m 30 years old.”

I was ridiculously shocked. I didn’t know there was such a young and fresh around 30 woman in this world!

Hey, stop, don’t think about Professor Omori. She’s a beauty too, but in her own way!

“you are so calm, as expected.”
“It’s called being old. I don’t want to say it too proudly, but…
“No, no, you’re already very dependable.”

The older ones I’m around are Mirei and Kotoha.
Mirei is very childish on the inside, and Kotoha gets angry at me in weird places.

I had never met an older person who could afford to do this.

Mirei, thank you so much for bringing Nozaki sensei to me. I appreciate it.

“Come to think of it, do you and Mirei often work together?”
“Well, yes. I’ve provided some of the music and we often have meetings. ……Well, it seems that lately she’s been very attached to Nagishiro san, so it looks like I may be out of work soon.”
“Ahaha, You are joking again. The songs that Nozaki san writes are so wonderful that I even use them as a reference for my own songwriting!”
“Fufu, Thank you”

When I gave her my unreserved praise, Nozaki sensei smiled wryly in a mature manner. I felt the age difference between us was greater than my actual age.

I mean, does this …… look good? Does it look good?

Is it love!? or the birth of a couple with an age difference!?

I was indeed carried away after the Azusa matter was resolved. I was carried away, but….

There was no such good news.

“Um, what are you doing?”

A chilling voice comes flying from the entrance of the dining room. With that, I realized at this moment that I was being stared at with half-lidded eyes from all around me.

A woman comes in suddenly and looks down at me from her slender, tall figure. No, looking down on me?

“A-Aree? Kotoha ? W-Why are you here?”
“I’m late, I just finished work.”
“Ah, Et-to, this”
“I’m here to congratulate you, Azusa~. But first, I got a little something to do~!

She smiles strangely and puts the bag down quietly. Oh, what is she going to do with her hands?

“Hey, Mirei, can you help me?”
“Hey, what are you doing?”

Mirei silently holds my leg. It Hurts It Hurts It Hurts It Hurts. Not so hard!

“Ha-san, I’ll help you too!”
“Ouh-, Thanks~. I’ll celebrate properly later, just give me a minute.”
“Roger that! Thank you!”
“Hey, Azusa, are you going to betray me too?”

The arms are locked. The base of the arm is sealed from behind, and Azusa’s plump chest hits my back very hard, but if I am preoccupied with that now, I could die.
I mean, I feel like I’ve been in this situation before.

No, wait. Not like that time!

“Harushita san, help me!”
“Excuse me, I’m washing dishes.”

I appreciate you doing the dishes for me, but! But right now I have more important things to do than dishes! My Life!

No, but still ……!

“Nozaki sensei! Please, these guys are trouble!”

Nozaki sensei is kind and will definitely help me out! It should be ……!

“Hmm, you are so popular with three beautiful girls, huh?”

However, Nozaki sensei is not moving immediately and is thinking about something. Uh, hey, this is not the time!

“But I still don’t have a boyfriend~”

Oh, I think you misunderstood something. I don’t think this is relevant right no!?


And then, when I thought I showed one more sign of distress, she finally smiled at me.

“Sorry ♡”

and the sentence was carried out by Kotoha at the same time that Nozaki sensei gave up on me.


I was glad that this room was well equipped with soundproofing.

Otherwise, it would have been mistaken for a murder scene by now and the police would have been there.

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