For the first two weeks after Azusa’s return, she was pulled into work.

She was still doing what she had always done as an idol, but more often than not, she was appearing on news programs.

After all, the public seems to be interested in how the woman, Ikuta Azusa, has fought the stalker’s threats or how she has managed to return to the entertainment industry.

In the end, she turned it down, but apparently there was even talk of publishing a book.

That is why she has been so busy ever since her return to work, but it seems that things have finally cooled down and she has been able to settle down.

So they proposed to hold a party called “Azusa’s Happy Return Festival,” which sounded like a very stupid party.

As the name suggests, it’s supposed to be a gathering to celebrate Azusa’s return to show business.

“–why is it my house?”
“How could we possibly use a restaurant for a get-together with all these people?”
“No, on the contrary, I’d like to know why you thought it would work at my place.”
“Well Well”

And to my surprise, the host of this meeting was, unexpectedly, Harushita san. Perhaps she felt something as a fellow idol.

The five members were myself, Harushita san, Azusa, Mirei, and Kotoha. Harushita san was in charge of selecting the members, and I called as acquaintances in an easygoing manner.

If I was feeling clever, I could have called a member of Azusa’s same group or something. …… Sorry Azusa.

“Excuse mee!!!”

As I was saying this, the main character, Azusa, came into the house. She was the second person after Harushita san.

Well, She just came down from upstairs. ……

“Senpaai, Why do you look like you’re in despair after seeing the reality of the situation?”
“Oh, you hit the nail on the head, Azusa. …… You’re right on the money. …….”
“Muu. Don’t act like you’re not celebrating!”

She came at me with a punch. She’s a scary one.

“Come to think of it, what happened to Shirakawa san and Tatsumi san?”

Harushita-san, who was putting out the dishes to get ready, asked. Hmmm, she’s a nice person, but …… she sends me appliances .

The person in question is waving an absurd theory that “I didn’t give him any money,” but it’s not right in any way. I wonder if it’s like exchanging money for a library card.

Be that as it may.

“Oh, Kotoha and Mirei. Mirei will be here soon. Kotoha said she has to work a little longer, so you should start first.”
“Was that so?”

Well, it’s a bunch of superstars. There is such a thing. There is, there is.

“Then it’s time to start serving. Nagishiro san, could you do it for me?”
“Yeah, sure. Sushi, pizza, something like that?”
“Yes, and I’ll make a quick salad for the rest of you.”
“Wow, you can cook. That’s great.”

I am honestly impressed. She must be busy with her work, but she can even cook?

“And I’ll give you the money later, too.”
“We’re splitting the bill today, okay?”

Please don’t try to pay for everything yourself. I beg you.

And as I was talking such nonsense, I heard a rattling sound coming from the front door.

“Rin, I’m here.”
“Oh, Mirei, just a minute.”

It seems that Mirei has arrived. For Mirei, she has done the blistering thing of calling me and coming in at a good time. Always do that.

When I went to the entrance to prepare to take out my slippers, however, there was a familiar face there besides Mirei.

“May I interrupt you…..?”
“Well, uh, I think it was Nozaki sensei ……wasn’t it? The composer.”

If I am not mistaken, she was the composer who was in the special program with Mirei, Azusa and others, wasn’t she? I believe her name is Nozaki Haruka san.

“Nice to meet you. Kazashiro Sensei.”
“Yeah, yeah, it’s nice to meet you, too.”

I can’t hide my bewilderment at the unexpected visitor. I mean, if you can talk so well with people you don’t know, then you don’t have a communicable disease. I mean, what does it mean to be a communicator?

“I see you’re younger than …… I thought.”
“Haha. Oh, uh, don’t tell anyone else about me……”
“Oh, of course.”

Uh, yes. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Or rather.

“Um, why even Nozaki sensei……? Ah, no, you’re more than welcome to visit …….”
“I was actually in a meeting with Tatsumi san until a few minutes ago. When I was about to leave, Tatsumi san invited me to join her and I am ashamed to admit that I followed her. I also wanted to have a chat with Kazashiro sensei…….”

Tehee, Nozaki san was smiling. She was a very young person with a wonderful smile.

A sense of innocence, along with that margin of maturity. That’s it, it’s a strike.

I mean, you just said you wanted to talk to me?! I know you meant you wanted to talk about composing, but I’m glad to know that.

“…… Rin, what are you doing?”
“What!? N-Nothing? I’m sorry for the messy house.”
“Ufufu, Thank you.”

I came back from the monologue because Mirei called out to me.

But still, what the heck, I’m surrounded by nothing but beautiful girls, thankfully. And I feel like there’s one person who’s trying to kill me from the living room.

So the number of participants unexpectedly increased, but the meeting proceeded without incident, I feel.

– it was a lie.

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